Day Infection II

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"Well I would keep it simple if you aren't planning on staying after the qurarantine is lifted, but something that will keep you comfortable till it is lifted. Want I can help you." Anton says still sitting there but now looking up at the ceiling.

{That isn't good baby... I bet they be getting geared for an attack or trying to set up a hive or something.} J.J Radios back to Jake.
"Right will do. Thanks Leroy." I head back to my tent and start to place out the beacons for the plot.

"That will suffice. Maybe I can help restore the ship's lab back to a more functional state."
"Yeah I will keep it simple ... and I'll handle the design but thanks for offering."

"It was only a few weeks ago. I was on char with the Raiders and the Dominion under Prince Valerian."
"Well alright, Also be working on a list of things you will want to have for your house. Gonna be a first come first served deal with items." Anton says studying Riala for a bit. "Well anything else you need or want Riala?"

"The ship is behind the medlab should you wish to look though it. Many of the other protoss have started to salvage what they can in order to build homes and find ways of making our technology.. Sadly we are short on CRYSTALES to power anything." Tridiar says to Jor.
"You were there? Damn, so your a Raider then, I take it...?"
"I have a few crystal fragments myself but I think a few other people might have some. It won't be enough to power it but it will be a start."
{I'm only willing to go out so far before I say f*ck this sh!t. Know if Cain has any readouts of the area around us?}
"Dominion." I give Saiko a soft smile and show her the dominion flag tattoo I have on my left shoulder. I then get up before opening my locker and pulling out a plain black t-shirt.

"How do the beacon's work? I could probably figure it out but at this point would rather just save the time and energy."
"We could use more help building honestly. The watch towers are the hardest to put up at the moment." A builder says to James.

{Nothing really.. Just don't go out too far.} J.J radios to Jake.

"Stick the beacons in the ground in the lay out you want then flips a switch it wil give a borderline for your building." Anton says laying down on his back. "Pretty simple really. Then that data gets up loaded to Leroy who will clear or denie your build. Then you can use a computer to plan out the building."
James nods, and says "Tell me what you need and where."
Oh thank god...
"I see. As you probably know my affiliation..." I say. "I haven't been in many firefights, and I sure as hell haven't been to Char. But the mind is an odd thing, and I hope that in time, you get better." I say, taking off my mask, smiling back at him.
{Right...} Closing the channel again, I take a seat on a piece of rubble and pull out a flask of water and take a drink, putting it back and looking around. No sounds, no movement, no-Wait, no sounds. The birds usually chirp, even with a fire. Ah hell... I was already up and moving away, back into the maze, when the first screeches of the horde reached me, accompanied by the calls of basic Zerg. {Command, this is Jake, I didn't see, but I sure as hell can hear 'em! Get ready to close the gate behind me and call back those firebat teams!}

Swerving around a corner, I hear a thud behind me, prompting me to slide to a stop and twist around, my C-14 chittering loudly before I'd even aimed properly. A zergling found it's life suddenly cut short by the hail of spikes. Then I picked up running again as the sound of more Zerg reached me, specifically a pack of the dead ling's buddies. Spotting the gate in the distance, I keep running, hoping beyond hope I reached it alive.

OOC: So to clarify, a horde is a large group of something. Not SUPER large, but large, more than 5 or 6 at any one time. Then I figured the regular Zerg would be for the running like hell back.
"Yeah a damn zergling got the drop on me and left me with this scar." I pull on the t-shirt and look over at Saiko. "So did you want something?"

"Thanks I'll be off to set that up before going to see if I can find somewhere to help out." I say grabbing the box of beacons and heading outside to set up a place.
There was a team of firebats outside of the gate awaiting the zerglings to get there.

"Sure there is nothing else?" Anton asks before she leaves.
"I hate the Zerg... Whenever I'm around them I just feel weak..." I look away for a bit, "I was thinking about going outside the wall, scavenge possibly look for a place to rebuild. I was wondering if you wanted to come with."
Sliding past the firebats as the Zerglings come around the corner, I turn around to watch them burn in their own carapace in satisfaction, albeit out of breath and extremely sweaty. Panting heavily, I continue inside the gate and towards the command center to report on the mission. Debriefing was debriefing. Noting that my house had been started on, I smile despite my exhaustion and continue on my way.

{Command, this is Jake Hunter, coming in for debrief. Which room you want me in?} I stop outside the command center and wait for a reply, listening to the animals on this end of the base and smiling. Now that was normal to hear on a planet, not the moans and shrieks of the living dead's nearest relatives.
I stop and nod. "What else was bugging you earlier?"

"Sure. Though I think it would be better to find a place that is inside the walls." I grab my knife and hook it on my belt before looking over at Saiko. "Think I should get my armor on?"
"Yeah, probably a good idea. I'm going to go do that. I'll meet you outside." I Say leaving to my room.
OOC: Zark.... I will be the person to say when zerg attack or not... I will allow this to a degree and say it was three zerglings who attack. Please refrain from doing this in the future.

"Just wanted to get some sense into. Trying to see if you were officer material.. or something like that." Anton says putting an arm around his eyes.

"Well get on the tower builds we need one at the middle of the 5th and 7th tower." The builder says.

{Will debreif later I have too much work to do.} Cain radios to Jake.

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