Day I dawn of the first day

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James pats his own clothes down, hoping that he had remembered to pack a reload or at least half a magazine. He pulls a fill magazine off his harness, loads it into the SMG, and fires in single shots, helping to thin the crowd of infected to the north. "What I would do for a Wrist Cannon right now!" He says, counting his rounds as they fly from his gun into the zombies.
By now the team can see the supply depot as the marine takes the far lead. As he gets closer to the depot an explosion happens on the right side of the street at a Gas station knocking the marine across the road into an other building which seems to be an regular office building. The sound cause the horde in the back to rush towards the team. The supply depot is still intact and can have its doors shut when the team gets into it.
"Fekk." I slow for a moment to look at the marine but not seeing any sign of life from him I pick back up to full speed. A few moments later I slide to a stop just outside the depot. "Move! We don't have all damn day!" I call out pistol at the ready and looking all over for any hostiles that were getting too close.

I glance at the marine and frown before looking over my shoulder at the advancing horde. "Ah hell." I put as much speed on as I can but I'm still a moment or two behind several of the others.
James holsters his SMG, making a dead sprint toward the Supply Depot. He turns and kneels down, drawing his SMG once more and putting a round through an infected. He turns and fires at another one before starting to unjam his gun. "Piece of crap!" he says loudly.
I don't even try to shoot as I sprint to the depot. Once inside I say, "Lets close the gate!" After shouting that, I fire off a few rounds before needing to put the slide back on the pistol...
I watch a girl with a pistol and another woman with a protoss enter the depot a head of me and practically barrel into the depot myself and slam into a barrier I'd thrown up for a second to stop myself. "that's gonna hurt later."

I grab the guy with the smg and shove him into the depot before shooting an infected that was getting too close. "Safe for now." I say as I pull the door closed behind me and make sure it is locked. "Check for any other doors!"
As soon as the door is shut the hord reaches is and starts to pound on it loudly. For several minutes they beat on the door even putting dents in it before a loud expolsion is heard then another and another. It sounds almost like it a raging storm. It dies down almost as quickly as it started and a single slow bang is coming from a single back door that had a bar to lock it in place. The bang is steady and mono tone almost like tired someone was knocking on it. The sounds from the front entrace is silents and the door is hot to the touch.
I look over towards the door. "Anybody expecting someone?" I ask half joking while slowly moving towards the door the knocking was coming from.

I sigh and look around grabbing a couple small boxes of ammo for my shotgun from a shelf. "We need to find our way to the military base as soon as we can."
"Let's look around. Traveling on the surface isn't a good idea right now." James holsters his SMG and moves further into the Depot. drawing his knife on one hand and flashlight in the other. (If lights are on in the depot, flashlight will not be drawn and will be turned off).
"Be wary Terran. I have a bad feeling about what may lie behind that door." I say narrowing my eyes as I examine the door.

"Forget the military base, We need to get to the airfield and get off this rock while we still can." I say firmly while looking at the man who was grabbing shotgun ammo.
There is a loud slam on the door like something was thrown into it before three quick bangs on it like someone was knocking on the door. Thankfully the depots have their own power generator however there doesn't seem to be any other way out then the way they came in or the backdoor.
James looks around the Supply Depot, getting what SMG ammo he could. "Two doors. One we just came in from, and another door in the back." He says, putting ammunition on his harness. "We should get moving before another horde shows up."
"Airfield isn't going to do us any good if we can't make it there alive." I snip at the girl that was with the protoss. "Get whatever ammo you can then we try to find a way to the military base." I say walking over to the back door but not opening it. "Identify yourself or I'll shoot." I call out to whoever was banging on the door.

I make my way over to the back door shotgun at the ready.
The banging stops for a few moments before a voice with a russian like accent is heard. "Agent Sergei Dominion Specical forces.. now if you open the door I will be your rescue for the day." The voice says before a quick shot it heard. "It is pretty clear outside."
I open the door keeping my pistol ready. "Don't try anything."
A man wearing a normal dominion ghost outfite with mask and helmet walks in his gun lowered. His uniform is yellowish-orange colored and he has a feral's head tied to his belt. "I assume you will lower your gun now." He says in his russian accent which sounded a bit tired. The man walks over to a bare wall and lookes over it for awhile not minding the team.
I close the door locking it again before glaring at the ghost for a moment. I keep my pistol in hand but stop pointing it at him.
"Why do you have a Ghost suit on? Might I ask." I say, keeping my knife in my hand, unseen.
"Most think that I'm a Ghost." The agent says looking at the wall a bit more. "For the most part I am."
James looks at the Agent with a bit of suspicion. He puts his knife away, and pulls his SMG back out, checking the ammunition on the current magazine. "Define 'for the most part." He says.

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