"Must Upgrade to access content"

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I'm currently fully upgraded but it still wants me to upgrade

Same issue 2 days in a row.
Same issue for me.... I've had the HotS Collector's since release, and just got a new computer, and suddenly I can't play anymore.
Have the same issue on the NA server, EU is up and running though. So I'm playing there for now.
Must upgrade to access content. Please fix on the North American server
Same here too.
Totally unacceptable for a game that should be STABLE at this point. They wonder why e-sports is dropping them left and right.
Same. Bump
Just happened to be me on NA server. Switching to EU had the same error, but switching to 2v2s and then back fixed it. That doesn't fix it for NA though.
Hey there -

Take a look at my post here, and let us know if you're still getting that message. Thanks!

I'm going to go ahead and lock this thread, though, since the original issue is from a couple years ago and isn't related to what happened last night.
How's my help?

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