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Tell him something's wrong, then ask Katau what's up.
Inform him of the situation and then find Katau.
Thanks for the formal version.
Simply putting my two sense out there. It would seem I thought we meant different things when we didn't.
"Something has happened to the elder. Tell me when your objective is complete. I'm going to check up on Katau."

"Understood. Good luck."

Felix moves towards a door where the elder's scream originated. The door opens, revealing Katau on the ground laying on his belly. Felix carefully made his way over. The elder was bleeding from his back. Felix crouched down and touched the elder's neck for a pulse. To his relief, a pulse greeted his fingers albeit very weak. Furrowing his brow, Felix traced the unmistakably searing mark of a psi blade along the elder's back.

"What in the world? That means a Protoss did this?!" Felix thought aloud.

"...Fe-Felix!" croaked Katau his hands reaching for the Centurion.

Felix holds Katau's hand. "Don't speak. Conserve your strength. I'll get you out of here..."

"Amot...a-above you..."

Felix looks up in time to see a Protoss jumping midair in his direction with a psi blade activated.

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