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"Any idea what that is, aside from a Cult summoned entity?" I ask the figure.
Kira shrugs, continuing her mental debate and coming with reasons to shoot it and not to shoot it. "If you want," Kira starts, changing her voice to match the accent the locals "I can shoot it from here to see if it reacts at all. If it's summoned by the Cult, then you can almost guarantee it will not be friendly. Aside from that, you know about as much as me."

Down with the bodies, Hunter stands up straight and glances at the person talking to it (darkra's character). Its hooded head turns toward the bodies, then back to the person. It shrugs, pointing to a nearby shovel, and continues burying the bodies.
IC: i grab the shovel and start digging a ditch, "personally i don't understand why they always had to be buried one at a time. Back before this all happened you'd get bodies cremated and usually they weren't even the ashes of your dead family member. really they just toss all the bodies in the incinerator and they just give you a box of ashes made from the batch." i say as i continue digging. "and besides the dead have it better anyways, they don't need to worry about taxes, mortgages, how they always have that feeling of emptiness in their lives, its actually quit relaxing" i add
"Hm, I guess you could take a shot at it... I'm not sure, but just looking at it makes me... Feel edgy..." I say, squinting at it through my mask.
Watching Korozain walk away and approach the cloaked and hooded sniper, I resume my watch of the pillar, scoping it again through my DMR's scope and continuing to frown. Why would they summon a spire...it makes very little sense, especially with all of them dead now... Growling to myself in annoyance, I put the DMR down and close my eyes, entering a small form of meditation that allowed me to better focus my mind.

As I do this, I reach out and feel the essence of everyone's life, their blood, flow through their veins, listen to their hearts beat and smile slightly to myself. Fear was indeed a powerful weapon. All one had to do was discover a way to make their enemy feel fear, and then the enemy was finished. "Ita etiam !@#$ sentit..."
IC: Suddenly i shiver.....there was someone that was brushing against Erebus "ooh somebody's poking me...." i say looking around until i focused on the man that was bending blood earlier. "The jester doesn't like to be disturbed in the middle of his performance" i growl to myself as i walk towards him. "Hey bud!" i scream

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