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Will post stuff about my Custom race The VOS and put an app in after I upgrade computer tomorrow and it will take awhile to reload everything
Take yer time.
Hey Koro, would you mind attaching RPer names to the char sheets? it's kinda confusing as is.
Koro you should also have added a 'Physical Appearance' to the char sheet.
@warhawk Yeah i can do that.

@TLM kinda too late now XD but i've left it to the people to describe their characters and so far they have done so. But anyone who would like to, who hasn't done so already can add an appearance portion for the sheet.
koro there's one thing that confuses me and that is are we starting the RP together or solo? what is our objective?
The starting thing, that will be like the previous incarnations of this, it will be random spots that you can choose from and you will eventually meet up. Your objective is to understand what is going on, and essentially survive.
Starting date Jan. 5th. Be ready.
I'm ready meow!
Haha, you can wait, kitty.
I actually expected a knife to the face for that one...
lol koro why you be holding out on us
Darkra, go read my post in the bar.
I'm just trying to see if anyone else will join... And I still need to make my guy... Might just use the same as last time...
I honestly am waiting for either the Shade Geist, Blade Kings or both to show up.
I enjoy the fact you actually remember my factions.

I may even introduce the Nokar in an RP.

We'll just have to wait and see...
Name :Zein "Korozain" Orin
Previous occupation/skills: Shade Gheist Elite Dark Operative
Age: ??
Gender: Male
Race: Human, Shade Gheist
Abilities: Dark Arts (dark psionic-like energy, used to augment weapons and fighting, also can be projected), Reality Check - Korozain loses his touch with reality, and becomes immune to anything for a very short time, but will have a toll on him later...
Starting gear: Family blade (4ft. long polearm, the blade being 6inches and the shaft 3.5ft.) Blade is jagged and the shaft and blade have many etchings and ornate carvings. SGEA(ShadeGheistEliteArmament) - "Undertaker" Tactical Assassination Handgun. Outfitted with a small reflex sight, 15rnd. magazine, and a silenced barrel.
Bio: Later, (yes, i'm too lazy to write the backstory for my character in my own RP, leave me alone)

Faction Notes: The Shade Gheits are the military organization of the Republic of Zerin. The Shade Gheists are based around using Dark Arts, the manipulation of darkness and shadows. The use of the evil in all our hearts, and the fears lurking in the deeps of the mind... Stealth is the basis of their tactics. There are only a small number of elite, Korozain is the best of them all.
Okay guys, I just started hope, if anyone would like to join please post here. And if you joined this take a look at Steelwolf's RP Day of Infestation
The VOS.

The vos are a humanoid race with glowing eyes like the protoss and vampric fangs. They are a strange race in the fact that they have never had a war within their race or even crime as all vos seem to be linked in an unkown race. Most logs about the vos show them to be a xenophobic militaized race and soceity. Their biology seems to show increases brain mass, muscle mass and bone desnity and an odd triangle cell that seems retro-viral as it will assumlate other cells in the vos body and turn it into what ever the body needs even new triangle cells the vos called Pathogen Cell. It seems this cell gives the vos immunity agaisnt disease and a high resists to toxins even radation. It also allows them to reginerate quickly. However the vos need to consume either iron or copper base blood (iron- Hemogloben Copper well kinda like hemogloben.) on a weekly bases or else risk their bodies straving. They also need normal foods daily.

Just a quick down and dirty idea for vos I need to work on it via word.
Okay, I like it. Try not to go OP with the regeneration and immunity thing. Take note, this infection will date back before their time in the timeline (YOU WILL DEAL WITH THAT FACT)

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