Day Infection II

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I grunt a few times, as I am moving a computer to a power outlet. "Y-Yeah, can you help me *grunt* move this computer."
I grab a quick glass of water and down it setting it back on the counter before going to help Saiko. "Of course. and you could have just asked for me to come help." I say helping her place the computer.
"Last we heard that area was swarmed with creep and infected. I don't know if the building is still standing." Cain says shaking his head.
"Eh... It looked a lot lighter, and I wanted to try first." I say, guiding him to where I need it. "How's the green house outback goin'?"
My frown deepens and I hang my head. "I ... I was hoping to be able to go back for the rest of my stuff ... and anything else we could possibly salvage but ... I guess that is out of the question now though."

"Pretty good. Just need to wait for everything to grow now." I carefully set the computer where Saiko needs it.
"Thanks Kirk." I say with a smile. "The rest I can handle, you can just chill out, I imagine you're pretty tired."
I chuckle softly and shake my head. "Fighting a horde of zerg while trying to outrun a dropping nuke is more tiring. I'm fine. Though I am going to get some more water. Be back in a sec." I say going to refill the glass I'd had earlier before returning.
"I don't know if we can or not. We may send a team in later to do a clean up and recon." Cain says still not turning around to look at them.
"If you do send a team I request to be on it if possible. My apartment is in that building and I left a lot of stuff that means a lot to me there. I'd like to get it back if possible. Anything else for me sir?"
"Alright." I say, beginning to wire up everything.
"Sure you don't want any more help?" I ask taking a sip of my water as I watch Saiko set up the computers.
"Nope, all there is now is wiring and installing. And that's all me." Shortly after speaking, I get everything hooked up and boot up the computer and plug in my flash-drive and begin writing sequences of code, at a rapid pace.
Thanks though. I think to him with a somewhat playful tone.
"No dismissed." Cain says not even turning around. It would be easy to tell he was worried for Anton.
Right, so I gave my basic floor plan already. Do I need to do it again or am I good? Though I should mention he now keeps his gear with him and has an armor machine in his work room. Also Steel, feel free to tell me no so I can edit this.

IC: Glancing up from my work table towards the speaker outside, I snort and return to work on my plasma rifle, still repairing the damage received when it had been dropped in with the rest of my gear yesterday. It had taken almost two weeks to get here, much longer than I'd anticipated. Come to find out, the Dominion had made reaching Ruusan extremely difficult for uncleared vessels and so my contact had had to go the long way around.

Glancing back at the suit of armor that had originated as a suit of CMC-300, it no longer resembled that. Now it was missing the huge exhaust on the back along with some of the extra shoulder, chest and leg armor, though the boots remained about the same size as the standard issue suit. Then I look at the right shoulder and it's retractable shoulder cannon, requiring an input disc to know what kind of ammunition to fire. Typically I just had it fire standard gauss rounds, though I was working on getting EMP rounds and the input disc out. Smiling at the piece of customized beauty, I set back to work on the plasma rifle once more, trying to get the powercell back in place.
I give a small salute. "Yes sir." I start to leave but turn back to the commander.

"Commander, Anton will make it. He seems like the stubborn type. Also one of the few things I still have faith in within the Dominion is the medical staffing and training. Well mostly." With that I head back to my home, which was set up like a studio apartment, and promptly head to bed and try to get some sleep.
I nod. "Sir please let me know if you do send a team to the West Apartments." I say before leaving and heading to the medical facility to see Anton.

"Your welcome." I say with a mischievous tone and smile as I watch her work. "Kinda nice to be able to relax and watch a beautiful woman. I know it might seem simple but pretty much my whole adult life has been absorbed by being a Ghost."
"How can we help you?" A tired looking nurse says from behind the counter. There were still many nurses and doctors moving about in a rush state. It was clear that many people where wounded during the evac.
"I'm here to see Anton." I say watching the hustle and bustle.
"'Agent Sergei... He just got out of surgery and is now in room 103. Down the hall on the left." The nurse says typing into a compter.
"Thanks." I head down the wall expertly weaving around the rushing doctors and nurses. I knock on Anton's door. "Anton?"

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