Fantasiora: The Crystal Saga (PRP Reboot)

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Your heart thudded in your chest as you slowly moved up the line. It was finally time! After living so long in the sprawling Capital of Jericho you were old enough to get your Adventuring License. you still remember the days that you were a kid, hoping to turn 18 in a blink of an eye. You could finally see the outside world behind the large stone walls that surround the city. You look back in awe and fright at the sight of them to this day. The line suddenly stops as you realize it was your turn to sign up. A receptionist comes to greet you, "hello there what is your name?" she asks, quite bored. You quickly reply as you go through a bunch of redundant questions like age, background, and she even asked your gender. As she hands you the license a gem catches your eye on the side of her table. You look into it was awe and wonder..... this was a Fantasia shard, a blue crystal with untold power that used to be wielded by everyone in the land of Fantasiora. You still remember how long ago the people of the land used to draw power from the Fantasia stone.... a large crystal tower that sat in the heart of this very city. The people used the powers of this stone to create weapons and tools unlike any other, technology and magic melded together as advancements in both fields quickly skyrocketed as these crystals held limitless power. That was until the birth of the Cursed......... people who were corrupted by an unknown force which turned them into horrifying monsters made out of crystals the colour of the purest black. In order to fight these creatures off the people of Fantasiora did everything they could but nothing could stop these abominations..... they walked through any physical attacks and magic barely phased them. That was when the high mages created weapons with a Shard chipped from the Fantasia stone . Only the strongest warriors could wield the arcane magics from the power of Fantasiora itself and mold it into their weapon of choice. They began fighting off the Cursed horde until generals and commanders of the dark army brought their equivalent..... Dark Fantasia.... shards made from the chaos of the void itself..... these crystals would latch on to people, syphoning the negative energies of the user and turned them into the leaders of the Cursed. No one knows where they came from but this raw chaos counteracted the power of the Fantasia weapons. We were quickly loosing the war and the high mages decided to use the powers of the Fantasia stone to surpress the horde and exile them to what was dubbed the wastelands. In this ritual the high mages were sacrificed and the Fantasia Stone shattered into pieces. With this cost came reward as the Cursed horde was pushed back and never heard from again. The shards of the Fantasia stone was then used to rebuild society.... with small crystals used to power vehicles or appliances and the bigger ones used as weapons. That was when you realized the Fantasia shard you were looking at was glowing! suddenly 2 royal guards stepped up behind you "the king has requested your counsel" one of them said as you were led towards the palace where the leaders of the land dwelled and made their decisions.........

You were lined up in front of the Throne with men and women beside you. You didn't recognize any of the faces but they looked just as confused as you did. The king stood up from his seat "you are the chosen of Fantasiora that have the ability to use the crystal shards like our ancestors before us." he said as he held up the shard you saw at the Adventuring depot before us and its arcane glow. "with your powers these shards can turn into the weapon of your choice bestowed with the power of the ancients. We have decided to put you group of heroes into a special guild where you will be trained and mature to become the elite warriors of the throne. I hope you will accept this task as the land of Fantasiora needs you more than ever, and wish you all the best on your journeys" he says to you with a smile on his face. You couldn't help but feel excited, you were about to embark on a journey that no one else has before, go on challenges that will test your skill, might, and cunning. this was everything you wanted from getting an adventuring license. You couldn't even imagine the places you will go and the people you will save!

This is where your journey begins......

=RPer Name=



Character Description:


1 Fantasia Weapon with a abilities listed in the next category approved by me and Zark. This weapon should have a special name and can be based off of medieval weapons or some fantasy ones (e.g gunblades etc)

1 normal weapon

1 defensive armament

Abilities(2 for now. Passive and/or on use):

Characters so Far:
Name: Thorn Galahan

Gender: Male

Age: 35

Character Description: Stands about six foot five inches tall, with a lean, muscular build, has shockingly blue eyes with turquoise colored hair.

Weapons: Gunblade called Ignis (Think Lightning from FFXIII), Kite Shield, Fire magic

Abilities(2 for now. Passive and/or on use): Tracker (passive)- Can track targets or foes through good weather and malleable terrain. (Think dirt and such.)

Painkiller- Has a higher than normal tolerance for pain of all kinds. Good for resisting physical torture.

Barrage (Fantasia ability)- Under the correct conditions, such as critically wounded, can fire a barrage of one hundred bullets to eliminate or temporarily pin down an enemy.

Bio: Thorn has been in the adventuring business for a long time, serving as a member of the King's elite guard/adventure group for as long as he's been in the business. He's seen plenty of members come and go, but he always stays, ready to teach a new group of crystal wielders and help them make a name for themselves.

OOC: I'll improve the Bio later. I think that'll suffice for now.
=RPer Name=
Name: Dante Xereth

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Character Description: Six foot seven, average build that is slightly muscular, black hair, red eyes


Shinigami: Black Katana that is said to be able to cut souls...



Abilities(2 for now. Passive and/or on use):

Soul Slasher: Shinigami cuts the souls of its enemies. It deals heavy damage no matter where it hits but there are no vital spots so its harder to get instant kills or deal the same damage as vital hits. Dead bodies of Shinigami look completely untouched.

Death by a 1000 cuts: a replica of Shinigami appears on nearby enemies and impales them on the ground, killing them or immobilizing them.

Nimble Fighter(passive): Has faster running, can dodge enemies better, and has better reaction time.

Bio: Dante was raised like any other regular kid but at a young age of 10 the high council found out about his potency with Fantasia crystals. He was trained under the high eldars and learned the arts of his own weapon and has gone on many adventures since the age of 18. This is his first time being a mentor to his own guild and thinks that Thorn is a bit old, usually calling him "Old Man"
may I bring Araea back? I'd change her around to fit with the new stuff of course though I was sorta thinking of her having been around with the last Fantasiora War, though not remember a lot of it. Also I will probably make a second character that is more along the lines of a normal adventurer.
you can bring her back but having her fit with the last war is kinda sketchy since i didn't really specify but that first war went back like 100s of years ago.
EDIT: wait sorry ... that was her in a different rp altogether ... bleh ... well she was a Kitsune anyway ...
lol nice
My revamped character from the first one.


Name: Malek

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Character Description: 5' 6"; Lean and heavily tanned with a number of scars partially visible from around his clothes; A dirty mat of black hair; Shifty bright green eyes; Appears jaded and wary.

- Umbran Eryx; a pair of 'multi-tool' gauntlets/bracers (retractable katars, wrist crossbows, climbing gear)
- Compact horn bow
- Cloak of shadows
- Thieves tools
- Basic clothing (cloth/leather armor)
- Assorted equipment and other gear.

- Untrained magic (shadow life/nature/light) (active w/ passive effect)
- Survivalist (passive)

Bio: As a young boy, Malek clawed his way up out of the slums of a southeastern isle and the oppressive rule of its lord, escaping to the safety of Fantasiora's more well-governed lands. Using the skills he picked up as a boy to survive, Malek is an opportunist, his occupation changing from thief & assassin to treasure seeker & huntsman depending on the situation.

Notes & Details:
Cloak of shadows: A simple cloak that when imbued with shadow magic makes the wearer go unnoticed. It doesn't work if the wearer is being watched or against the strong minded. (Bosses, etc.)

Umbran Eryx: Mounted on the back of the arm, the katars are 9" long and a good 3" wide at the base. The wrist crossbows fire a trio of metal spikes; not very accurate but highly effective at close range. The Climbing gear consists of climbing claws (think like what Jango Fett uses to keep from falling off the edge of the landing pad on Kamino after he fights Obi-Wan) and a retractable grappling gun. Each bracer's functions are all powered by a small Fantasia crystal, allowing Malek to work the bracers without the use of buttons, switches and the like.

Untrained magic: While Malek has magical capabilities, he has never had any sort of real training with them. As a result, his powers are a little unwieldy and don't always work as he intended.


Ready for critique.
Fantasia weapon is required this time.

Edit: Now which one's the Fantasia weapon? It's gotta be named.
yes I know this is more or less in the format of the previous incarnation of this rp but should be close enough.

Name: Araea
Gender: Female
Age: unknown
Weapons: Claws and teeth, Kos'Tiel(Fantasia recurve Bow) and twin daggers when in her bipedal or ‘anthro’ form, Shadow and Nature magic, Leather/cloth armor. Energy shield
Abilities: Shadow Bend, Natures Might, Energy Arrows(Kos'Tiel)
Shadow Bend: Bends shadows around Araea making her invisible so long as she is in someones or somethings shadow.
Natures Might: Araea can draw energy from plants and animals around her as well as 'see' through them.
Energy Arrows: Her bow generates arrows of pure energy when ever she draws the string back.
Character Description: A beautiful gold and white furred kitsune. Nine tailed, 5'6" in bipedal form, slightly larger than a timber wolf in 'feral' form birth form clothes
Bio: When she first gained her ninth tail she did something most would call stupid. She sacrificed much of her power to destroy an ancient cursed tome. The tome held a powerful spell for immortality but also a demon that had corrupted it. In doing so she was cursed. Cursed to live until a permanent victor is decided in the war between Good and Evil no matter what befalls her. She can die but will not stay dead and any injuries sustained will regenerate, severity of injury determining the length of time it takes. That was a very long time ago and her power has since regenerated. She has seen the first Fantasia/Dark Fantasia war but doesn't remember most of it. Since the war she has spent her time either in wilderness or small towns/villages. Until recently when she received a letter summoning her to the kings palace at a specific date and time(Opening of this RP).
Hey Morph, you can shorten your link to this and it still works:
ty war
The first link can also be shortened to this one:


My character sheet is ready for review.
You gotta be 18, War. Can retain your skills, but you have to be 18.
Edited. Anything else?
Tell us what kind of weapon the Fantasia weapon is along with a Fantasia ability. You can keep the other two, but you also have to have a Fantasia one.
made some edits to the Bio for Araea. can and will make any changes I need to.
thanks for manning the thread for me Zark. alright 2 things.... War tats a bit too many items we want to limit it to 3 since its easier to keep track of. and morph yours is alright but the idea that you've lived for a very long time is a bit stretched out since its gonna cause conflicting story arch and progression so we and Zark will have to debate it out a bit more.

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