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Since the most recent ladder season began, we’ve heard an enormous amount of feedback on Protoss strength. While the results data we’re getting isn’t so clear due to not as many tournament games going on these days, we do agree that other races can’t go on offense as easily as we’d like against Protoss early on.

As we prepare this next balance test map, we’d like to hear your thoughts on:

Photon overcharge duration decreased from 60 to 40

We believe the the Mothership Core is very well-rounded unit. We like the early aggressive options the Mothership Core provides, such as being able to recall back at the right moments, but we wonder whether the defensive nature of the Mothership Core can be toned down a bit. We’d like to see more options for Terran and Zerg to attack, skirmish, or harass a Protoss player who plays defensively.

Roach burrow move speed to 2.25

Of the various changes we made in the last balance patch, this one seems to be the one that didn’t do much. We’ve rarely see any roach burrow-move games, and we’d like to bump this up a bit more with the hope that we’d see it. Considering the few games we did see this strategy being used, they were really fun and different compared to other strategies that Zerg use. Perhaps we can move in small steps in order to see some more burrow move speed usage in various matchups.

The next step for Terran mech

We believe we can push mech usage more as well. Some options we’re looking at here are: higher armored damage for siege tanks, easier access to EMP when going mech (such as building the energy upgrade into the unit), buffing mech air, and so on. However, this is the area in which we’re the least certain. Detailed feedback based on good reasoning is greatly appreciated.

Please keep in mind none of this is even close to final. We truly appreciate your feedback, and we’ll continue to carefully consider what you’ve got to say before we publish the next balance test map.

As we gather more feedback we'll try to tune these and possibly additional changes before we start on the next balance test map.

Thank you and happy new year!
Yes Excellent suggestions

So Happy to hear this.

Protoss got the nerfbat!!! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
How long until you guys address Zerg lack of anti-air? It's a pretty damn big glaring hole.
woo sweet.

Can vipers be looked at? The balance team said they are going to be tweaked in some way but there hasn't been any news since. They seem quite underutilised, only useful in zvp and even then not that useful once high Templars hit the field
I think an even bigger problem than photon overcharge is blink all ins, especially ones that hit on 2 bases with a decent economy to support them. It requires a pretty perfect response from the terran player and is much more difficult to scout compared to a 1 base all in. Between proxy oracles and blink all ins the terran early game just seems very fragile.

Of course this is also a map issue, but 2 of the new maps are amazing from blink play too.
Thank you so much for nerf Protoss. <3

But it is not enough, we need more! :D

Buff mech air= Give Teleport to BCs.
Oh look, David Kim is still alive!

Protoss got the nerfbat!!! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Eh, nerf love-tap. I'm sure there will be cries of "nerf Oracle" before long.
Good choices, i think this will help a lot.
@Dayvie please, I have a 100% proper solution for you.

Turn on your Starcraft 2 copy and play as Terran on a ladder instead of watching pro tournaments only. It is that simple my friend, seriously!
instead of roach burrow, how about nydus worm love?

you want a fun game? unleash the potential of the nydus worm!
01/02/2014 02:27 PMPosted by stephead
How long until you guys address Zerg lack of anti-air? It's a pretty damn big glaring hole.
I'm def look forward to all easy access solution to ghost and emp. I pray this unit gets looked into a lot as he can really use some love.
I think a huge factor for roach play is the need for upgrades/cost. Currently, to have viable Roach Micro you need a ridiculous amount of resources devoted to Roach Speed(100/100), Tunneling Claws(150/150), and of course, Burrow(100/100) thats 350/350 and you're still left with 0/0 roaches.

My thoughts. Reduce cost of Tunneling to 100/100 (considering you can use slow roaches if you rely on tunneling)

- OR -

Reduce cost of Burrow to 50/50. This opens up some hatch level tactics that can actually help Zerg.

Zerg have ZERO harassment options before muta. If burrow was accessible earlier (ie. cheaper) we could burrow at expansions and poke with a small amount of roaches early on. We won't be able to break our opponent with these tactics, but we could slow them down on par with hellion pokes and mc/stalker pressure.
big change to pvp.
Yes. Been waiting for this for a while.

OC nerf is awesome.

Roach speed while burrowed is something that is awesome to watch, JD vs Dear with that burrow play, one of the best plays i have seen all year and imagining seeing some more awesome roach plays would eb cool.

Mech.I love that you guys know that mech is a very delicate thing to balance, One bad patch and it can become dead or way to op so the fact that you guys know this is good. Higher armour damage is not what it needs imo. Units like stalkers, roaches maruaders ultras and so on are easy enough to deal with as they are with a few thors (thors are needed for ultras cos ultra straight boss) but the seige tank need to be more like its bw counter part. In TvP the problem with mech is that the toss just amoves into your army cos zelots tank so much dmg. For TvP my opinion is tanks need to deal with zelots and archons better so toss actually has to fear walking into a tank line. Stalkers immo and collosus are all easy enough to deal with with mech but when your tanks never get a shot off on those targets cos of mass zelot warp ins is where the problem lies.

Mech air is an interesting point. In TvZ its great, In TvT its great but in TvP its !@#$ but if you want to make air viable against toss air, i dont see how you can do that without buggering the other matchups.

Also please look at a cost reduction in mech infrastructure somewhere like the armories. The infrastructure for mech alone is way to gas heavy.

Also as it has been said before, Please look at blink all ins, that needs a serious change esp with the upcoming map pool, Yea its both a balance issue and and map issue but it needs to be looked at.
Now if only we could get a smidgen of info on when 2.1 will drop. >.>

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