Hairy Bash Tournament - SEA - 1/2 Feb 2014

Hey All!

I am organising an online tournament for February 1 this year, with plans to hold the tournament every 2 months from then on. It will have a prize pool of $175 AUD, with $100 going to the winner, $50 going to second place, and $25 going to third, as well as 280 SEA Championship Series points. The Quarter Finals and above will be cast on my YouTube channel.

Anyone is welcome to compete in the tournament. (region/league does not matter) The tournament will be running during the Melbourne, Australia timezone, starting at Saturday, Feb 01 12:00pm AEST (GMT+10:00). It will be run on the NA servers.

More detailed information can be found at the following sites:

Sign-Up + Detailed Rules:
Challonge Site:
News Site:
YouTube Channel:

(edited to update sc2sea details)
Have you tried here?

A good amount of players are in there. Most, if not all, originating from SEA.
Thanks for the tip, I have posted there as well. :D

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