Day Infection II

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"Just seeing how things are going on. And if you have any idea's for a good place to set up?"
"Depends what you want to do. Follow me we can talk on the way to my house." Anton says brushing his hands off and walking towards his house.
I pick up my knife and box before going over to Anton. "I'd like a workshop and probably a garage but otherwise a nice openish house."
"Then you may want to set up near my house then. They will be putting in a large smelthery and metal casting system in the pit. The railline will lead past my house and that will supply lot of supplies. Also the new scienice lab will be set up so you will be able to get what ever they produce." Anton says opening the door to his empty house. There were water tanks a wood stove and kitchen area in th first room they went into. "Still moving things in but everyone is moving fast with the builds to think 4 hours ago this was an office building that was infected. Now the land is stripped down and open to be used however it is needed to be used."
"Impressive. And I was thinking of setting up near by." I look around a little but follow Anton. "And I'm still available for any type of mechanic or engineering jobs that I can." I think about whether to bring up earlier or not.
James looks at Leroy and shrugs, saying "I can do either or. Where do you need more manpower at currently?" He glances over to the walls, and up to the watch tower, before turning his attention back to Leroy, adding "I'll get my design specifics set up for my home, then help wherever you need me."
"I need some beacons to mark down where I am setting up my home."
I get up from my nap, stretching. Then I put my jacket and pants on along with my mask, then leave my goggles on my forehead. I decide not to tie my hair back, and decide to go find Kirk.

Normally finding someone in a place like this is more complicated than trying to figure out a 3 line equation in 2 seconds. But Kirk's a Ghost, shouldn't be too hard.
I stir in my sleep my hand closing around my sheathed knife. I was sleeping on a lower bunk.
I walk into Kirk's bunkroom.
Bad dream...?
I think. Not sure if I should wake him up or not...
I shift again and mumble something about Zerg and lava.
{Copy that.} Stepping out through the gates of the wall, I note the large piles of rubble pushed together in a hurried fashion, most likely to slow down the Zerg and infected as they came to attack the construction force. As I move slowly through the maze, my C-14 sweeping side to side, I make sure to watch for anything unfriendly, disconcerted by the lack of them. The occasional firebat team would be burning the insides of the walls or a remaining building, killing what I assumed to be the infection.

After fifteen minutes of not finding anything, I begin to grow restless. By now it would be a good run back to the wall and help. And I didn't have the ability to climb that those ferals did. {Command, tell me I'm not the only one nervous about the lack of activity.}
"Kirk... Whats wrong?" I ask, very softly, and concerned.
I sit up, eyes shooting open and grab the back of Saiko's neck while bringing the blade of my knife to within centimeters of her throat. For a moment my eyes were filled with a blind fury and fear before I blink a couple times and quickly let go of her. "Saiko? Sh!t!" I set my knife back in its sheath and look back at her flustered and upset with myself. "I'm really really sorry." I say rubbing the scar that reached across my face.
"It's fine, I let it happen." I say, sitting down next to him. "Was that dream related to that scar?" I ask, looking at it
"Yeah ... it was from when I actually got it." I pull the covers off of my legs and sling them over the side. I have on a pair of old jeans. "Damn Zerg and Lava."
"Well they will need help with new pop up turret designs so you should help out the engineerings in the bay." Anton says walking over to a metal framed sofa. "Help yourself to whatever is in the kitchen. I was able to bring over some MREs and a bottle of Voldka."

"Here you go.. go set up the space you want to claim then shoot me a design." Leroy says handing Jessica a box of beacons.

{This is Fire Team delta we got some infected still alive in the ruins of the city. Looks like a Bloat..}

{We hear you... Search and destory for any scout teams outside of the base wall. Good hunting}

{We are all a bit worried why there isn't any activity from the zerg. Lest now you have something to find jake. Go to it asap.} Cain radios in {Handing you over to Jeff who will be your handler for this mission.}

"We will give you access to what we have right now. It isn't much but the ship is savageable." Tradiar says to Jor.
"Thanks." I set the box down out of the way as I look around his house a bit. "I should probably work on a design ..."
"Sheesh... I take it the PTSD isnt faring well on your part."
{Copy that. I'll report in again in twenty} Looking back towards the wall with a sigh, I begin trekking out further from it, sweeping side to side with my rifle. Every now and then I'd see an infected trapped in the rubble which would get a single mercy shot to the head and a small prayer that the good lord guides them home to his side. Then when it wasn't stuck it was charging me from the eviscerated ruins of various buildings. Never more than three or four at a time and the charges were few and far between.

After passing the last bit of rubble, I found myself in only ruined city and burning plains. And still no sign of the Zerg. It had been about twenty five minutes since my last report to command so I figured I'd say something. {Command, this is Jake. Still negative on the Zerg. All that's left of infected are stragglers.}

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