Day Infection II

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"Roger." Finding the beacons, I pick up the number I needed, about seven, and head back to my spot, replacing each flare with a beacon and then waiting for someone to show up, handing off the thumb drive to the person that did, informing them the plans were on it. From there, I head back towards the armory, eager to be out doing something rather than waiting for something to happen.
"Sure here is your beacons once set up just flip a switch and it will give you a laser layout for your building that will be shot to the holo table. If put it in a bad spot I will tell you." Jenkins says handing her a box of beacons.

"Welcome back. Doing some shoping or getting geared for a mission?" The quarter-master asks looking at Jake.
"Thanks. Oh and can I customize the layout?"
"What do you mean?" Jenkins ask looking up annoyed.
"The interior and exterior layouts ... Actually nevermind I'll figure it out." I say turning around and starting to walk off back to the Doctor.
The Doctor was just standing there with a data pad in her hands but kept an eye on Anton sighing every once in awhile.
"I am. What brings you to my company templar?" I ask rather curiously.

Once I had my tent on the plot I wanted I head off to find the man responsible for the building of the homes.
I let out a small chuckle as I get suited up in my armor. "Heading out to go scouting. Men and women upstairs want to know what we got to work against. I grab my revolver, holstering it before grabbing my knife and rifle and placing them in their places. Satisfied I was ready to go, I glance at the quarter master. "We still got some of those bio-plasma grenades around here somewhere? Seems I'm down to one."
"Bio what?" She asks a little lost. "Let me see that? hmm yes I think I can reverse engineer this with the doctors help and get these produced. Will need as many of these as you all have just to make sure I'm making it correctly."

"I am the leader of the protoss here. I am Tridair. I am here to see what we can do for a fellow protoss." She says to Jor.
"Its kinda nice to see Anton like this ... though I should probably get to setting up my own little piece of land." I watch Anton for a moment before looking around.
"He used to be into plants when we were growing up. Said he was going to learn how to grow all kind of plants and bring life to the lifeless planets.. Shame what the Kel-Morian did to him." The doctor says to Riala before walking off.
"Well, that's-Wait!" Reaching into a grenade pouch, I pull out another one. "You keep that one and I'll keep this one. Might need it out there in the field. I don't know how many of the others took grenades though. Omega team would have 'em if you wanna call 'em all in and have them turn in what they took." Waving to the quarter master on my way out, I head back out, jogging back to the gate and stopping. {This is Jake Hunter to command. Permission to head out into the area beyond the wall for a scouting mission.}

While waiting for their reply, I check my ammo to make sure I have enough for at least a short trip. Four extra mags, the flares and one bio grenade that I hopefully won't have to use. Seems like I should be OK.
"What did ..." I sigh and shake my head before walking over to Anton. "Having fun?" I ask a little mockingly but also sincerely curious.
"Gardening always been my thing. Nice to create life instead of destorying it." Anton says not looking up but instead using his hand to cover up the seedlings in the soil.

{Command to Jake good hunting out there. We will be watching on a cam.} Command radios to him.
"I am not one for lush comforts. I would however like to have access to a lab or the machines. It has been some time since I have spent a good amount of time with machines that we make."

Confused as to where the person who was in charge of housing building I stop by a group of civilians.
"Excuse me, where may I find the person/persons in charge of housing manufacturing?"
"Yeah ... I enjoy being around plants but I'm not very good at taking care of them ..." I set the box I'd gotten down and set my knife on top of it. "This your place or just helping out?"
"Just helping out. My place is that small building over there." Anton says pointing a small squared building that looks like it would hold 6 rooms with 3 arches on its right side that look like the makings of a garage and a building attacked to it that looks like the makings of a green house. "If you build a house make sure you got room for food. If not you will be eating Dominion MREs for awhile."

One civ looks at Jessica then points to the holo table with a metal tent over it. "Talk to Leroy Jenkins over there."
"Thank you." With that I turn around and head over to the holo table with the metal tent over it.
"Hello anyone here?"
"Right ... I'd be more than willing to hunt. Zerg isn't the best but I hear Hydralisk's make decent jerky." I look at his house for a moment. "I wonder what else might be around to hunt ... other than the infected."
"Not to sure. Looks like they are finnally hooking up water and power to my house." Anton says looking over to his house then at Riala. "So what do you want Riala?"

"Yes yes what do you need." Leroy says as he typings into the holo table.

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