Objective: Survive Reboot (RP)

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System: Sarcarion
Planet: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Time: 0400 Hours Shipboard
Objective: Find The Distress Beacon Sent By The A.A.S. Ship Eternal

"Hello, I am Dropship XZY700091253's, or Zeus' Wrath's, AI, but you may refer to me as Maria. At 1600 hours shipboard time on the A.A.S Ship Guardian, a distress beacon was detected on an unknown planet in the Sarcarion System. Your mission is to find the source of the distress beacon and secure it for pick up by Dropship BRI8000498375. You will-" Maria's voice cuts out as the pilot can suddenly be heard cussing rampantly and seen fighting with the controls, attempting to level the ship. Something had forced the ships into a 90 degree drop and could now be seen heading straight for the ground.

As the ground slowly grows closer, the power in the ship slowly begins to fade, indicated by the sudden flicker and then failure of the lights in the passenger compartment. The last thing you see before the world goes dark is the pilot hit his eject button.

Link to the original: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/6369047855#1

PRP: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/11042104565?page=1
Name: Teo
Age: 27
Class: Custom
Weapon(If custom): Xel'Naga designed Glaive throwing gloves
Armor Description (If Custom): Platemail armor is also of Xel'Naga origin, being formed of some kind of advanced Nanite that maintains the armor and it's systems. The helmet appears and disappears based on the situation and preferences of the wearer.
Gender: Male
Personality: Calm, calculating killer. When in the company of friends, highly protective. Doesn't make friends easily.
Physical Appearance: Stands about six feet, nine inches tall with silver eyes and unusually silver hair that sweeps back with a slight spiky look. Has a scar across his right eye but is otherwise a very handsome young man.
Backstory: Teo is one of many members of an organization called The Shroud, a group who exists to find and destroy Amon and his Hybrid on the day of reckoning. Until that time, they serve as soldiers to the various Terran factions and Protoss. Works regularly with the Shadow Brood.
Note: Has had Dark Templar DNA injected into him, increasing speed, agility, reflexes, psionic ability and can cloak like a Dark Templar.

Name: "The Hammer" (goes by Hammer, actual name unknown)

Age: ?

Class: Custom

Weapon: HMP3 (Heavy Multi-Purpose Plasma Projector) A heavy plasma weapon with a pair of adjustable settings that offer it 4 different firing modes:
- Beam; A plasma cutter on a grand scale. (non-functional)
- Burst; A plasma flamethrower. (non-functional)
- AP; High caliber piercing plasma bolts.
- Explosive; Plasma grenades.

Armor Description: A heavy bio-steel body armor with regenerative capabilities. Looks like an all black hybrid of 40k eldar and space marine armor with an Iron Man helm and no backpack.

Gender: Assumed Male

Personality: Taciturn almost to the point of seeming mute. Never seen without his helmet on.

Physical Description: Big. 7ft tall and 3ft from shoulder to shoulder. Incredibly strong, genetic engineering assumed.

Backstory: A mysterious one-man-army of high repute who's past beyond an impressive list of former contracts is unknown.

For those without half-a-brain, this is Stef.


Name: Samantha Summers

Age: 26

Class: Custom

Weapon: ZF-alpha (Prototype model of the gun from 5th Element) energy assault rifle, tesla projector, electro-bolt rifle, sonic shotgun, atom cannon. ("Acquired" the weapon from a covert lab in the early days of her mercenary work.)

Armor Description: Custom CMC-400 (War Pigs for looks) The suit is upgraded with concussive dampeners, kinetic foam and reactive plating.

Gender: Female

Personality: Flamboyant and over the top to the point most people would just politely call her eccentric and be done with it. A gung-ho blood an' guts fighter with a knack for trouble that never quite bites her in the @ss.

Physical Description: 5' 8", lithe and athletic. Short cropped mohawk dyed a vibrant purple.

Backstory: A colorful soldier-of-fortune who's past has no straight answers.

- Energy assault rifle: Just an assault rifle.
- Tesla Projector: A lightning "flame"thrower.
- Electro-bolt Rifle: Charge shot AP rifle. (non-functional)
- Sonic Shotgun: Semi-non-leathal knockback.
- Atom Cannon: Short charge "Noisy Cricket" (MIB 'pistol w/ insane kick) (non-functional)

Name: Kenji Omagi
Age: 27
Class: Fencer
Weapon(If custom): 2 Carbon Steel traditional styled Katanas (smaller to be dual wielded), assortment of knives as a "sidearm"
Armor Description (If Custom): XMR-100 CQC
Gender: Male
Personality: Energetic, Kenji does not like to stop... Charismatic, good with words, but the downside is he likes to talk a lot. Possibly insane. (Don't mind him when he talks to himself or inanimate objects...)
Physical Description: 6'3", skinny but built somewhat, enough to take a hit and to use his Katanas at a moderately fast speed.
Backstory: Kenji Omagi was born in a family of blacksmiths. Back when the first colonies were made, the Omagi family had prospered through making refining metals, making tools, and their special family craft. Swords and armor. The family comes from Japanese descent, and keep their craft sacred to traditional ways. The katanas he used today were both crafted in the long process of making the traditional sword. He was one of the few in the family that wasn't a natural artisan with his hands, or at least qi crafting. Kenji Omagi is a fighter. He always went to a dojo as a child and learned the martial art Kendo, the Way of the Sword. From there he picked up his own way of fighting and even taught himself in some manor at some point. He especially enjoys having two small weapons in both hands. He had never been known as the social type, and his love for blades always made a majority of people fear him and his taste, even his jokes included stabbing someone or something of the sort. But after some time people had gotten used it. But Kenji's mental state isn't generally... Stable... He is odd, definitely, and likes to talk to things that are inanimate, or just himself. When he joined the military, he is one of the few that enjoys melee combat, and they allow him to use his family swords. He hopes that some day when he retires, he will carry on the family craft, of the Blacksmith.
Notes: Not a very serious person in not serious situations. When in a serious situation, it is an extreme contrast of his normal self.

Name: Jacob Winston
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Class: Custom 'Juggernaut'

Weapon(If custom): XL-24 "Thunderer" Light Machine Gun. Named for the booming sound created from being fired. The Thunderer is large and powerful, ideal for dealing with massive crowds at a 20-30 meter distance, although is also adept at distances up to 40 meters and 10 meters. However, the latter is not quite as capable of dispersing crowds. It uses the same 8mm spikes of the ever popular C-14 Gauss Rifle and fires up to a total of 210 rounds per second.

Armor Description (If Custom): DLPA-200 is used. It is a thick and hard armour, capable of slowing a spike from Gauss Rifle stopping just short of the wearer at the chest. It takes great strength to move in this armour, and even more patience. It is sluggish and when powering up, it may take up to a minute-and-a-half. The weight of this armour also allows for it to have be near immovable by outside forces, such as a Punisher grenade, or a Roach.

Personality: Jacob is caring towards others and considerate of them, capable of great understanding. Jacob also has a rather oblivious nature when it comes to jokes. He may be quiet and reserved at times, though this is more when he is thinking. When it comes to his beliefs, Jacob is firm and adamant.

Physical Description: Jacob is taller than most, standing at 6'2". He has rather bulky physique, seeming as if he belongs in a heavy-weight boxing ring. Jacob's hair is blonde and cut quite short, being a victim of a recent buzz cut. The large man's skin is of a light tan complexion. There is a short scar running down Jacob's cheek. The ends of the scar align with his ear canal and the edge of his lip on the right side.


-I ran the numbers for rounds per second off of modern weaponry, a comparison between a M240 and a rifle such as the AK-47.

Name: Io Hendricks
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Class: Custom 'Apparition'

Weapon: TG-26 Designated Marksman Rifle-
The TG-26 is a mid to long ranged weapon, pointed towards a position of sniping, while remaining useful in a firefight. It is a chosen weapon for assassinations due to a built in, non-wearing, silencer. The magazine holds ten 15mm bullets capable of piercing through neo-steel.

Armor- SPA-13-
SPA-13 is a variation of stealth armour allowing for absorption of heavy recoil and limber movement to allow for a sniper or assassin to move with speed will still being able to fight. It is capable of cloaking technology, with energy created by it own personal generator. This cloak absorbs much energy, allowing for only short periods of time. It is not entirely effective at protection against bullets, but small arms fire and bludgeon weaponry are relatively ineffective.

Personality: Io is rather reserved and cold, yet intelligent. It is hard for her to create emotional connections, and easy for her to sever them. She often times shies away from social interaction due to this behavior. She is very resourceful and reliant on herself. She is very flexible on changing her opinion on subjects.

Physical Description: Io's eyes are light green, blending in with her white face sprinkled with a few freckles, and near unnoticable scars. Her hairs is a light black cut short to avoid getting in her way, easy to put her helmet over, and to avoid and giveaways aways on her location. Io is thinner, but has her fair share of muscle to allow her to carry and take the force of her weapon. Io is also rather short, standing at only 5' 5".

Name: Jason Stross
Age: 26
Class: Marine
Personality: Jason has a strong sense of duty and camaraderie, some of the few traits he picked up from his father and the only one’s he’s proud of. Years of hard work in the mines have made him a hard worker. Jason, although naturally extroverted, has found safety in being alone. Without any true friends throughout his life, Jason has discovered how to cope with being alone and reasoning through life. As such, he has developed into more of a logical and less of an emotional man. He has his neglecting father and horrible family life to thank for this.

Jason enjoys some poetry about war or strife. Nicole, his cousin, helped develop his taste in literature. As such, he enjoys a good mystery novel when he has the chance. As for music, Nicole, Peter and some of his friends helped him develop a variety of classical music, singer-songwriter and hardrock.

Jason’s love languages are quality time and touch, both things he was greatly deprived of in his early childhood.

Jason was born on the metropolis of Korhal. His father, Nolin Stross, was an ex-military police officer and Confederate loyalist. His mother, Sandy Stross, worked as an accountant at a bank. Jason also had a younger brother whom was two years younger than him. His name was Peter Stross.

The Guild Wars started when Jason was seven. His father re-enlisted in the military to join the as a marine for the Confederates and came back four years later a scarred man. Despite having a family back home, Nolin refused to leave his comrades on the front lines. The family life became difficult for him and as such, Jason’s homelife became difficult too.

When the Rebellion of Korhal was made official and Martial Law instigated, the Stross family left Korhal because Nolin Stross was still very pro-Confederacy. He was blind to their faults and hated his homeland’s intolerance with the Confederacy. So, in 2489 after the Guild Wars ended, Nolin moved his family to Tarsonis, a seemingly much safer place for pro-confederates. Jason was eleven when they moved planets and it was particularly hard on him. Tarsonis was dirtier and more run-down than Korhal and it had negative effects on family life. Nolin and Sandy’s relationship continued to deteriorate over this time. (Sandy’s parents lived on Korhal and were anti-Confederate.)

After a year of difficulties at school and a neglecting father, Jason was picked on a lot. He learned to stand up for himself and the few friends he had. It was a trait he picked up from his father, probably the only positive trait within the man.

Jason’s parents filed for a divorce two years later. This was also hard on Jason and Peter. Soon, they realized they could only truly trust each other. A settlement on possession of the kids was never finalized. Sandy fled to Korhal in order to make arrangements with attorneys and lawyers while being with her parents. Jason stayed in Tarsonis with the kids and also looked for attorney’s and lawyers.

It all became irrelevant when Korhal was obliterated by apocalypse-class nukes by the Confederate’s hand that very same week. Nolin justified the Confederacy’s actions to his boys and was able to convince them that what they did was necessary. Still, all three members of the family mourned together. Nolin Stross sincerely mourned Sandy despite their troubled relationship.

To an extent, it was helpful to the boys to see that daddy still loved mommy even though she was gone. On the other hand, Nolin had by this point turned to drinking to bury his sorrows. A few old friends from the war had roped him into drinking almost every night, leaving Jason and Peter alone to cry themselves to sleep.

Luckily enough, this only lasted about six months before Nolin Stross re-enlisted with the Confederate Armed Forces with his buddies. They wanted a taste of the action against the no-good rebels and their terrorist attacks against the Confederacy. Nolin took his children to his brother Richard Stross on Mar Sara to raise his children while he was away.

Richard Stross took Jason and Peter under his wing. He had understood what Nolin had become. And though Richard was also blind to the Confederacy’s corruption, he wouldn’t think of leaving his wife, daughter, and now brother’s kids, to join the military. So, he stayed at home on Mar Sara and supported the family well as a miner.

Nicole Stross, Richard Stross’ only daughter, became less of a cousin and more like an older sister to Jason and Peter. When they first met, Nicole was sixteen, Jason was thirteen and Peter was eleven. Nicole often comforted the brothers at night and they would stay up late talking about Jason’s parents and the struggles of having parents and grandparents who constantly fought.

Tina Stross, Richard Stross’ wife, eventually accepted the role of whole-heartedly raising Jason and Peter as their own. They spent the next eight years of their life in a stable, loving environment. Nolin Stross was rarely ever heard of. Richard took steps to ensure Jason and Peter wouldn’t watch the news or see any hints of the ugly war-ravaged galaxy. They wanted Jason and Peter to see the beauty of non-rural areas and of a simple life without fear of war or rivaling families.

In 2495, Nicole had moved off to a large city in Tarsonis to get a masters degree in psychology. She was twenty. Jason was seventeen and Peter was fifteen. Jason loved Nicole more than anyone else and it was hard for him to let her go. Nicole also found it difficult to leave Jason and Peter. Still, he had Peter. The two had worked around town this whole time and developed strong relationships with their guardians.

In 2498, Jason was twenty. He left the shelter of his father’s brother and began working on his own in the mines on Mar Sara. Peter was still eighteen and not moved out. Nicole had maintained connection with the family and visited as often as she could. Still, her demanding job back on Tarsonis coupled with friends and studies prevented more than twenty visits per year. After all this time, Nolin Stross was still nowhere to be seen.

A year later, Mar Sara fell under attack by the zerg. The Stross family was rescued by the Sons of Korhal, an astonishing turn of events. Jason had mixed feelings for the organization, but couldn’t deny their heroics or his appreciation for their efforts to save colonists.

At this point, the remaining Stross family members fled to Moria, a decision long in the making. It was a nice escape from both the Sons of Korhal and the Confederacy. Now the remaining family members had completely mixed views and feelings towards both factions. Jason, however, had felt moved by the Sons of Korhal’s heroics. There had also been a growing a bitterness towards the Confederacy and their heavy taxes and rumors stirring around town. The fact that his unfaithful family tearing father was a confederacy loyalist didn’t help either.

With two new alien threats and the looming fear of seeing his father on the other side of the battle lines, Jason refrained from joining the Sons of Korhal. Instead, he joined his uncle, aunt and brother on Moria and they all got jobs as miners.

Immediately after news of the Sara systems got out, Nicole raced to contact her family. It was easy enough to track the refugees to Moria and unite with the family. It was a heartfelt, but short reunion. Nicole returned to Tarsonis and continued on her life.

Whether divine intervention or dumb luck, Jason would never know. But miraculously, Nicole was visiting the family once more in Moria when Tarsonis fell a few months later. Nicole then moved to Moria to live with her parents.

This marked the end of the Confederacy and the start of the Dominion. The new government seemed appealing and simple. Finally, it was time for Jason to pick up his courage and join the Dominion, defenders of humanity. Jason was twenty-two. Nicole was twenty-five and Peter was twenty.

Jason found that he was an average soldier. Not super skilled, not lacking in skill. His advantages were his reliability, his sense of duty and his camaraderie. Two of those traits were from his father, one of them from his uncle. All three together slowly grew a capable soldier.

The fires of war strengthened Jason. The Brood Wars hardened him. Since then, he has maintained small communications with his uncle, aunt, brother and sister.
A small beeping on my HUD forced me slowly into wakefulness, the sound becoming extremely extremely annoying the longer I allowed it. Forcing myself to open my eyes, the screen finally flickers to life and shows the vitals of everyone on board, ending the incessant beeping noise and granting me a small bit of peace. The pilot's were flatlined, his ToD, or time of death, dating back about ten minutes.I snort and let out a small, if somewhat dark, chuckle at this. Serves you right, dirty prick...

Everyone else's were still green, if about the level of someone who's knocked out. Fumbling around, I manage to unbuckle myself and slowly stand up, moving over to Jason and shaking him awake. "Hey, Jason, wake up. We're alive, if a bit bruised. Let's move." As he slowly comes around, I move on to Kenji and repeat the process.

After about five minutes, everyone is starting to move around and finish waking up. I take a moment to reorient myself with gravity and the whole ship. In the process of rummaging through a nearby medical locker, I realize we had an AI that contained the briefing. "Maria, are you there?" No sound came back, but a console nearby had started blinking. Approaching it, I hit the blinking green button and find the briefing, waypoints and objectives downloaded to my armor's hard drive. A message scrolled across my HUD before the blinking light extinguished.

Continue mission at all costs. I will shutdown permanently to prevent capture.

The lights dimmed as the power went out and I flipped on the shoulder flashlight on my armor. "Take a break, Maria. We can handle it from here."

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Stretching as best I can with my CMC suit on, I give Hammer a look and quietly shake my head. Despite having worked with man before, I'd never once seen him without his helmet on or say anything that wasn't work related and today was no exception;

"Any idea what brought us down?"
Hammer asks, calmly checking over his gun. A highly unusual, but very destructive weapon; something I knew from experience.
Turning from the console, I attempt to open the door between us and the cockpit, but to no avail. Growling in annoyance, I use my rank and service number to get into the system with my armor and pull up the flight logs on my HUD and shake my head, frowning at the results. "There's no explanation. The Zerg are all over the place here, but there's no indication of Corruptors or Mutalisks being responsible." At least, indication they damaged the ship...

Closing it, I look at Hammer and smirk behind my HUD, a glaive forming on the top of the gauntlet and slowly starting to spin. "We're going to need out of here in about five mikes. Until then, we need to salvage what we can; ammo, medical supplies, even weapons if there are spares." Disassembling the glaive again, I turn back to the medical locker and walk over, pulling out another medical kit and adding it to the pile next to me.
I sit up and stretch. "Well, all my gear's good, that's pretty much it, everything else is bruised, aching and possibly broken..." I say before laughing. "But seriously, I don't remember what happened before we crashed, someone tell me before I start trying to remember, and things get bad when I think." I say, chuckling lightly.
Clipping his gun into place, Hammer stands up;
"I can carry any supplies we find so long as there's something I can carry them with... And I'll a spare knife if anybody finds one."

Giving Kenji a sideways glance, I let out a short laugh;
"Glad to see I'm not the only nut-job here. I'd hate to be stuck with just ol' straight and narrow here."
I say, pointing my thumb Hammer, the latter ignoring me completely.
"Stross! Stross! Wake up, Stross! Ah, !@#$. ...Stross!"

"It's no use, we gotta move!"

"I'm not leaving Jason!"

Flashes of light encompassed the shouts of Jason's comrades as they drug him across the dirt. The distinctive shrieks of zerglings in the distance seemed louder than ever. Nicole was nearby. Jason could feel her. Her soft voice spoke of poetry, Jason's father and her departure to Tarsonis all at the same time. Strange, it seemed, that her voice could be heard among the all the rest of the commotion.Timothy and Don seemed just as loud as the zerg in the distance. The Gauss rifles on the horizon of mixed colors sounded as close as Nicole's voice.

"Hey, Jason, wake up. We're alive, if a bit bruised. Let's move."

This voice overpowered the rest of the tumult in Jason's head, yet it was subtle. Quiet.

The words continued to echo in Jason's brain. He felt weightless. Eventually, he began to realize he was moving. He watched his body recollect itself and his eyelids parted. He jerked up, half expecting to be in the middle of Fort Luther back in the Brood wars. His quick gasp of cold air nipped his dry lips. His toungue peirced through them and luke warm saliva created discomfort.

Jason's fuzzy vision pulsed slowly with his heart. He was in a dark room. Teo had left him and moved on to another soldier.

"What the hell was that?" He asked, speaking softly and looking around for his rifle, which was nowhere to be seen. His fuzzy vision didn't help. After speaking, he realized several other soldiers had been talking, laughing even. He needed to come to his senses.

EDIT - Did anybody even read Jason's bio?
Nope, not yet yet at least. That's one serious wall o' text.

Figuring everyone already knows each other.

Turning over towards Jason, Sam offers him a helping hand;
"No idea yet. I figure we'll have a better idea once we get out. By the way, welcome back to the world of the living Jason."
I did, but that's assumed.

IC: I glance up from the medical locker I was digging around in at Jason, shrugging. "No idea. Could have been the weird magnetic fields on this place, but nothing Command gave us indicated that they were capable of such a thing." Tossing the last bit of gauze out on the pile, I close up the locker and move on to the weapons locker, opening it and rummaging around for as much ammo as possible, finding a couple of containers shortly after starting.

"To answer Kenji's question, all I remember before blacking out is the pilot reaching for his eject." I let loose a small chuckle before returning to searching. "Bastard's dead now." Looking over at Jason, I analyze him for just a moment. He seemed to be a bit more shaken up than anyone else, but then again, CMC armor wasn't exactly kind to one's head when you crash suddenly.

Spotting his rifle, I pull it out and stand up, approaching him and offering him his weapon. "You gonna be alright?"
Mentally thanking her, Jason accepted Samantha's hand and he pulled himself up. He didn't get far. His seatbelt kept him suppressed tightly. He disengaged the belt before rising to his feet. Though he heard what Sam and Teo were saying, he wasn't comprehending them in a matter fit to respond. So he didn't. It was only when Teo handed him his rifle when he fully came to his senses.

"I'm good." He frantically nodded his head with an 'n' shaped mouth before accepting his rifle. It fell naturally into his arms and he looked around.

"...Where are we?"
Io stands up quietly. She pulls her rifle up, inspecting it very closely for signs of damage on the outside. There was nothing but a thin silver scratch across main portion of the rifle, and from what Io could tell, that area was lacking in any important mechanics. "We will want to be moving quickly, as unburdened as we can muster. We don't know what is out there." Her voice was surprisingly strong for its lack of use.

"Nah, we'll be fine! With the amount of us hanging around here, we could take that sh!t on!" Jacob responds with great enthusiasm, setting off to find ammunition. Although Mr. Winston was acting like this, he was scared out of his skull.

Io mumbles under her breath, "Says an oaf such as yourself." The woman rolls her eyes and looks around her, they would need supplies, but it couldn't be an overbearing amount. Food was all she felt she would require for now. Something small, but packed with calories or nutrition. Eyes wandering, Io searched for this food item.

=Yeah, I really just can't think of something that is small and easy to carry that's packed with nutrition besides chocolate, and it wouldn't be the best choice.=
With a grunt, Hammer goes digging through a couple of lockers, passing back a gauss rifle mag.

I chuckle and shake my head;
"Again, no idea, other than it's not where we wanted to be. This is going to be an interesting mission, that's for sure."

Can Hammer have a knife?
Again, Jason didn't respond. He just shifted slightly and made his way to the door of the shuttle.

"I need some air."
So long as it's reasonable, you can have it. SF...power bar, go.

IC: I grab Jason's shoulder and shake my head, beckoning him over to a supplies locker and helping him to bust it open. "Find some food and backpacks, focus your thoughts and remember we don't know what's out there. We're going to need them. Hammer, Jacob, I need you two carrying our extra ammo. You're our strongest." Returning to the locker I'd been searching through earlier, I find ten clips and set them atop the ammo boxes, still rummaging.

"While I'm thinking about it, does anyone remember if we were supposed to have support?" I could barely remember the bit of the briefing that Maria got out before the alarms.
Another grunt and headshake from Hammer;
"Negative. This was supposed to be a simple recovery mission, and I don't believe we've got a BC in orbit anymore."
I snort in annoyance and stand up, looking at the loading ramp of the dropship. "That's just great. Leave it to the Dominion..." Continuing to grumble under my breath about the incompetence of Command, I look over the console that would get it open for us. "Seems our AI managed to route most of the power to the door before shutting down. Once we have the supplies ready, I'll open it. Until then..."

Spotting an armor locker nearby, I pry it open to find a lot of repair kits for suits of CMC armor and other sets, something we'd need anyways if things went any worse. Picking them up, I toss the appropriate repair kit to each member of the party and indicating a port on their armor for it's storage. "We'll bring spares, but don't count on too many. The ammo and food alone will be heavy."

DM: Outside the drop ship, unknown to our survivors, an old Zerg Hive has begun to awaken, with it's Queen hissing in anticipation of the new test subjects. In preparation of their capture, she began birthing Zerglings and Hydrlisks, preferring to keep them as intact as possible.

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