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"I am Dominion Military go though most of the same training and report to a commander.. This case the commander of the mlitary on this rock." He says still studying the wall. "Word of advice pick up some copper plating over there may come in handy later."
"Right..." He's not a high enough psionic to be a Ghost... "Do you mind elaborating..." I say, keeping my knife ready.
I collect as much copper sheeting as I could before also grabbing some additional scrap electronics and stuffing them into my pockets. Might get a chance to do something with all this later ... I hope.
I look at the man very cautiously not trusting him. If he was Dominion then he would probably turn me in if he found out about my history. I quietly start to gather some extra ammo and more spare parts and electronics. Most of it was scrap or junk but it still might have some usage.
"Here we go." he says as he presses a hidden key on the wall.

"Please State Service number and code." An A.I voice sounds though the building.

"Agent Anton Sergei Dominion code Alpha Sierra Bravo one six seven niner Delta" Anton says outloud while looking at the wall.

"Welcome Agent Sergei, opening door now.. Warning increase of activity detected procced with extreme caution."

"Well well ..... if you want to live you will follow me closely.. If not I am sure a horde will be along shortly.. Also everything you see is classified you speak one word of this to anyone and you will be shot." Anton says non-jokingly but with a hint of tiredness.

The back wall had open up to a staircase that went down into a tunnel judging by the security you are sure the Dominion was hidding something down there.

DM NOTE- Best to follow him.
I silently head down the stairs.

I wait by the top of the steps with the dominion agent while the others go do the stairs.
I follow him, still not trusting him whatsoever. He may not be a Ghost, but he may be of value...

As we walk, I pickup any scrap metal I see and other electronics in case we find a computer.
James grunts, satisfied for the time being. "Good enough for me." He quickly checks the SMG for jams, and goes to grab what he could regarding copper sheeting and some scrap metal. Could use some of this later. He thinks to himself, then, out loud, says "You guys go on ahead. I'll take the back of the group."
The staircase down to the tunnel was a simple stair case but as they enter the tunnel it became clear that it was anything but normal. The steelish-gray of the walls was something else and they felt like nano-steel. There were strains in the walls that glowed blue and sometimes orange. The light was just enough to make out the size of the tunnel and light the way a little. The air itself was stale which added to the creepy feel of the tunnel.

"Stay Close behind me... And protoss be weary of your psi-blades." Anton said before fliping on his helmet light. He was moving slowly though the tunnel keeping his sight fixed forward.
I do as he says and stay close but most of my attention was on the construction of the tunnel.

I close the door once everyone had gone down the stairs and bring up the rear.
I shake my head but deactivate the blade for now to conserve it's power. Unless I found another khaydarin crystal, and other parts it wouldn't be able to handle being on for to long.

I quietly follow behind Jor-sha occasionally glancing at the walls curiously and try to figure outwhat was emitting the light.
"At first we thought these ruins where protoss... Then we thought Xel'Naga.. We can't date the minerals used in the wall.. no radioactive elements in it and there are elements the walls we have yet to discover. Some of the research staff said it looked like future Terran design. So now they are looking into time travel non-sense. Ok we stop here for a moment, I need to rest." Anton says before he slouches down agaisnt the wall. He opens one of his packs and pulls out a syringe and injects the content of it though an injection hole in his neck. "I hate these things."
"Is that what I think it is...?" I ask the man, looking in wonder of the place, then at him.
"What do you think it is?" Anton asks as he sits there.
"Either adrenaline or stimulants." I say, glaring at him through my goggles.
"Stim pack been up for 34 hours, 24 of them being of hard combat... Now you going to say something or you just gonna keep staring at me." Anton says getting up slowly.
I ignore the man while we continue to wait. I wasn't wanting to go into a Dominion base anytime soon. Especially after escaping from then not that long ago.

Jessica I know your not to keen on going near the Dominion but this might be in our best interest for survival. Just trust me on this. They won't catch you or take you back. Not as long as I can help it.

Jessica looks over at me then nods slightly. What the Dominion did wasn't acceptable but it didn't mean that we could use their help to survive through this mess and escape.
James says nothing, merely observing the tunnel's construction and keeping an eye out for the things that would come in the dark. A childish nightmare.... Don't kid yourself. Although for this situation, it is quite fitting. He thinks.
"I thought this only started recently ... why have you been up for so long?" I ask him giving him a respectful distance but looking him over.

I was preoccupied inspecting the walls.
"The explosion last night is when it started.. My team and I were sent out to see if it was an attack. It looked at first that is was a simple malfuncion.. My team stayed as we sent the cilivian teams back home. About 3 hours later we discovered spore pods and a few of my team who had taken their masks or visor off started to get sick. They turned quickly and we had to put them down. The base commander wanted to warn the population but the D.I.S.O override his command and ordered us to stay quiet as we went on search and destory missions to find anyone who was infected. He said why panic the public and cause a roit when we can contain this. Sadly we discovered that the first infected had became spore carriers who infected popluated areas mainly residental areas with the same spores that infected them. Thankfully the spores are short ranged. But that was only 10 hours ago.. before that we were battling smugglers.. Kel-morian smugglers. So yes this infection only started recently but I have had to fight longer then that." Anton says as he starts to walk down the tunnel. "Now we will have to go though some of the apartments to get to the road. From there we will travel to the base and hopefully find a truck or some type of car to take us.. Don't worry the spores are no longer active.. they seem to have a short life span."

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