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The horde ceases to barrage the walls of the survivor stronghold. Letting the fighters among the ashes and death of their own kin and those of the horde make some form of greeting.


"So, a Blood Letter huh? I've only heard of the wrath you and your kin could wreak. I'm impressed." I say with a devilish grin behind my mask. I extend my hand to shake, and say "You can call me 'Korozain'."
Watching the mutants retreat with a satisfied grin on my face, I turn to the man who'd spoke to me and take the hand, shaking it heartily. "Ah, but you yourself did just as well. The peoples of Hellna have heard rumors of the Zerin Republic's Shade Gheist military, and respect them. To see one of you in action, perhaps it is a good thing we're sending an emissary before the army.for a change."

I fold the scythes closed again and set them on my waist, looking over the carnage and frowning slightly. As much as we Blood Letters loved to spill blood and fight, even we didn't do it unnecessarily. This was an affront to Lord Garreth, I could feel it in my bones. "I am Jason Joranis. What brings you here?"
Kira looks across the landscape, standing up with her rifle in hand. "Looks like they may be done for now. Keep along the wall, or...?" She asks, looking at Hunter, who nods. "Alright. Get comfortable, we may be here for some time." She says, and scopes the landscape out down the scope of her rifle.
"We sought something on this dying rock... Something that may be too late to retrieve..." I say, sounding disappointed. "What of you?"


When Kira looks about the landscape, she only see's rotten trees and land pillaged by the cultists and their horde... And the spire, bodies still impaled on the lesser ones. The spire looking just... Demonic.
I walk towards a nearby bench and sigh, taking a seat and leaning back, settling into a relaxed position. "I have been sent to better understand enemies of the past, present and future. When I'd heard Terra had undergone a change, I thought perhaps it's people would be good allies. Now, I see that there was misinformation in what the little street ear told me." I took a scythe off my waist and flicked it open, the blade gleaming in the sun."

"I'll have to teach him the price of lying when we meet again." Closing the scythe, I clip it back to my waist and resume watching the guards and other survivors begin to gather what dead they could and take them to the graveyard to be buried. This outpost saw little action, but the Cult finally fixed that. "Individual missions aside, what do you think of the Republic of Zeyn? They seem rather hypocritical with their offer of sanctuary."
"Ugh. Ugly-looking thing. I wonder when that got there." Kira says, turning back around to Hunter tossing a few mutant bodies off the wall. "If you want to go help them with the burial, you can. I know where your views lie." She says to her companion.

Hunter shrugs, turning to face Kira. No words exchange between them, but Kira adds "I'll be fine. It's just a spire off in the distance. If it starts acting up, I'll put a few holes into it." Hunter stares at her for a few more seconds, then nods, picking up two dead bodies and walking off to help bury the dead.
IC: "Welp i'm going to go for a little walk" i say to no one in particular. I climb off the wall and head towards the gate.
"The Republic of Zeyn are tyrants to me. They offer sanctuary, but living well comes at a price. They have all the tech and refuse to let anyone off the planet for their own personal agendas. And since they are safe they have the power to do so... It is sad, but that is survival, and granted its sleepy and shameful. It is smart..." I say, sitting lost us style on the ground across from him.
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lost us

Lotus, ahem.

IC: I nod absentmindedly, staring at the spire that was in the distance and frowning behind my helmet. Nothing good could come of the Cult's twisted ways but more blood shed. Still, there were limits, Lord Garreth had made that clear to my ancestor, Jericho. "Tyrants...you know, I once fought with a race known as the Tyrants. Big ugly things. Four arms and eyes, two legs with feet that only had two toes. Rather strong too, able to throw a tank with only two hands."

I chuckle as I remember the first fight the Blood Letters had gotten into with them, which had resulted in full scale war. "Pity they weren't a smidgen smarter, they could have made excellent allies and even better foes." I take a moment to reassess what I'd just said. "Well, maybe slightly better foes than they were. To say they weren't tactically inclined would be lying."

Allowing silence to fall once more, I draw my MP and drop the empty clip I'd left in it to allow for a faster switch back to my preferred melee weapons. As it clanged to the ground, I slam a fresh magazine into place, pulling the slide back to rack a round into the chamber. Holstering it, I unsling my DMR and wait. My gut said the trouble was just beginning.
IC: the gates slowly open as i head towards the large spire. Something told me that the fun was just beginning.
OOC: darkra, please tell me when you do things like these things. This time was meant for our characters to talk, I'm sure in this situation they'd want to know who they'd just been fighting with, or at least take a breather for a moment.

IC: I look outside the gates. "Right... That spire... That may have to be looked into in the near future..." I say, my tone sayin that I truly do not trust it. "These Tyrants you speak of, make me recall the Nokar, a race of demons created by a near godlike figure... Vourcha... I can only hope he remains in his slumber until after I die... He is an incredible foe, his forces are intelligent as they are fierce. The 'Lord' himself is a methodical butcher. Ancient, but his work even disturbs me on many levels..."
I chuckle darkly as Korozain speaks, remembering one of the earliest lessons I'd learned as a child. Fear was more than an emotion your enemy felt, it was a tool you could turn against your enemy. "Careful, my shadowy friend. Fear is more than an emotion, it is also a tool your enemy can turn on you." Scoping up the spire, I frown at the bodies hanging off of a few smaller ones, noting their clothing.

"Exiled Cult summoners...this can only bring more trouble for these people. And while I enjoy bloodshed more than many people I've met in my travels," I lower the rifle and look at Korozain, my helmet's eye sockets glowing a soft red, "Lord Garreth would not allow such overkill, and so, nor shall I."

OOC: Two things. One, I hate the edit wait, and two, should I make a story about the Blood Letters.
"That much is true. But every man has a weakness. The question is, who knows it? And who will exploit it." I say, looking at some of the others around. "What will you do of said overkill?" I ask, looking at all the deceased, and a large figure burying some.
OOC: I made one about Nokar so go for it.
I look away from the spire and follow his gaze, looking over all the dead and dying, the mourners and the soldiers. "Set to work correcting it. It is said for every life taken, another is born. Let us hope that this is truth. All I can do is kill those mindless mongrels and their sacrilegious leaders. Though...rarely have I seen the Cult use the ferals. What is their ploy..."

Shaking my head, I begin to absorb the blood immediately around me, using it to strengthen myself and heal some minor cuts and bruises I'd sustained in the fighting. "Fear is in all things. One must simply learn how to find it."
OOC: well things have been moving kinda slow............... so.......... and also there isn't really much explanation of the settlement all we know is that there is a wall...... and thats about it.........

IC: Well the wall wasn't opening so i thought i might as well talk with the people that live here. What do you call it again? Socializing ya thats the word. I walk up to the the large human burying some of the bodies. "you need help with those....?" i ask
OOC: I said it was once a coastal city, and now they're holed up in a rural part of it. I'm pretty sure it was rather clear.

"And use it as a weapon." I say, standing up and looking around. Seeing the shrouded sniper. "I am going to go talk to the figure with the cloak over there, with the rifle." I then walk over.
OOC:...... a rural part of a coastal city isn't really that much of a description........ it kinda just implies.... well you're in a coastal city in a rural neighborhood........ thats like broad..... super broad
OOC: well, I was hoping that the RPers would realize that a rural town would have curtain stores or something like, a general store, a food market, a weapons shop, a park area or other recreational area. You know, things a little town in an apocalyptic event would have, just simple things. But my apologies for not describing the town to your liking...
Kira scopes out the Spire once again, debating on taking a shot at it to see if it does anything. She hears footsteps close by, and opens her other eye, catching sight of an individual walking toward her. She takes her other eye off the scope, and glances at the person, taking in details on what she presumed was a guy. Hmm..... Familiar armor. She files the image away, returning her keen eyes toward the land between the Spire and the wall.

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