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(Updated 1/21/13)

Well it has arrived! Patch 2.1 rolled out today for AM. Much of the information in this post is now obsolete so I bid it adieu. There are still some nuggets of information that are currently applicable (at the time I am writing this), such as the current state of MMR decay and balance concerns. However, I'm going to stop updating this post all together so be sure to take anything your might read here in context, which is the last time I updated it (1-19-13).

Hopefully it was helpful in the couple months that preceded 2.1.

When the maintenance is over, get out there and play your one ladder match to take advantage of the re-distribution!


(Updated 1/19/13)

People have a lot of what/when/how questions about the approaching 2.1 patch. Pulling together a few of Blizzard’s official posts on the matter, here is what we know so far about a few of the larger community concerns on the subject, consolidated into one place. Here’s the story as we know it today.

You... Said... This... Year!!!

The 2.1 PTR is what was slated to come in 2013 (which it did). At the time, there was no mention/promise that the 2.1 itself would come in 2013.
Blizzard has announced an expected release date for patch 2.1 for each of the regions!! As long as they don't run into any problems between now and then, Tuesday Jan 21st is the big day for us on AM.

But we newbies love getting stomped!!!

Some good news is that 2.1 will address at least some of the ladder concerns. Blizzard is currently investigating both MMR decay and the ladder distribution [2]. As for MMR decay, they are analyzing the system overall, but so far there is no mention of any changes in 2.1. As for the ladder distribution, Bliz will be making changes to improve how the system distributes the players into leagues.
Bliz commented on the ladder situation down below:

There’s a lot of Protoss love in here!!!

With the last round of balance changes still being fairly recent, it appears that Blizzard is going to let things ride for a while. Their current plan is to first get through the 2.1 update, then dive into the balance concerns separately sometime after that [2]. Even if any action on Bliz’s part is still a ways away, they are currently monitoring all the feedback on the situation for when that day comes.
Bliz has commented on the balance concerns:
Followed up by:

New Features

Officially confirmed here on Battlenet:

  • Broodwar music soundtrack option in any non-campaign mode.

  • Clan and Group Improvements such as event calendar and custom icons/decals

  • Extension Mods

  • Level cap increase and rewards (Carbot portraits!)

  • Free to Play Arcade regardless of license level.

  • Mentioned by not confirmed on Battlenet

  • A way to deal with AFK lobby hosts and members

  • All custom game maps available regardless of license level

  • Starter Edition will have access to all three races, which in turn should mean that Spawned players will as well.

  • See here for some random questions answered in Kaivax's thread:



    Some of these may not be used above as more information becomes available/confirmed and as I edit the post, but they are being left here for easy access.

    1. “Public Test Realm: Operational”

    2. “Situation Report: The StarCraft II Multiplayer Ladder”

    3. “Patch 2.1 PTR Update – Dec 19, 2013”
    Great thread, thank you! Nice to have it all consolidated in one place. +1
    Thanks! Good stuff.
    It's not unusual for there to be more information rather than action and the beginning of things.
    Good post, can't wait or sc1 music. Sc1 terran theme is imba
    Nice thread :)
    Tell them to get the music out right now and all the other stuff can wait.
    12/24/2013 03:41 PMPosted by IreBrood
    Tell them to get the music out right now and all the other stuff can wait.

    I don't know about this... one of the terran BW songs sounds a little off. That should be fixed first.
    12/24/2013 03:53 PMPosted by JorgeCis
    Tell them to get the music out right now and all the other stuff can wait.

    I don't know about this... one of the terran BW songs sounds a little off. That should be fixed first.

    Don't give Blizzard ideas about nerfing Terran's music!
    12/24/2013 05:01 PMPosted by AyuReady
    "let things ride for a while" Wtf this !@#$ has been going on for 9 months now.

    If interpreted that way, then technically it's been going on forever. There's always going to be popular opinions about balance no matter what. In this thread, it's only referring to the recent round of balance changes and the reactions associated with it.
    Music is good. Pluggable sounds would be better. Skin patterns would be even better. But the best
    would be revised high ground advantage, un-nerfing the infestor slightly, reducing photon overcharge time and letting ghost nuke drop faster if uncloaked. Plus who doesn't want lurkerz, scourge, wraiths, reavers and lockdown?
    Love the feedback even if its not entirely what I want to hear ♥
    nerf toss or buff zerg
    Just bumping to the front in light of the new year and/or season 1 confusion about 2.1 and the ladder.
    when is the release suppose to happen

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