don't understand why I'm having issues

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Basic rundown:
-My system has a 3.0ghz PIV with hyperthreading
-Started beta back in march with a 9800 PRO gpu, very few issues
-Went to a radeon 3650, better bang
-Eventually through updates an issue came up where I would get a black screen randomly while playing. It would never happen in a menu, only in-game. Tinkered with all possible settings to fix issue, still occurs

I then got a radeon 4650 so I could run the game in all its glory, but was dismayed to see with the release a big drop in FPS. In fact, no matter what settings I put the game on it drolls between 17-21 as opposed to the 20-40 variations I would get on my 3650. I have also since upgraded my power supply and added an internal fan to my system.

Is there something I'm missing here? I have tried reinstalling drivers several times but to no avail, as even if I could live with the poor performance there is still the problem of the game randomly crapping out on me with the black screen.

Anything else I can try? I meet all recommended requirements except for CPU, which is still a fair bit above the minimum. I have 2 gigs of RAM and 1gig of VRAM.

I don't understand why I can fluctuate my settings between all low and all high(except cpu-dependent settings) and experience absolutely no change in performance. And the black screens have been haunting me since my LAST gpu, so I know it's not a problem with the card itself.
That look like you are CPU bound . So whatever GPU you put in that wont help . Here a trick I use back when I had a low end cpu , go to your Catalyst and force some AA and AF , if while forcing aa & af your framerate is the same OR you getting some frame you are cpu bound. If that happend try forcing AA,AF ,AA Adaptive .. to make your video card work harder and maybe free little resource on the CPU

If you know how maybe try to OC your CPU and see if that give you better frame.

This game is power hungry or not well optimized for now , I do around 35-50 with a phenom II at 4ghz with a OC ati 4890
I just don't understand how I was able to get 30+ at the start of a game back when I was gpu-locked but now even beating the minimum I can't go past 20 with a good GPU ?
Are the graphics setting the same? If so sounds like something on blizzards end to cause the FPS drop.

I have a problem similar but worse. SC2 ran fabulous in beta, but with this launch release the game won't run for more than a minute without completely restarting my computer. Frustrating to go from a wonderful game to nothing but a headache.

I'm seeing a huge amount of problems being reported about Radeons, especially the HD series. I too am one of those victims, so you might just need to wait for a patch.
I hope this isn't an ATI issue, I love my 5870! Worked great for the beta... I feel for ya Blessed, no single player for me... :(

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