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01/06/2014 06:51 PMPosted by Korozain
Eh, if this fails i'm planning on rebooting TTS and revising it, so you may enjoy that more.

That was a blast. I'd love to see a proper redux of the first one. (and the chance to properly flesh out the New Republic.)

I'll probably hop back into hope once things get moving.
Yeah, sorry. The beginning was abit more of a bloodbath than i wanted, but i have these things for reasons. I predict that it will be more story based once I conduct the first event of the RP.

Yes everybody. The Spire will do something important.
So, I'm going to say something abundantly obvious.

Hope, did not start out as planned. I want to reboot This is Their Story, that one will be hard for me to mess up considering I, and most of us know it so well, the basic timeline and story, but I will do it in a different story arc i guess you can say. Thusly, Hope will be closed until further notice. Anyone have a problem with that?
Hmmm....well, not really, though I was interested to see where you were going to go with it. Ah well, always next time.
I did too Zarkun, but as you saw, you and many others' influences made me unable to stop thinking about TTS...

This will be saved for another time.

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