Day I dawn of the first day

Joeyray's Bar
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“Well you gonna order something or you going to stay in lala-land?” The large bartender asks with a low growl as he looks at you. He is busy cleaning a beer mug with a rag as he stares at you with cold eyes that only a Dominion Officer could give. You finally Notice the T.V that was behind him

“That is it for sports and now about the strange explosion last night that rocked New Petersburg. Dominion officials are assuring us that this was just a piece of an old confederacy Science vessel that was experimenting on a new nano-steel formula. It appears that -click-.”

“Yeah yeah, I hate the news.” The bartender says “Right I’ll come back to you once you wake up”
“Hey is that Billy on the side walk throwing up?” A random Patron of the bar asks
“Looks like him but he hasn’t drank today I wonder what is wrong… wait that doesn’t look like vomit it looks like…” [Power glitches cutting the patron off] “Wait where did he go what is going on? Who is screaming out there?”

“GET OFF OF ME” A woman screams as a man is on top of her biting at her face. “Help”

“Bill get off her… Bill, Bill what the hell someone get over here and help me get him off of her… how did he even get in here?” A man yells out trying to pull the Bill off a young woman.

"Get down." The bartender yells as he shoots bill with an old looking shot gun.

"What the --- why did you shoot him he was just sick."

"He bit my arm what the heck is going on here... I.." Before the man with a bite mark in his arm is able to say anything sirens are heard and a mushroom cloud is seen in the window.

"Hey that looks like Isaburg.. are we being attacked?" A random woman asks before jumping back as two more sickly looking terrians run into the glass window and start to beat on it while moaning.

"This doesn't look like a Terrian faction attack... They look like they are infected with something... Everyone to the back door grab what you can.. That window isn't going to hold forever." The bartender yells as he reloads his shot gun.

DM- Now the rp has started feel free to rp your first moves before we really get into the action.. you can now rp how you get the misc items you started.. After enough people have posted I will do the next move.
* Charater sheet*

^TheLostMorph^Riala 'Ria' CovulRace: MozanWeapon: Rusty Knife and old PistolArmor: an old leather jacket and casual clothesMisc. Items: Duct tape, lighter, old pocket knife, scrap electronicsHistory: Ex-Military MechanicAbilities: Form change,Appearance: 5'11" tall. Her hair is shoulder length and a strange silver color. Wolf ears sit on top of her head but are usually hidden by a baseball style cap she tends to wear while not in her small apartment or other private place. Her 3' long tail is wrapped around her waist several times and tucked in a special pouch on her armor. Grey and black fur cover her ears and tail.^Jester^Character name – James SettlesRace – TerranWeapon – Rusty Knife, Malfunctioning SMGArmor: Street ClothesMisc. Items- Flashlight, Alcohol, Used Rags, Hand-held Fission Cutter (Data Pad)History – Ex Spec-opsAbilities – Optical ImplantsAppearance – 6 foot even. Male (Obviously). Bald head, light blue eyes with what appears to be circuitry in his irises. Thin shoulders and medium build. Broad nose with a well-developed jaw and normal cheekbone height. Looks young despite the battles he went through, and his eyes appear bright and thoughtful.^TheLostMorph^James Tiberius Kirk(not related in any way to the James T. Kirk from Star Trek)Race: TerranWeapon: Single Shot ShotgunArmor: Old Leather JacketMisc. Items: Used Medical Kit, Lighter, old pocket knife, Duct-tapeHistory: Ex Spec Forces

Will get this fixed in a bit
James glances up from his spot away from the bar. He had come to this place to watch and wait, but it appears that he would find something else to be doing instead of what he was here originally for. He gets up, grabbing his duster and checking his knife, held snugly with a strap.

"Interesting....." He says to himself, glancing around the room. He picks his compact SMG up from underneath his seat and checks the magazine. He glances at the glass, his implants displaying data to his brain. He brings his SMG to his shoulder and moves toward the door, keeping his gun facing the glass the whole time.

"You heard the man." James speaks up, grabbing a bottle of alcohol. He gestures to the bartender, saying "I'll pay you back once we're out of this current mess. Little bit of fire might be of some use." He straps the bottle down on a harness and kneels, keeping an eye on the glass once again.
I get up and move to the back double checking that I have my roll of duct-tape on my wrist. I also pat down my right pocket to confirm that I had my lighter and old pocket knife. "Well this place just got a whole lot more interesting." I murmur to myself as I double check my old combat knife and pistol holstered neatly under my jacket. I stop by the back door and start helping a couple of people into the back.

I grab my old single shot shotgun and stand up. I put a round in and close it. "And here I was hoping for a nice place to settle down and relax." I grumble as I grab my pocket knife and clip it to my sleeve. I grab the used medical kit from under the counter and tuck it under my arm. "I'll buy ya a new one if we both make it out of here." I say to the barkeep and stand in the middle of the room shotgun up and ready as I glare at the glass.
After hearing all the commotion, i check my old pistol, dust and dirt in it, and flip open an old switchblade i found a few days ago. I see that its rusted a bit more, but i put it away and keep my pistol ready and make my way to the back, away form the others.
"Alrighty lets go." The bartend says as he kick opens the door. As he moves out a door the window breaks and infected pour into the bar as the other patrons try their best to scramble outside though the back door.. An infected gets the jump on the bartend and bites his upper arm before he shoots it in the head killing it.
"Dang it that hurt... Ok everyone down the ally way move it people.. You all with the guns bring up the back shoot anything that look sick" The bartender yells back to them before taking point.

Settings: You are now in an ally way behind the bar to the left of the back door is a sewer entrance before a high wall and the right is a long pathway with dirty water puddles and a foul smell. It is still a early morning and the mushroom cloud is still in the background over the back wall cause a deep shadow though out the ally way.. Anyone with a flash light misc item now would be a good time to use it.

DM NOTE: just found out two of my ram ports are bad so only using 4 gb worth which has me in a foul mood.
I keep to myself, i see a woman puking near a dumpster. Coldly, i flip up the knife and grab her neck then stab her neck.. When she falls I shoot a round into her skull. "Lets go into the sewer." I say, lifting the sewer hatch and proceeding in.
DM NOTE- I have a crap memory so please post your char name till I get them down.

As Saiko opens the lid to the sewers many pale and sickly arms reach up trying to grab his arms before the Bartender can yell back at him. "Get moving... someone grab him and lets go." He yells out
OOC: My character is a female, btw.

I jerk back and try to kick the arms back, and stab others and jump back and say, "Help me close this lid!"
James follows the bartender out the door, and observes Saiko attack and kill someone. Waste of ammo.... He thinks to himself, then hears the bartender yell out. He moves forward, holstering the SMG and grabbing Saiko. "Stay close next time." He says, dragging her backwards,
I grunt and wonder, How are there so many already... but holster my pistol and stay closer but keep my distance still.
I let go off Saiko and pull the top off the bottle. I pour a bit out, shove the rag in, and light the fission cutter. I turn the cutter on the rag, lighting the rag and then tossing the molotov into the mix, listening to it catch fire. I turn off the cutter and pull my flashlight off my belt, turning it on and looking the other way.

I pull my SMG out with one hand, and look around. "Let's get going before more show up. Someone close the hole when the fires are out, otherwise, we may get hit from behind." He pauses, and adds "I'll be on point, unless someone wants to volunteer."
"I'll get the hole." I say standing beside the hole and watching the flame.

I draw my knife and look around for any of the infected/sick.
The bartender holds up his hand in a don't move signal. "Anyone else smell that?" he asks looking around the allyway "Is that lid shut on the sewer I don't want those things coming up our a-- end" There is a very sickly rotten smell drifting though out the allyway and some of the un armed patrons of the bar are whispering to one another trying their best to not panic. The sound of gunfire echos though the allyway and banshees are seen flying over the town.
I close the hole and drag a dumpster over on top of the cover to make sure it stays closed. "That should hold ... for a little bit at least." I say as I rejoin the group looking around shotgun at the ready.

"Yes and I really don't want to stick around." I grumble while holding a bit of cloth over my nose with my left hand and my knife in my right hand.
"Yes, I smell that as well. We should get moving before more of those things show up." James comments, scans the area behind the group with his flashlight, almost expecting something else to pop up. He asks the bartender, not turning around to face him: "Need the flashlight up front?"
"No we are almost there... ok let me get this gate undone then we can-----" The bartender doesn't finish as the moment he unlocks the gate sickly pale hands grab him from the open gateway and drag him though as he screams slurs and curses as the infected bite into him. They drag him and a few other patrons though the gate before a grenade explodes sealing the entrance. The few patrons left panic and push the teams (your charaters) though another allyway. However, the ten freshly infected people are starting to turn at the end of this allyway.

DM NOTE- This allyway is dark and you can't see unless you have flash light or flame source.. Do not try to fight though the crowd. He be known their is a guardain angle now on the field he is friendly.
I frown as the other patrons panic and push us into another ally and draw my single shot shotgun trying to look around the ally seeing what was around us. Next to me Jor-sha activates his psi-blade readying himself but also giving a very faint light as the blade flickers a bit from being so worn.
James grunts as the patrons push against him, but turns the light down the alleyway. "Focus on head-shots." He turns himself to face the infected, firing twice before cursing as his gun jams. One infected falls as he kneels down, directing the flashlight down the alley as he attempts to unjam his gun.
I sprint to one attacking James, and stab it, the rusty blade going up into the man's open mouth, through the roof and into the cranium. I kick it back and a piece of the old knife goes with it.

I should be more careful with this... I think, as I aim down the old sights of my pistol and fire a round at another in the light of the flashlight.

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