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21 years after "The Event". The Event was when the prosperous plant of Terra had begun to die. The core was going cold, and slowly began to stop churning the molten rock inside. The planet's races came together to try to find a way to get the core from going cold, and get it back to moving. The warriors of Faraan Empire, and the think-tanks of The Voxan Matrix created the Faroxan Conglomerate, since they were on the landmass of Galenn. The Republic of Zeyn were on the lone, distant continent of Zeya . They were the most advanced of the 3 societies, but also the smallest. The Faroxan Conglomerate and the Republic of Zeyn differed in ideas, and carried them out differently.

The Conglomerate had wanted to dig with the science of the Voxans, and the power of the Faroxans and power the core manually by sending metals and other raw materials through heated canisters to the core. The Republic however, wanted to go to another planet, and had been using all funding possible to make a new space program.

The 2 factions worked hard, the Faroxan Conglomerate finished their armada of drills and gathered the materials and started drilling. About a week later, they hit something. A ruins. The ruins was inside a large cavern and it had a very dense gas inside. The gas was black with hues of green and purple. The release of the gas itself was enough to kill a few that got caught in it, but the aftermath was even worse. After studying it, they realized that this "Gas" was a living entity, that had been locked away by previous civilizations, and is now released into the world, the plague of all life.

The infection spread quickly, and soon the epidemic filled the landmass in a matter of weeks. There were few survivors and the Republic offered a haven to any of the survivors that were not infected. Most who took ships or aircraft were, and were executed and disposed of upon landing... Some few have made it, but a very, very slim few. The infected aren't all mutated mentally, but their physical mutations classify them as "inhumane" and unfit for society, and are banished from any survivor settlements. So was born the Exiled Cult. They attack as if they are infected, and despise anything that resembles "Order". The feral infected can look normal, but will rip you to pieces if you let them. Indigenous life has been affected as well, animals becoming more aggressive and adapting new weapons and abilities.

The world outside of some form of settlement is a new kind of dangerous. Everything you know is now gone. All that remains is your wits, your abilities, and survival.

By any means necessary.

Many things have been lost, many things have been erased from existence. But one thing that makes you different from the rest.

You have Hope.
Name :Zein "Korozain" Orin
Previous occupation/skills: Shade Gheist Elite Dark Operative
Age: ??
Gender: Male
Race: Human, Shade Gheist
Abilities: Dark Arts (dark psionic-like energy, used to augment weapons and fighting, also can be projected), Reality Check - Korozain loses his touch with reality, and becomes immune to anything for a very short time, but will have a toll on him later...
Starting gear: Family blade (4ft. long polearm, the blade being 6inches and the shaft 3.5ft.) Blade is jagged and the shaft and blade have many etchings and ornate carvings. SGEA(ShadeGheistEliteArmament) - "Undertaker" Tactical Assassination Handgun. Outfitted with a small reflex sight, 15rnd. magazine, and a silenced barrel.


Name: Jason Joranis
Current occupation/skills: Blood Letter/Bloodmancy, Expert Marksmen, Master CQC and hand-to-hand, blade master
Age: 25(born four years before disaster, not present however)
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Abilities: Bloodmancy, Telepathic Feedback (able to shred minds and cause headaches), agile, fast, strong, strategic mind, intelligent
Starting gear: Standard issue Absorber Assault armor, Spritus Raptor, a double sided scythe that allows for focus bloodmancer attacks (Think Darksiders 2), Mortifer, a DMR that fires life draining rounds, Vitam Accipientis, a machine pistol with poisoned rounds
Bio: The day that Jason was born, under the Blood Moon no less, Brother Jorshal, the lead Priest of the Blood Letters, smiled for the first time. It was in reaction to the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy saying that a member of great power and skill would be born to a less known family of the Blood Letters and lead them to glory.

Jason was indeed everything the prophecy said he would be, strong, smart, resourceful, quick, just to name a few of his talents and gifts. When he was of the age of 16, he was given his first off homeworld task. It was to the planet of Grunam to find, interrogate and eliminate a peace loving government leader who was in hiding from the planet's civil war. He did so flawlessly, landing, infiltrating and exfiltrating with in thirty minutes. Upon his return home, he was welcomed as a hero and made the Custos Protector, the Blood Letter's most powerful and skilled warrior. To this day he holds the title, though he has been exiled to help him grow in understanding their future, present and past enemies. His brother holds a temporary place in his stead while he is gone.

Came to Terra to study and ascertain whether the peoples of this planet will be better allies than foes. So far, he is unsure. He has been on Terra for one year.

Blood Letters Bio:
The Blood Letters are a sect of the human race who spent most of their early existence living nomadically and traveling from world to world and grew enjoy fighting and all it's facets and worship blood as the life sustenance of everything. Their god, Lord Garreth, bestowed upon them their power over blood, known as bloodmancy, and showed the first true Blood Letter, Jericho Joranis, it's true power, the ability to control the living things around you for limited amounts of time.

By the time fifty years after Jericho's death had past, the Joranis line faded to all but obscurity, the warriors produced by it only just barely more powerful than the others that had been blessed as Blood Letters. It's first truly prominent member, Jason, was born only just prior to a great cataclysmic event for the planet Terra, under the Blood Moon of Hellna.

The Blood Moon, a time on the planet Hellna when the moon is crimson as though it were made of blood, only occurs once every three hundred years and is a marker of great promise for the Blood Letters. Let it be noted that Jason was the only child born at this time, as was Jericho, his ancestor.



Name: Jeremiah Williams-Smith (Goes by "Zeb")

Previous occupation/skills: Entertainer/"Magician"

Age: 30 (9 at the Event)

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Abilities: Gifted psionic (telekinesis T4, illusions T3, healing T3, clairvoyance T2, elemental T1) 1-5: 1 = limited basics, 3 = good/average, 5 = OP

Starting gear: Utilitarian traveler/entertainer's clothes (Semi-ornate durable well-worn trench coat, Bowler, shirt, vest, tie, scarf, jeans, boots), Traveler's pack, Throwing knives, 15mm neo-steel marbles, Magician's kit (kerchief, deck of cards, other slight of hand stuff, etc.)

Bio: An ordinary kid before the Event, Zeb gained something from the cataclysmic happenings. Commonly known as psionics or magic to the technologically ignorant, Zeb spent the next 11 years developing and honing his talents within the safety of one of the surviving towns. At the age of 20, a restless drive filled Zeb and he headed out into the world, making his way as an entertainer and magician.

- telekinesis T4: Zeb can throw/move things around quality precision, but the more mass (larger/more objects) he's directing, the harder it gets and the more it taxes him.

- illusions T3: Zeb can create realistic illusions in the area around him, or anywhere he can clearly see.

- healing T3: With enough time, energy and focus Zeb can heal just about any wound, but death is beyond his reach. Fixing a whole in someones chest and then nursing them back to strength would tire him out almost completely.

- clairvoyance T2: For combat purposes it works like a 6th sense with a couple of reliability issues. Otherwise, he can use to see and/or hear what is going on somewhere else. The greater the distance and the less he knows about what he's looking for the harder it is.

- elemental T1: Zeb has some limited elemental powers (fire, earth, air, water). Only good for utility functions and parlor tricks.

Name: Kira (Kuthuma)
Previous occupation/skills: Scout, Sniper
Age: 173
Gender: Female
Race: Juthoris
Description: Roughly 6 foot tall. Three-part jaw that split between the bottom jaw, with three eyes. Head that extends backward to a point, with scales around the head save for the face. Bony nougats on each part of the spine. Bladed, spike-like elbows with three fingers and a thumb, all talons. Molded dark skin, with scales over body. Talon toes, three toes, on each leg, with thin thighs and shins.
Abilities: Agile, Perceptive, Intelligent, Cloaking device, Telepathy
Starting gear: Cloth Robe w/ sleeves, Anti-Material Coilgun (Sniper), Light Armor, Binoculars, Camera, Knife, Mask
Bio: Kuthuma, under the alias of Kira, is a scout for an outside organization from another world. Prior to The Event, she observed the planet on the ground, recording the native beings and reporting back to her organization whenever the time came. With The Event, her ship was scrapped by infested, leaving her stranded on the planet with her Guardian. Even though she cares little for the natives, she offers whatever help she can, remaining out of sight and out of mind as much as possible. She disguised herself in a basic way, and took the name Kira, relying on her humanoid look to blend in.

Name: Hunter (Tyr’kas)
Previous occupation/skills: Guardian, Brawler
Age: N/A
Gender: N/A
Race: Asogorus
Description: 9 foot creature. No extended head, but headdress gives it enough height to make it look as though it has a head. Large muscular, almost broad-shouldered with thick legs and arms. Back prongs are foldable, meant to make it look more intimidating to animals. Twin corporeal yellow tendrils extend from its back. A single large red eye is located on it’s torso, which shines brightly when looking closely at things. Large nubby fingers make it unable to operate most firearms and makes it hard for it to use hand tools.
Abilities: Physically strong, perceptive
Starting gear: Cloth Hooded Robes w/out sleeves, Natural Carapace
Bio: Tyr’kas, under the alias Hunter, is the guardian of Kuthuma (Kira), watching over her during her scouting operations. It is mute vocally, and tends not to interact with anyone else. After The Event, it also disguised himself and followed Kuthuma, accepting the alias of Hunter and continuing to guard her.
More Characters
Name: Nyxe
Previous occupation/skills: expert of hand to hand combat, proficiency at one handed firearms, insane
Age: 121 (100 at the event)
Gender: Male
Race: Anima Sola (translated into english "lonely soul")
Feral Blood: has strength, speed, and stamina that surpasses that of a human being and also has the ability to regenerate minor wounds. He has better reaction time to different scenarios.

Restriction Level Releases:
the human vessel is quit fragile when under the influence of a void being, which is why almost no telekinetic powers are presence since that would fry the human's brain completely. To compensate bindings are put inside the mind which limits the amount of power that Erebus can bestow upon Nyxe at a time. when is in trouble he can release some of the restrictions put on him by ancient bindings so he can combat his foe.

Restriction level 1: Summons a wolf familiar to his side with blood red fur. after usage there is slight fatigue.

Restriction level 2: Regeneration rate increases and his general stats are boosted. after usage there is noticeable fatigue and his combat potential is almost halved.

Restriction level 3: Becomes totally in tune with his void form for a few minutes, after the initial burst he returns to original form. Nyxe also goes completely unconscious so the mind can relieve the huge amount of stress put onto it by letting the wholeness of the void consume the entire vessel for those few minutes.

Nyxe's void form is Erebus: has the ability to shoot void beams from its fingertips and has the strength and speed unmatched by any other. also attack effectiveness is halved. i made him this way since if you survive those couple minutes you basically win the fight.

Image: http://guide4gamers.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/FF-13-2-Chaos-Bahamut.jpg

Starting gear:
Sanguine blades: a dual pair of gunblades which have steel that is as red as blood and the guns fire bullets bestowed with pure chaos. these act as Nyxe's hand to hand and ranged weapons. each revolver has 8 rounds before having to reload

the revolvers are raging judges which fire 28 gauge buckshot so these things has quit a lot of stopping power. the superhuman strength allows Nyxe to fire these at around 1 round per 3 standard seconds.
image: http://guncounter.bob-owens.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/528SS_RIGHTjpg.1.jpg the blades are around the size of 80 cm which gives Nyxe the ability to swing the swords just fine with his strength so standard speed of any person dual wielding swords.

Standard Armor

Bio: the Anima Sola are a group created in the hearts of the void itself. once in a blue moon a child is born, a child that is so vulnerable, so pure that it can be corrupted by the greatest darkness. That is when chaos beings like Erebus come into the human world. You never know if your child is one of the unfortunate until its too late. At 14 Nyxe murdered his parents in cold blood, awakening the dormant beast that lay within him. Time stretched on as he was hunted by the darkest cults, the deadliest organizations, to come to terms with what they deemed an inhumane monster that they could use for their own purposes. He is known to only wear black clothing over his armor complete with a red trench coat, and people say that the trench coat used to be white, but has since turned red from being doused by the blood of countless soldiers and humans. He has walked on Terra alone for 300 years as his mind broke under the influence of Erebus. this is the Crimson soldier that knows no bounds and if you cross his path, pray to all your gods because usually.... you don't come back.
The Beginning.

So our story begins in the small survivor town Etherheim. This town was once a bustling coastal city, now half of it is plighted from the infection. It is currently "controlled" by a band of rogue soldiers from the Faroxan Conglomerate that once ruled this land. The town now inhabited by survivors was once a suburban area with some farmland, which is now their most important source of food.

You. You start here. In the middle of an attack from a horde of Abominations, giant feral mutants, led by the Exiled Cult.

You may now post.

All screams heard as the intercom requests all combat capable people to defend the North gate. The hulking masses of mutated flesh and corrupted life swarm the gate, killing anyone outside of it. They pull those close to the gate through, breaking them until they fit through the steel bars.
Atop the walls, among the several ready or readying for the horde of the Cult, two individuals stand around the North Gate. One, a long rifle in hand coughing high-speed death among the Cultists, cloaked in bland grey robes and a white face-mask. Beside the sniper, a large individual stands next to the sniper, a broad-shouldered, heavy-set individual in the same robes as its partner, although it's size gave it some mistrust, although it has proved itself time and again helping to kill mutants.

"Crowded all of the sudden. You'd think something was on sale." The sniper speaks up, a female voice yelling to be heard over the cries and the alarms. Her companion doesn't add anything, simply watching the horde as if to count them all. "I know you're eager to get to grips with them, but hold off until they get close." The sniper adds, and the giant's hood tilts up and down, as if it was nodding.
The dry sound of my DMR ringing out echoed loudly in my ears, the shot quickly followed by the satisfying sound of a mutate head exploding into a wonderful mess of blood and gore. Soon after, the blood flows into my armor and then into me, purified of it's taint by the armor's filters. Slinging the DMR, Mortifer, I grab a nearby survivor by the arm as he flees the gates and turn him so he's looking into my eyes, the eye sockets on my skull helmet glowing briefly before he passes out from the fear.

"Good for nothing cowards, the lot of you." Dropping the unconscious man, I head for the wall and start up a nearby set of stairs, unslinging my DMR and holding it in a relaxed position while enjoying the sounds above me and the those outside the gate and wall, listening to the sounds of the dying and the din of the combat. It was fighting in all it's glorious wonder.

Such large and superior numbers. This is nothing but a warm up for a small squad of our Stalkers and Bruisers. Still, I'm not so careless as to think I can handle them alone.

As if on cue, three of the soldiers manning the wall fell dead, each one missing a portion of their head courtesy of the rocks thrown from below, the bellows of triumph loud even over the sound of rifle fire. I'd ducked to avoid meeting a similar fate, absorbing the blood from the fallen soldiers and those that were crushed by the falling rocks, and take a position on the wall while cloaking, the Blood Mist the last thing anyone saw of me.

*Crack!* *Crack!* *Crack!* Three shots, three dead mutates, their heads exploding in a glorious show of blood and grey matter. Soon their blood is absorbed as well, and I continue firing, waiting for them to begin trying to scale the walls. Ranged combat was well and good, but nothing got my blood pumping like turning a foe into kibab meat with Spritus Raptor.
The moment the alarm goes off, I stifle a curse, playtime was over. Grabbing my hat back from one of the kids I'd been entertaining, I extinguish the illusionary animals I'd conjured for them and break into a run for the North gate.
...I just hope they haven't broken in yet...
A guard is about to be mauled by 2 of the Mutants, and they both fall, one after the other. The bullets were barely seen going thought what is guessed as their temples of their skulls. A swirling shadow appears on a tree, and after it fades a dark figure sits, perched on the tree branch with a pistol. He puts a black canister in the side of the pistol and black bullets with long black-purple trails find their marks on more mutant skull.

Too easy...

Soon after I jump onto the walls next to a rather strange looking fellow with a Marksman Rifle popping off shots and absorbing blood.
I don't turn to face the man who'd landed next to me. Instead, I step back and reappear to normal vision just as a large mutant poked it's head over the top of the wall, Spritus taking his head off and sending the body back down into the midst of his friends. "Pleasure to meet you, my shadow loving friend." Ducking a swipe from another mutant, I place the DMR on my back and draw Raptor, bringing both scythes up and cleaving the mutant in four piece with an X on his torso.

"Well, that was fun." The blood was flowing to my body, the armor's filters purifying it before it enters my body. Sliding into a ready stance, I notice several mutants crest the wall at the same time and leap over onto the walk way. I glance at the man beside me. "Save proper introductions for later?"
"With pleasure." Is say, my mask glowing a grey color and I unsheathe Darkstar from my back. A black energy similar to that of my pistols from earlier envelope my blade like a black fire. I sweep low in the direction of the climbing mutants, and a black slash follows down, killing the first row instantly by splitting them in half.
Kira leans over the wall, firing a round and knocking three mutants down with a hole starting at the top one and the bullet exiting from beneath the third one. She brings her gun around and shoots the hand off of a mutant, causing it to drop its rock on itself, even as the one behind it bleeds with a new hole in its guts. "Having fun yet?" She yells to her companion.

There was no vocal response, however, the scream of one mutant being tossed off the wall and the crack of another's bones was all the response that was needed. "Hunter, don't play with them, just get rid of them. Plenty more to go around." Kira yells, and Hunter gives another 'nod', dropping the broken mutant off the wall into another one. Kira turns back to the horde and cuts more down.
Chuckling darkly at the shadow man's work, I lunge forward with the blades of the scythes crossed behind my back, making for the next line of mutants. The first one spots me and charges in response, swinging his clawed hand down at me as we close into melee distance. Quickly changing direction, I leap to the left then up and over him, a flash of steel removing his head from his shoulders.

Landing in a crouch, I pivot to the left and hook Spritus in the crotch of one mutant and Raptor around the neck of another. Smiling behind my helm, I increase my strength as I simultaneously jerk Spritus up and Raptor down. The result was a split mutant and a headless one, their bodies impacting the ground at the exact same time. Reversing grip on Raptor, I leap at the next group in a whirlwind of lethal steal, dismembering mutants that got too close.

Sliding to a stop on the other side, their blood and body parts still floating in the air behind me, I speak a short phrase in Hellian, causing the blood to swirl around me in a deep red tornado. "Hoc est finis." Without warning, the blood solidifies and forms a twister of red spikes around me that soar out into the mutants moving to kill me, impaling them where they stand. With a devilish glint in my eye, I leap back into the fray, combining the two scythes at the bottom of the hilts and spinning them, dealing death to all who got close.
A small group of Cultists in the back were in a circle, summoning something whilst the horde had been distracting the survivors, and a spire rises from them, 5 smaller ones follow it, impaling the summoners as it does so.

It remains stagnant for now...
Really i had no enjoyment for these issues. So what if the people die and the entire settlement is overrun! who cares, what really matter is that I. GET. TO. KILL. I leap on top of the wall and began singing a merry tune.
" Ring around the rosie!"
i sing as i shoot one of the mutants in the face with my raging judges before stabbing another one with my blade and firing a shot through the body so it hit another bruiser behind it.
" Pocket full of posies!"
i continue to fire the rest of my clip into the mutant horde before stabbing one in the face and slicing another with both blades in an X formation.
" Ashes Ashes!"
i roar as i chant a dark incantation between as a rift opens up in the wall and a blood red wolf lunges out, tackling another mutant off the wall before going to maul some of the others.
i scream as i leap off the wall onto one of the mutants, stabbing it repeatedly before grabbing onto my wolf's tail, stab my gunblade into the wall and jump off the body back onto the structure. I reload both gunblades before shooting down more volleys of buckshot laced with pure chaos into the horde.
Kira pulls the trigger, turning one mutant's head to mush even as the one behind it turns, a new bullet in it's shoulder. She scopes up and watches a pair of people fighting further down the wall, then hearing what sounds like someone singing over the sounds of battle. She fires a quick shot down the wall, spying someone fighting with what appears to be a wolf. "Yeah. Looks like we may have show-offs, or worse." She says to Hunter, firing at a mutant carrying an almost boulder-sized rock.

Hunter shrugs, tossing a mutant back off the wall and curb-stomping another. It turns and punches a mutant climbing up the wall, snapping it's neck and sending it back into the crowd. it then grabs a mutant by the leg and drops it off the side of the wall into more of them. The giant looks down at the horde, and catches a rock as it was tossed at him. He looks around for the one who tossed it, and returns the favor before continuing to lay waste to more mutants.
Standing amidst the bodies of several dead mutants, I look out over the wall and spot the pillar in the distance, frowning to myself behind my helmet. A pillar of some kind...what is the Cult planning...hope it's more meat for the grinder... Spotting another group of mutants attacking a quickly retreating group of guards, I smile devilishly and leap after them, separating the one double sided scythe back into two separate scythes and swinging up in an X shape, cleaving two mutants in half diagonally.

Stopping to watch the other mutants catch on, I keep the pillar's existence in the back of my mind, mulling over the possibilities of what it could be. That, however, is cut short by a swing from a large clawed hand striking from my left side. Rolling under the swing just in the nick of time, I come into a crouch and spin, catching the leg of the mutant responsible and jerking it out from under him. Swinging the scythes back down, his chest erupting in a brilliant scarlet color. Bringing the scythes back up, I fold them and clip them to my waist, drawing my MP and leveling it with a mutant's head, pulling back the hammer manually.

"Mortem tuam est vita mea." Pulling the trigger, I absorb the blood from his body as three rounds go in one side of his skull and out the other, an explosion of blood and grey matter marking here he'd died. Turning on another one, I create a pair of knives from the air and hurl them towards to mutants who were nearly on top of the guards, the crimson liquid based knives passing through their hearts.
" In the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight!"
i sing as i cleave a mutant's head in 2 before firing my gun point blank in another one's face.
"In the jungle the quiet jungle the lion sleeps tonight"
I say before running along the wall, shooting as i go. "oh.... what was after that?" i ask myself while i stab my blade through another mutant's heart. I run to a stop near the strange man who apparently could control blood. "nice..... stuff you're doing there" i say before skipping along, mutilating enemies as i went.

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