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Alright. This time I mean srs bsns guize.
Original Preplanning -
The thread -
Part 2 (which only has a few posts) -

I have a soft spot in my heart for this story, mainly because of how magnificent it seemed in my head.
However, when transferred into writing it was no where near what I intended.
I plan to change that.
Originally, things seems a bit rushed, forced even. This time around I'll be taking it slow, staying in one story arc at a time. All events will transpire at least on the same planet, or any spaceship within that vicinity. No more singular stories or ride-alongs. Everyone will be actively participating in the events of the story.
However, the overall scheme of things will hardly be affected by player's decisions. I do not plan for this to make character's decisions and actions meaningless. I want this to be immersive and exciting, and I may even have to change the storyline I'll have planned out if someone does something drastic enough.
Right now I plan to use up an entire thread (or two) on what only took me a few pages in the first go around.
We'll start off events on Earth and it's colonies, there will be little action here, but you may participate in politics and everyday life in the UED. If your character is UED, then you'll develop the majority of your backstory here. There will be little interaction with other players until the construction of the grand fleet that will be used in the invasion of the Koprulu sector.
There will be several years of training and preparations.
This is practically open world, you'll be free to do almost anything you want so long as you don't create your own High-lords of Earth type or World eating machines and things of that variety.
Ideas and stuff go here.
Who's ready?
I am ready, my liege.
Excited about this, but I have a request myself.
12/30/2013 08:58 AMPosted by Jester
I have a request

Feel free to ask, this is the discussion thread.
When (IF) the UED Fleet gets to Koprulu Sector.... Can I have the Remnant (those left over from DuGalle's invasion) rise up and join them in taking the sector over?
12/30/2013 09:21 AMPosted by Jester
Can I have the Remnant (those left over from DuGalle's invasion) rise up and join them

Well, we're going mostly cannon, and this would work seeing as there are small pockets of the Expeditionary force lying around (Spartan Company goliaths). It would work, but only for a small mercenary force.
I'd be doubtful that marines who spent four years as mercanaries in the Koprulu sector would be very much like they were when they came there with the DuGalle.
And keep in mind a good amount of stuff DuGalle had was either commandeered or redesigned from things the Kopurlu terrans made. Hence the UED having the exact same battlecruisers despite being ages ahead in technology and their improved Goliaths. Some troops were also Koprulu "conscripts".
Hmmm...... Point.
Do I bring back Hunter and and Headhunters...or do I use someone new...someone...independent of any organizations...
You could do what you want.
Be aware that any small and insignificant force may not actually be bothered with, and will most likely be left to their own devices, unless they should prove to be a threat or be of some importance.
Not all encounters will be hostile.
Hmmmm....I'll keep that in mind while deciding.
Typically don't double post, but I think I have who I'm going to use. He'll be an independent mercenary though. His sheet will be up shortly.

Name: Joey Carta
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Armament: Verax Assault rifle, "Bessie" .30-06 lever action rifle, Cerberus Laser, Bowie knife, Colt .45 Peacekeeper 8 shot revolver
Armor: Fefnir MK II shielded combat armor. Using a shield generator, the Fefnir MK II can take a number of hits before the armor takes any damage, though ballistic gell under the armor and in it prevent fatal wounds for an extended amount of time. Color is blod red with a pair of white crossed swords on a blue flame for an emblem, resting on his left shoulder.
Appearance: Six foot five inches, brown eyes, silver hair, close cropped hair, thin, muscular build
Backstory: Joey worked as a mercenary before taking the one contract that changed his life, and when he wasn't on contract, he enjoyed hunting. Because of his avid love of hunting, he's become both adept and lethal with rifles, pistols and knives.While taking jobs across the sector, he eventually started working for the company known as Pegasus Corporations, and became a part of their Project Cerberus, becoming one of the first of a second generation of Zeus soldiers, genetically engineered super soldiers that soon were all killed or went back to mercenary work. Joey, having survived where his squadmates didn't, went back to mercenary work, spending large amounts of time dodging Pegasus agents seeking to finish the job.
I think it could work. You'd have to be a bit careful with just how super he is. I'd rather not have players be like campaign heroes, being able to take and give 5x the damage a regular marine can. I'm hoping for players to rely more on skill than outright power. Unless they're in a marauder suit or something of the like.
He's all about skill. Only thing that is "power" based is the Cerberus Laser, which isn't used that often.
Sounds good. Probably start off by being contracted by Dominion. Maybe actually conscripted.
After all, I think a a tyrannical government like the dominion would seize control of all mercenary affiliations when threatened with a large enough war, right?
Assuming they can pay enough XD And he's a lone mercenary, not an organization. Pegasus Corporations is a weapons and biogenetics firm.
I know, but he must be working for some type of contractor? Not too often do people go looking for a lone mercenary to do odd-jobs for them.
Fair point,, I'll say Hill XD
Staying committed is a lot harder than I remember.
Okay, so, Ima be updating this thread irregularly, usually with just freewriting-like material and ideas, the things I like and seem consistant with the plot will be edited into the OP.

Starting off with the basics
UED Marines- Unlike their Koprulu counterparts, all of the Directorates troops are willing to fight and die for Earth. Extreme discipline and rigorous training ensures that they follow orders to the letter and voluntarily partake in suicidal tactics, whether it is forming a living wall to bear the brunt of an assault or charge into the heart of a Zerg hive cluster. Their lives are nothing compared to what is at stake, and the UED makes sure they know that.
Compared to standard CMC armor, UED combat armor is slightly smaller, slightly faster, and twice as deadly in the right hands. Given the nature of the assault the plan to launch, the DIrectorate decided to sacrifice defensive capabilities for faster and more accurate suits. Their rifles compliment this strategy, with a slower fire rate than C-14 Impaler Guass Rifles, but almost twice the punch, firing armor-piercing rounds that detonate on either command or a set time.
UED Marines will commonly be seen standing behind mechs and vehicles, letting the heavy armor take all the heat while picking their shots from well out of danger.
Their white armor may abolish any hope of camouflage (unless they are fighting in a blizzard) it's purpose is mainly for statement. White is commonly the color of purity, order, and perfection, something believed to reflect the Directorate's cause. However, UED commandos can be seen in brown or black with red stripes.
Avikon casts Animate Dead
Rolled: 18
It's highly successful!

Alright guys, let's get this party started
Lemme start off by saying that I kinda disagree with how Brood War said that no UED ship ever made it back to earth to report the events that transpired
While I'm sure that the entire fleet was destroyed and very small pockets of them remained on-world in various locations, the news must have reached Earth somehow
After all, the were able to receive news of the new Overmind coming into being and sent the Expeditionary fleet to take control of it all in a rather timely manner, considering the circumstances
And they were watching the Koprulu sector's growth the entire time
In my mind, if they were smart enough to be able to watch all of these events undetected, then surely there's a way for them to continue watching as events in the Koprulu sector unfold
Spooky, right?
I've been away for a while, so my knowledge of lore has diminished a tad bit and is no longer up-to-date
I'll do my best to catch up in the next few days

12/30/2013 08:46 AMPosted by Avikon
Alright. This time I mean srs bsns guize.

I meant that at the time. And I do again.
But we'll see how far I get this time

Now, for the RP
The UED is now preparing a full-scale invasion of the Koprulu sector
They're pulling out all the stops, everything they have is being concentrated on stopping the Zerg menace, nullifying the Protoss threat, and establishing the Supremacy of Man
While it would seem that something like this would take a while, seeing the annihilation of your entire race on the horizon well tend to get some gears moving
I mean propaganda that would make Goebbels blush, I tell you
Earth is good, great, glorious, and everything in between. Everything else... not so much.
This will be the motivation for most the workin men and the notion in every civilian's heart
However, it'll be a different story for all the guys up top
These guys are dangerous. Real cunning-like, I tell you
They fought their way to the top, probably left a wake of dead bodies in their path too. SO they intend to stay there
While the UED prepares for war, war is already being waged
A war of industry
The best kind of war
Cut-throat competition, corporate espionage, flat out burglary in some cases
Planets will be mined dry, everything from body armor to doomsday devices will be constructed
All in the name of capitalism
God bless em

Several factions, which I have yet to name (or even design really), will be the top dogs in this competition. This RP will follow their actions and involve a lot of plotting, designing, and dodging the law
Unless you're the UED, then you are the law
What kind of character limits are there?

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