Day I dawn of the first day

Joeyray's Bar
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Three infected dropped down dead. Four however manage to bite three patrons taking one of the three down to the ground as they eat him. The rest of the infected (three of em) push forward into the crowd. There are sounds where the team had came from. It sounds like more infected pushing though to the team with wild screams and gurggling sounds. To make matters worst there is a light smell of refined vespesne gas filling the area.

DM NOTE- The sound in the back is more infected and the gas is not at a high enough level to ignite YET. The team can also see the street past the remaining infected and a few marines fighting.
James unjams his SMG, firing a quick burst into the approaching zombies before it jams again. He holsters the SMG and turns on his Fission cutter, drawing his knife in the other hand after hooking the flashlight on his shoulder. He draws the knife with his other hand, stabbing a zombie in the temple with his knife while burning a hole through the head of a second. "Get back! Kick them if you have to, otherwise, get away from them!" He yells to the patrons, although knows that he will most likely not be heard.
I fire a shot right into the skull of one of the infected causing part of it's head to shred as the round only caught part of it's head.
"Be careful with that torch. The air stinks of vespane."
I kick one back and stomp on its head.

"Yeah, that's the only thing that can cloud the smell of death..." My pistol jams. I holster it, "Probably should stop shooting anyways, this vespene can concentrate quickly." I keep close to the others and keep my knife close, ready to stab any infected that tries to lunge at me next.
The few surving partons panic yet again and try to run back down the ally this time not pushing any of the team back. The two infected eating on the dead patron no long focus on the group but instead on their meal. One bitten patron lays on the ground convulsting as the other ones manges to run with the other panic patrons into the jaws of the infected coming from the rear. The one attacking infected starts to charge at the team but it head explodes before it can even get close. There is a bright light shining into the eyes of the team and the voice of a dominion guard in full armor yelling at them. "Get out of the ally a gas line gonna go get over here we will take you to safty." He yells before turning away from the ally to shoot into the street.

DM NOTE- Gas levels are almost there at ignitable levels. The marine is friendly and the infected in the back are getting closer. (Yes I know I sealed the gate BUT never sealed the back of the bar :P
I step in front of Jessica as she reloads her shotgun just as the guard arrives. Seeing one of the other patrons starting to convulse I quickly decide to end the persons suffering by running my psi-blade through the person's head then stepping back in front of Jessica.
We should follow him Jessica, He can probably lead us to a safe place long enough for us to make it back to your ship.

I know Jor... It's just... Well ... I'm not exactly a fan of his government.

Jor-sha shoots me a quick look before looking forward again.

Fine but only long enough for us to get back to the ship.
James turns off the fission cutter and retrieves his knife, putting both away, He backs away from the zombies, removing his SMG once again and unjamming it. He fires another shot before moving toward the marine. "Lead the way." He says, turning to make sure none of the zombies get close.
I push all of the infected back a short distance with a weak psionic barrier and hold them at bay while I wait for the others to get out of the alley. "Move! I can't hold this forever!" I yell at the other patrons to try and get them to move faster.

I quickly move out of the alleyway and stab an infected in the throat then pull back and lop its head off with a clean stroke. "I so need to get back to my apartment ..." I mutter as I drop into a defensive stance to the side of the marine.
Sadly the patrons were already in the jaws of the infected. As the team came into the street they could see cars over turned and or on fire. "Ok lets get this people to the guard station.. Bill frag that ally lets burn it." The marine yells to another marine before he throws a gernade into the ally igniting the gas. A fire explosion shoots a few feet out of the ally way. "ok that should slow those one down now lets move the station is 2 clicks south of here we can---" The marine doesn't finish as a large mangled body seems to jump from no where knocking him down to the ground. Before anyone can help him the creature smashed though his faceplate and crushes the marine's skull killing him. It continues to beat away at the dead marine trying to break its armor which it was putting dents in.

DM NOTES- This is a feral aka a mutated infected that has it muscles visiable and seems to have creep leaking from holes at the bottom of its chest.
I bring my shot gun up and fire on the creature before grabbing my pocket knife and flipping it out. I stay back and reload my shotgun while shifting my barrier to be right in between myself and the creature.

I plant my knife in the skull of another infected and leave it there as I draw my pistol.
James takes a quick look at the creature, the implants relaying information about creep dripping into the area, and..... Exposed muscle? Sheesh. He takes aim, firing a quick shot at what he thinks is the base of the new creature's skull before his SMG jams again. He kneels down again, starting on unjamming the SMG, letting others take a shot at it.
The creature drops down dead. The other two marines fire a few extra rounds into the dead creature before focusing on the hord coming from the south. "We will never make it to the station.. Lets head to the supply depot to the north maybe we can signal for evac" Bill yells out to everyone as a few medivacs fly over head, heading to the north east. To the north there are only a few infected. "everyone come on move move move." the other marine yells as he turns to run north.

DM NOTE- Do not try to go south there are too many. Also you can see movement on the roof.
James unjams his gun, and glances up at the passing medivacs, hearing the voice of the marine as he yells for them to go north. He glances at the roof, and zooms in on the things. He frowns and gets up, moving north alongside the Marines. No complaints here. He thinks.
I move with the marines putting a single bullet into the head of an infected. "I need to get to my apartment on the far west side of town." I say glancing up at the roof tops.

I disperse my psi wall and follow the marines my shotgun at the read and my pocket knife held to the side of the barrel.
"I think we should be more worried about getting out of here..." I say, glancing at Kirk.

A psionic... A pretty strong one, I wonder if he is my target... Target or not, we need to leave this planet, and soon.
" Good luck getting to the west side.. we have orders not to move anywhere near the apartment sectors.. Seem that is where most of these things are coming from." The BIll shouts as he runs north firing at the few infected in the way. "What ever is there isn't worth risking your life.. once things die down I'm sure a team will be sent in to recover personal items left there... untill then URGH." A feral had jumped down and cut into his arm with claws.. Aperrantly the infected are starting to mutate into deadlier forms. This feral looked a bit bigger and its jaw was exposing bone with skin seeming to be dripping off the muscle tissue. The fingers had grown longer and look more like claws then fingers. The hair itself was starting to thin and fall out of this creature. (if you played any of the fantsy cortex maps.. these creatures look like buffed up ghouls with more musscles exposed and some ragged clothing) "Bill" The other marine shouts as he fires on the feral. "You all run north to the supply depot get out of here." Bill is trying to hold off the feral with his one good arm now as the other marine fills its body with gauss rounds since the head was too close to bills to shoot.

Looking up on the roofs you can see a person sprinting on the roof tops heading north. He is followed by 3 ferals and looks like a ghost unit. He is wearing yellowish-orange ghost armor and carring a HVE modded Sniper rilfe that is strapped to his back. He is holding combat knives in each hand. The ferals seem to busy in him to be a threat to any of the team.

DM NOTE- AS time goes on new mutant strains will appear in some infected and they will grow stronger till they reach omega level which is the final evolved level they will reach.
I turn around and run over to bill throwing up a barrier between the two. "Suck lead fekker!" I say as I turn the creatures head into mush with a blast from my shotgun. the pellets hit the barrier and stop but also crush the barrier and then fall harmlessly onto Bill. "Not leaving anyone behind." I kick the dead creature off of the marine.

"What is there I can't exactly let the Dominion have ... and I don't care if I have to fight a horde." I mumble as I keep moving north putting down another infected as I run.
James steps over toward Bill, his SMG once again spitting bullets out. "Get up." He says, downing another infected with a quick burst. Psi users... Great. As long as they keep out of my mind and don't try to kill me, I won't care much what they do. Not like helping the Dominion is on my list right now. He thinks to himself, aiming at another infected and killing it before the SMG clicks empty.
Bill sits up and pulls his face plate up to show his face. "Get moving the freak hit a vein I've lost too much blood.. I'll hold back whatever I can now go" He says as he aims his gun at the apporaching hord and fires into it. The other marine checks his wound and grunts before lifting his gun and moving north again shooting as many infected as he could.
I groan and take a deep breath as I start north. I could feel myself starting to get tired from my psionic usage and it was showing just a bit as I reload my shotgun with one of my last four shots. "Fekk."

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