Day Infection II

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There appeared to be more infected trying to push up the staircase from the relay-station even as the infected on the roof were dieing quickly. Another feral pounces down from the top of the bulkhead onto Jor knocking him down and trying to claw his face.
James runs over to Jor , quickly holstering his rifle, and grabs the infected on the Protoss. He hefts it up, and as it claws at him, he grabs one of the arms and breaks it. It hisses at him and claws at his armor, so he delivers a heavy punch, cracking its head open.

He tosses the body, and notes without surprise that it was still moving, despite a broken skull. As it leaps, he grabs it in the air and slams it to the ground. He puts one foot on top of it, and uses his other foot to curb stomp the infected, ending it permanently. He reviews the motion sensor, tracking the other zombies.
The zombies continue to pour out of the bulkhead onto the roof pushing the team back inch by inch.
I holster my pistol and unsheathe my rifle, beginning to fire on the infected. "Anyone got any ideas?" I say, aiming for their legs and let the cryo rounds immobilize them while the rest of them pick them off.
"How about going inside? Funnel them down a narrow path." I reply, taking shots at the head of every slowed zombie. I listen to the repeated beeps as it displays more infected appearing.
"That works for me." I say as I bring down two infected with head shots.

I continue to slice through what infected where in my path while also attempting to sustain my psi-shield.
"That will probably work best."
Before the team is able to get back to the bulkhead a large wave of firy naplam shoots though the doorway. The few remaining infected are now on fire and trying to attack the team. A large figure with a devil girl pin-up on his shoulder pad is walks though the bulkhead burning off the infected in his way.
Taking aimed shots at the infected, I make sure not to even clip the large firebat. However, it occurred to me that if he was coming out, did that mean he'd try to keep us from going in?
I continue to fore, but stop aiming for the legs seeing now that the rounds aren't as effective with the firebat spraying napalm everywhere. "That works too..."
I roll to the side and come up with my rifle up as the rest of the Infected on the roof are dealt with. "You are you?"
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You are you

*cough* *cough* Who. *cough*
"Dave From devil flame team. Got here a little bit faster then you. The whole relay is swarming with infected best to shoot as you got. We got the tech in a small room waiting for us to clear it. Lets Go." The firebat says turning back down the bulk head before a gargoly swoops down knocking the firebat off the roof.
James watches the Firebat get knocked off the roof, and swears. "Let's go, let's go!" He says, bringing his rifle around and killing a Gargoyle before moving into the facility.
"Inside now!" I yell and wave everyone inside as I do a quick scan and head into the building.

After the Gargoyle knocked the Firebat off I throw up a dome-wall around the group but leave it open at the bulkhead. I slowly collapse it as everyone moves inside and I wait until everyone else is in to go inside myself.
The stair-well is mostly clear with only a few burning corpses and lots of ash. Motion sensors would show a fire fighting happening on a lower level and what appears to be non-infected movement in a small storeage room. Information is now being streamed to the teams hud showing the lay out of the room. Apperantly the relayroom is only one floor down and on the other end of the hallway. They would have to go though the fire fight in order to reach the room.
"Alright lets move. Check your corners and keep your eyes peeled." I say taking point as I head towards the stairwell to go down a level.

I fall in near the middle of the group and keep a low wall running around the group that wouldn't interfere with firing.
James takes position behind Riala, holstering his rifle and drawing his knife with his off-hand. He eyes the sensor once again, but otherwise keeps an eye to the sides and Riala's blindspots, ready to support her whenever the infected show up.
I reload my pistol and keep a low stance as I follow behind Kirk. "Well, this just got a bit more complicated..."
There is a large explosion that rocks the building as a few gargolys attempt to come in though the bulk head. The team can here the sound of Dominion Guns firing and every once in awhile see a stray bullet come though the door downstairs.
Walking backwards near the rear of the group, I keep my rifle aimed up the stairs, sweeping back and forth and watching the corners. "This is gonna get hairy really fast, I can feel it in my gut. We have a back up exfil?"

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