Day Infection II

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Anton laid in a hospital bed with a breathing mask on his face and an IV line in his left arm which laid across his chest. His right arm laid next to him and his hand was dipping off the bed slightly. If it wasn't for the sounds of life support and the gentle movement of his chest he would look dead. Inside of the room is a metal fold up chair on the right side of Anton's bed. The door to his room is cracked open.
I slip into the room and walk over to Anton. "Oh what happened you crazy pitah?"
Anton appears to be sweating now and a Nurse walks in injecting a purplish fluid into his IV line. "Hydralisk poison. I've never seen it this toxic before." she says looking at Anton. His skin was turning very pale and he moved only slightly in discomfort.
"Anything I can do?" I ask deeply concerned.
"Just stay for a bit I guess. I hear that people do better when they have someone near them." She says walking out of the room. A few moments later there is a knock on the door.
"Come in." I say still standing beside Anton concern and a bit of fear on my voice. My ears had flattened against the back of my head and my tail was just sort of hanging behind my legs only swaying a little.
A small girl carrying a black and yellow flower walks in behind her are two younger boys and a woman wearing a simple outfit. "Is Anton ok?" The small girl who couldn't be older then 7 asks.

"Sorry the childern heard about Anton and wanted to see him." The woman says looking a bit sad. Riala could tell that these were the childern that had been planting plants with Anton three days ago.
I look them over but shake my head. "He isn't doing very well ... But I hope he makes it. Its fine." I kneel down to be eye level with the little girl. "Is that flower for Anton?" I ask with a slightly strained smile.
The young girl nods a little scaried. "Its window fruit flower... they say that if you pick this flower before it fruits then the person you think about will come home safe."
I nod. " Sounds ... lovely but why are you scared?" I ask before standing back up and watching Anton once more.
"I'm worried about him." She says.

"Sorry. I think it will be best if we leave now." The woman says as they start to leaving
"Its fine if you stay ... I don't mind and I don't think Anton would." I say trying to think of some way to help other than just waiting.
"No we need to go and get stuff finished in the new home." The woman says as she ushers the childern out. The young girl leaves the flower on the night table.
"Right." I murmur as they leave. I then remember the small section of a first aid kit I'd picked up from my apartment and brought with me. "Hang on ... I'll be back as soon as I can." I say to Anton before leaving and heading to my house as quickly as I could.

When I get home I quickly go up to my bedroom and find the small kit I'd managed to pick up. I look through it for a moment before finding what I'd been looking for. Three small capsules filled with a grey-brown liquid. "I hope these work the same for Terrans as they do Mozan." I say to no one before closing the kit up again and shoving it in my pocket. I once more head back to the Med lab.
Getting the powercell back in alignment, I run a look over the rest of the rifle and sigh. I still had two of the six regulator chips to repair for sure, not to mention the barrel needed cleaning in a bad way, the focus point for the beam mode needed repaired as well, possibly replaced if the damage was heavy enough to warrant it. Sitting back and looking around, I chuckle in spite of myself at how quickly this place had become as cluttered as my base of operations back on Dead Man's Port. It hadn't taken very long and now I would have to either clean this place up, or when the time came, call it another base of operations. Maybe just call it my vacation house.

Standing up and stretching, I approach my custom armor and look at the wrists of it, debating what I could add for an in a pinch situation. There was the standard wrist cannon option, allowing me to gun down anything that managed to get either too close or on top of me. Nah, cause once the Zerg figure that out, they'll come from a different angle that makes it useless. Shoving that idea into the failed thought box, I think back to when I'd ran into a spectre with retractable claws in his armor, something that had become both a trademark and favorite weapon of his during the time I knew him. Smiling to myself in approval, I set to work on the blueprints. Wrist mounted blades of some kind would be good.
Anton still laid in bed with the oxygen mask on his face. The flower had been put in a vase and was next to Anton. His skin was still very pale and he was still sweeting his temp was around 104 degree F. There are many more numbers however you would need a history in nursing to understand them.
I take a moment to catch my breath as I re-enter Anton's room before approaching him. "Anton ... I need you to swallow this. It'll help ... I hope." I whisper the last bit as I take out one of the capsules and removing his mask for just a moment I slip it into his mouth. I stroke his throat a little to coax him into swallowing. "Come on Anton."
Anton swallows the pill. For the first few seconds nothing seems to happen then his fever spikes to 105.6 which sends off a small alarm. A nurse runs in with a light blue liquid and injects it into his IV. "Is this because of the Venom?" She asks as she checks the screen on his life support. "Out of the room." She yells before hitting the Intercom. {Code blue in room 103, code blue in 103} Another nurse comes and gently pulls Riala towards the door.
"Wait ... its my fault." I take out one of the two remaining capsules. "I gave him one of these hoping it would help with the venom ..." I hand the nurse the capsule before closing the kit again and putting it back in my pocket. I then exit the room and wait just outside.
"You did what.... Out now just get out." The nurse says almost yanking her out of the room. Two more Nurses run into the room as Riala is almost thrown out.

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