Day Infection II

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James Tiberius Kirk(not related in any way to the James T. Kirk from Star Trek)
Race: Terran
Weapon: Single Shot Shotgun
Armor: Old Leather Jacket
Misc. Items: Used Medical Kit, Lighter, old pocket knife, Duct-tape
History: Ex Spec Forces
Abilities: Weak Psi Storm, Weak Psi Wall
Appearance: Rough and tumble with a faint scar reaching from the top right of his face down between his eyes then ending at the back of his left jaw. He stands about 6'2" with a sleek but well muscled build. James has four tattoos. The one on his left shoulder being the dominion flag. On his right cheek he has an old Greek Omega symbol. On the backs of both of his hands rest two tattoos that no one really understands. On his left hand he has a golden tattoo in the shape of a flame inside a shuriken with an infinity symbol behind both. On his right hand he has a silver tattoo of a gear with the same shuriken and infinity symbol.

Riala 'Ria' Covul
Race: Mozan
Weapon: Rusty Knife and old Pistol
Armor: an old leather jacket and casual clothes
Misc. Items: Duct tape, lighter, old pocket knife, scrap electronics
History: Ex-Military Mechanic
Abilities: Form change,
Appearance: 5'11" tall. Her hair is shoulder length and a strange silver color. Wolf ears sit on top of her head but are usually hidden by a baseball style cap she tends to wear while not in her small apartment or other private place. Her 3' long tail is wrapped around her waist several times and tucked in a special pouch on her armor. Grey and black fur cover her ears and tail.

Character name – James Settles
Race – Terran
Weapon – Rusty Knife, Malfunctioning SMG
Armor: Street Clothes
Misc. Items- Flashlight, Alcohol, Used Rags, Hand-held Fission Cutter (Data Pad)
History – Ex Spec-ops
Abilities – Optical Implants
Appearance – 6 foot even. Male (Obviously). Bald head, light blue eyes with what appears to be circuitry in his irises. Thin shoulders and medium build. Broad nose with a well-developed jaw and normal cheekbone height. Looks young despite the battles he went through, and his eyes appear bright and thoughtful.

Character name: Saiko Mal
Race – Terran
Weapon – Rusty knife and Old Pistol
Armor - Street clothes.
Misc. Items- Scrap electronics, handheld fusion cutter, and pocket knife
History – Ex military, Spec Ops
Abilities - Hack,
Appearance – Saiko has an average female figure. Age 22, slight hourglass shape, long black hair, normally wears a black cloth mask to cover the lower half of her face, has tinted goggles(if not wearing are on her forehead), wears a black leather jacket with fur interior(normally has hood up).

Name: Jessica Galler
Race: Human
Weapons: Single shot shotgun, Rusty Knife
Armor: Street cloths
Misc: Small hand held fission cutter, scrap metal, lighter, Duct tape
History: ExSpec Ops/ Mechanic.
Abilities:Technopath, telepathy
Appearance: 5'10" blood red hair and hazel eyes.Fair skin color though her hair and some of her face has stains from oil. Wears civilian cloths.

Name: Jor-sha
Race: Protoss

History: Mechanic/inventor for the Furinax tribe.
Abilities: Psi-shield (creates a temporary barrier that absorbs attacks), Quick repair (Passive. Repairs machines faster than most people)
History: Civilian Mechanic.
Weapons: Old psi-blade
Armor: Heavily worn light Protoss armor.
Misc: Small hand held fission torch, scrap metal, khaydarin crystal fragments, mining drill battery.
Appearance: 7'9" bluish skin tone. Bright blue eyes wears street cloths most the time over his light armor.

Jake "Slasher" Hunter
Race- Terran
Weapon- C-14 Impaler Gauss Rifle, Revolver, Twin Kukri knives
Armor- CMC-400
Misc. Items- Data Pad, Flask of Whiskey, various pieces of electronics, Medkit, Flask of Rum
History- Ex-Confederate Marine, currently a Mercenary
Abilities- Room Breach- Breaches a room by kicking in the door from the side and then swinging around the corner, the amount of adrenaline making time seem to slow down briefly(Assault tree), Hamstring- Hamstrings an opponent, slowing them down and wounding them (Hand-to-Hand combat tree)
Appearance– 6’ even, sun-tanned skin, skinny, but muscular, dark brown, almost black, hair, hazel eyes. Has a scar on his right eye from engaging a Hydralisk in hand-to-hand combat.
Background– Initially enlisted with the Confederacy for benefits when he turned eighteen. Three years
"I will keep your race out of the offical documents and redact it from other documents. Now about the building permits. Have you picked out an area to build a home till the storm passes?" Cain asks picking up his data pad.
"Not yet but I was going to deal with that in a little bit. I should probably go speak to Anton first."
"What is going on with Anton?" Cain asks leaning back in his chair.
Looking up from working on the screen, I sigh and wipe some of the sweat off my brow, blowing on my face to cool it off some. Damn...I need to finish up some more of these for my other two sets of armor, but I'll make those at the Port. Storing the project, parts, and tools in my pack and standing up, I pick up the back pack and head out for the construction site. I needed a place of my own to work on things so I didn't have to keep hiding it when I finished. Still, it was a stroke of luck they didn't ask why I needed the work room.

Passing by the apartments that the higher ups and such lived in, I glance at the few windows with lights in them and snort, shaking my head at the sight. Even in all this hell, rather than actually work together and share the load equally, things were split up to serve the Dominion's purposes. At this point, we were better off picking our way to die, cause at the rate we were going, that's all that was in our future. Bah, we all die someday. Guess it's just sooner for some. Giving the apartments one more look, I continue on, considering going outside the walled area just to look for some electronics.
"We talked before he sent me over here though I think I might have pissed him off. And I know I've been pushing people away but I never thought I'd have to deal with your military ..."
"What did he do or say?" Cain asks rocking gently in his chair.

There are a lot of people walking around the base working on things. Many people are now staking out land to build small homes.
"Threatened me for starters. He wanted me to shoot some targets but I wouldn't. Then he said something about 'getting over crap that you and he are sick of'. Something about being 'high and mighty'. then he said there was something else bugging him and that I was to come here ..." I sigh and shake my head.
Cain laughs for a little bit before looking at Riala. "Well then it looks like he has taken a liking to you."

There were a few guards stationed at the new gate leading into the rest of illastain. Thankfully 90% of the wall was finished now and would keep out infected and zerg.
I look at Cain quizzically my tail lashing back and forth a bit. "What do you mean?"
Nodding to the guards, I step to one side and survey what was around me, trying to pick a good spot to claim as my own. The further from the military base I was, the better I'd feel, but I'd want to be close enough to help hold off horde attacks and Zerg assault waves. Looking at the gate again, I smile and go about two hundred feet to the left before setting up some flares in the rough shape I wanted. Then I start work on a floor plan. Feeling kind, I decide to share if someone really needed me to.
"Interesting those don't look like the build becons if I was you I would go get them. Mr. Jenkins getting annoyed latly with people doing that." A guard says as he checks the outside of the gate. For some reason neither the infected or zerg were coming anywher near the base since they retook illastain.

"He is hard on the ones he likes. I think he might even have feelings for you. Be hard to get him to admitt that however." Cain says smiling. "Knowing him he is looking at building locations. Should you want to talk to him."
I nod still a bit confused but with a soft smile. "Right ... anything else sir?"
"Dismissed Lace corporal." Cain says giving a ligght salute to her.
"Right now I'm just getting the spot picked. Beacon can come in a little bit." Once I finish the design, a simply two story plan with a bathroom and bedroom upstairs and kitchen, workroom, and living room down stairs, I look at the pair. "How much infected activity are we looking at once this place is done? Hell, before I even get the beacons. I wanna know if I'll be shooting more than working."
"don't know. I would guess they would attack a lot since we are getting dug in." The guard says looking at him. "Heck if you want you could go scouting we need to know what is beyound the rubble wall we set up.

DM NOTE LAYOUT outside of the built walls are walls of rubble from old buildings you will see firebats burning any sign of infection from them before a team tries to recycle whatever they can.
I return the salute before turning and leaving the apartment. I head off to find the person in charge of construction to see what I had to do to pick out my own little slot of this place and then possibly find Anton.
"Hmmmm...." I tap my chin thoughtfully before nodding, standing up and stretching a bit. "Right, let me get the beacons for getting this place constructed and I'll armor up and head out. Need me to take any pics so you can see for yourselves?" I was already walking away by this point, looking for a crate or something of the construction beacons while downloading the floor plan to a thumb drive. I wanted it to be defensible, so I'd designed it that way.
"Just turn on your hud display will run it by command so they will record from your armor cam." The guard says before radioing to command for clearnce.

Jenkin was over a holo deck putting the lay out down. (Note the usuable land right now is one square mile.) "We need to set up a rail system here and here again make it easier for processing and transport."

Anton was over by a small 4 room house being built with a small garden field. He was already down in the fields planting some plants. Their were a few small childern around him helping him and for once people could see Anton smiling gently. Dr.Anna walks next to Riala wearing new clean cloths. "Amazing isn't it."
I look over at the doc and nod before turning back to watch Anton. "Yeah ... kinda reminds me of back home ... except for the training." I nod to myself and head over to the person who seemed to be in charge of construction. "Hey I was wondering if I could get some of the beacons we need to mark a claimed parcel of land."

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