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Correct me if I'm wrong, is Zeb the only character who's actually from the planet where this takes place?...

I'm really worried that this is going to turn into an OP war where everyone tries to be the bigger badass...
technically in this the Mozan are from this planet ... same with the Vos from what I can tell. and the Mozan are around late medieval level tech ... early gunpowder
All humans will be from this planet, as Morph said his and steel's custom races are from here now apparently.

And Morph, take note that this takes place during the time of mid space travel (not as advanced as SC lore but kinda close)
Koro...what you said in that first line contradicts what both you and I said for our characters...
Unless noted otherwise... Like from another faction.

Trust me, if I see it I'll nip it in the butt and stop it. If the instigator(s) do not comply they will be booted.
I know Koro but that doesn't mean that the Mozan aren't managing their own technology and progressing at their own pace.
Name: Kor'nish Ves
Previous occupation/skills: Scout, Ship cook, Wild Ranger (vos verson of ODST) Enforcer of Galaxtic law
Age: 153
Gender: Male
Race: VOS
Abilities: Diease Immunity, Toxin Resistance, Quick heal.
Starting gear: Vos mk-1 D-15 (It is an over under barrel bullpup with a large clip it is loud prone to jam and high recoil. However this thing can spit rounds down range faster then anything)

Terrestrial Battle armor. (Looks like a commando armor from C&C Tiberium wars) This armor has built in cooling and heating along with airfilter and 2 hour air tanks. Made out of a secret Alloy from the VOS race which makes it semi light and stronger then nano-steel. There is a built in light in the helmet.

BIO: Will do this later and keep it simple.

Edit What is the tech range here I think I have it messed up and could use some help..
The other thing that's annoying me is that half of the chars on the sheet right now are ALL some sort of dark magic-esque swordsman. The RP right now is looking like it's just going to turn into one big bloodbath... And frankly, that doesn't interest me.
I understand, I just started it like that so i can see what everyone will do and it will start to be a bit more purposeful i guess you can say. You are free to come in at any time
Most everyone is also from some interstellar faction and not actually native to the place. I'm sorry, it's just feeling like a lets go romp around killing things in this world we found rather than the survival/exploration RP that you made it out to be.

(Not that I have a problem with the former, it's just not what I was expecting.)

In fact, I'm hopping out for right now. I will keep an eye on the RP and hop back in if things start looking up. (so don't remove my char sheet please)

One dark magic swordsman I don't mind, but 3 is just ridiculous.
Could join my rp warhawk its all about survival
Ehh... 'Zombies' ain't my cup o' tea. They get monotonous way too fast.

(And yes, I know I'm being a picky SOB)
koro could you please move along the defense scene cause all we've been doing is shooting down mutants for almost a page of posts.
Eh, if this fails i'm planning on rebooting TTS and revising it, so you may enjoy that more.

I was waiting for War to post but he wont participate so yeah ill get on that.
Name: Kyora
Previous occupation/skills: Hunter, Roving merchant
Age: 20
Gender: (N/A) 'Hir'
Race: Vu-Masakai
Physical Appearance: Stands just over 6' tall at the top of her head. her human torso is slender but well toned with a rather large chest. Her lower vulpine like body is well muscled and toned from spending a lot of her time roaming the wilderness hunting and gathering as well as carrying decent sized loads.
Abilities: (Will continue to work on this)
Starting gear: Oak, Ivory and hide compound bow with steel hunting arrows. Thick Leather armor with a couple thin metal plates. Various leather pouches usually filled with food, trade items or medicinals.
Bio: (Will work on this)
So far so good, keep working on it, didn't know you were making another...

As well as yours steel, you're in the right tech range just about.
this is the only one I've made lol
... I am... God damn I got you and jester mixed up XD

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