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1) These suggestions are for the specific error of "You have no eligible characters on this account". If you are experiencing issues besides that, the information below may not apply.

2) This information is for changing your Starcraft 2 "Character Name" (sometimes called your "Character ID"). Be sure to not confuse your Character Name with your "BattleTag". They are separate names. Currently, SC2 only uses Character Names, not BattleTags.


Many, when trying to change their SC2 Character Name, have run into an error message stating "You have no eligible characters on this account". If so, give these two options a try:

1) Change your name while on the server that 'holds' the name. In other words:

If you want to change an AM name, try to do so from:

If it's an EU name you want to change, try doing it from:

If a SEA name, then try from:

2) Once more thing to watch out for when attempting to change your name is getting redirected to a region which doesn't work for you. Another player found that when this was happening, he noticed subtle changes in the URL's that he was moving through. See here for what he found and what he did to work around it:

If you so desire, feel free to leave any feedback here about this!
Doesn't work for me...
This did not work for me either. It says 1 free name change available but when I click the button it says I don't.
dude mine says
Character Name Change

No name changes remaining.
Hey Time and Bunbuns,

The possible work around I proposed only really applies to the "You have no eligible characters on this account" error, where one has a change fully available, but it claims there's no character to change.

It appears that your issue is different: battlenet indicates that you do have an eligible character and that you do have name change available, but then battlenet changes its mind during the process. So it's possible that you are experiencing a different issue, separate from the "You have no eligible characters on this account" issue.

EDIT: From what I've seen, it looks like there was some kind hiccup in the free name change distribution on Friday. But by Saturday it worked for me and the reports of issues stopped coming in so hopefully it's working now. That may be what you were running into. Give it a try now if you haven't already.

EDIT: Looks like you were able to change your names! Glad to see it worked for you guys.
It's not working for me, I've tried all things described inside this thread. Is there something Blizzard can do to my account that will reset something and make it work?
These things that are in the thread only work for the KR server.
hi im having problems changing my name as well. any assistance would be appreciated. Getting the "You have no eligible characters on this account" error.
Hey, GeorgeRRMrtn.

Looks like you're receiving this message correctly as we show your account has already used the one time name change service. Sorry for the confusion.

In the future, please make a new thread for your issue if you run across one. :)

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