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Anton rushes up behind her and grabs her shoulds before spinning her to face him. "It isn't that fact its the way you are acting. You drag moral down, now if you have some issue lets settle it here and now."

"Well if you find anything hun just stop by." She says winking again. "Now anything the rest of you want?"
"I will." I head out of the armory and start to look for a spot to set up my own tent.
I shake my head. "No but thanks for showing us anyway." I say before heading out side and waiting for Saiko.

I knock Anton's hands off my shoulders. "Stop trying to get me fall in with your military. I'll follow orders on missions just like everyone else you don't have to worry about that. And I'm an Engineer find me something your people can't fix."
I nod and turn to leave to a room. I start walking with Kirk.

"It's nice talking to you, Kirk. I'll be in the barracks if you need anything." I say, leaving down the hall.
Reaching the work room I'd managed to procure, I pull out the Protoss crystal fragments I'd picked up from the lab complex and set to looking them over, attempting to figure out what kind of crystal they were. Maybe I should see if that Protoss Jessica hangs around with is available...I can't recall ever being taught much more than some fighting moves and tactics... Sighing, I decide against that course of action for the time being and instead set the crystals aside, pulling up the psi screen I was only a third of the way done with and resume working. If I could finish quick enough, I'd feel comfortable working with the Psionics again.
Zarkun: I doubt you could actually build a psi-screen from scratch ... also I'll be laughing as your character fries his own brain.

Koro: umm only officers and Agents get individual rooms ... otherwise its a couple open 'halls' with double decker bunks on both sides.
Well, Saiko is an officer... But I'll ask steel later. But the room thing I kind of forgot, but for now I'll just have her sleep in an empty bunk. Edited.
"That isn't what is bugging me." Anton says pushing her a little bit before walking pass her. "Cain wants to see you again in his apartment. I wouldn't keep him waiting."

A female protoss wearing high templar armor walks over to Jor. She had her arm wraped in banages and in a sling. "So you are the one who walks with the Terrans."

The build teams are moving fast and already a large pit in the middle of the new lands was dug out and being preped for a large build. A couple of drop pods land near the pit and workers quickly start to disasmble them.

DM NOTE- You can go ahead and set up tents but stop by Leroy Jenkins to pick up building beacons before you build your main buildings Also will be doing list of resources in the base and moral and loyaty meters. The lower Loyalty gets the closer to becoming a independed colony. Small things can impact this such as putting up anti-dominion posters or pro-dominion posters. When loyalty meter gets to 25% or 75% there will be a fractor in the base between loyalists and Speratists. Both sides have perks and problems. Moral needs to be kept above 30% or else you will suffer problems. Things like new foods, finding other units still lost or even just going around base trying to do good deeds will raise moral. However being depressed, rude, mean, getting units killed, will lower moral. Moral will lower over time also.
01/14/2014 03:47 AMPosted by TheLostMorph
Zarkun: I doubt you could actually build a psi-screen from scratch ... also I'll be laughing as your character fries his own brain.

Because you some how missed this in the other two RPs you've been in with him, the psi screen in his normal set of armor was built from scratch by him. And they're designed by him, so the brain frying? Doesn't happen.
Zark: I'd like to point out that Blizzard lore on Psi-screen's is that they all fry your brain with too much use ... REGARDLESS of who makes em or how they are made. Also I don't remember being in any other RP's with this char of yours ...

I catch Anton's arm and pull him back. "Then what is bugging you?" I say relaxing a bit but still curious.

"Right see ya later Saiko." I say before heading off to my own bunk.
"Just go talk to the Commander." Anton says pulling his arm out of her reach before storming off.
I head off to the Commander's apartment. I hope I didn't just blow any chance at having him for a friend ... I shake my head to clear my thoughts as I look around at the base and the people.
The Commanders apartment was a small 4 room building with two guard posts outside of it. The guards nod to Riala as they let her in. She can see Cain sitting on a old wooden rocking chair reading reports and requests on his data pad. "Take a seat." He says calmly as he points to an old metal chair on the other end of the table.
I look at the chair and grimace. "If you don't mind I'd rather stand. No offence but your chairs are rather uncomfortable for me." I however lean on the back of the chair in as relaxed a way as I could. "That is definitely going on my list of things to do." I say more or less to myself.
"Before I get into it... how is your stay so far in the base? anyone giving you trouble?" cain asks putting his data pad down and leaning forward with his hands together.
"Well other than I would like an actual house again and I'm feeling a bit lonely its been ... OK."
"Well from reports it looks like you been pushing people away. Even Anton." Cain says before looking her in the eyes. "I don't know how that will affect your new postion"
My brow furrows and ears twitch. "What new position?" I ask my curiosity peaking for a moment.
"I'm promoting you to Lance Corporal. You will still follow Anton's orders but when he isn't there you will be leading the team. Then Jessica will be leading under you." Cain says sitting back.
I nod thinking it over. "Right ... Oh and ... please keep any mention of my actual race out of the computers or official documents ... that just makes it worse when I need to leave." I pause for a moment thinking. "Anything else?"

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