Got:you must upgrade your copy of starcraft2?

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My gamematching was locked. Says I have to upgrade my copy of starcraft2?

Does it means my current copy will be expired and I have to buy a new copy for the new year?
I am getting this lock message, "In order to access this content, you must upgrade your copy of Star Craft 2." But why? I have The Heart of Swarm. I was able to play the matchmaking last night. Please help.
Thank you.
Everyone trying to play on NA server is getting this problem. All you can do is wait it out..
May 31, 2014 and I have this issue. Where is the fix?
Same problem. I didn't pay $ to be locked out of this game...
me too the same problem...
Same issue have full paid version and now can't play on NA server have to play on different one. :/
^^ same problem. kind of pissed since i rarely play now so WHEN i do i'd like to actually play ya'know?
Same problem here.
Blizzard, I have been a loyal fan through thick and thin and I have forgiven you for your treachery "World of Warcraft" game. I have the original box that I purchased on release day in my possession, I love your games, but these issues need to be addressed as a whole. This is the third time this month that this has happened, and I am truly getting frustrated. I come home from work, relax on a weekend, only to find out that my favorite game is not allowing me to play ANY matches. Please, for the love of Aiur, fix these ussues so I can once again play. :)

Your sincere fan,
Fixed for me now.
I was playing yesterday and now I have the same problem. I have heart of the swarm already....
SAME, any solutions?
cmon!!!! this sucks!!!!!
how do i fix this problem!!!! im sooo pissed. just got done with a match and know im locked out. WTF blizz???
hey people how do i solve the same issue u guys r having
Hey Kirk,

I see that StarCraft II was just added to your account recently. If StarCraft II or the App was open when you claimed the game key on your account, you will need to shutdown StarCraft II and the App (to be on the safe side). Then when you relaunch them and get back in to StarCraft II you should have full access to the content for Wings of Liberty.

Also in the future please do not replay to such old posts. This on is over 2 years old. Please create a new post in the future.

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