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I'm honestly gonna have to say no to the immortality thing. I mean, it's a good concept, but for this RP, it's not gonna work. War, just list your weapons, we don't really need to know the rest.
Ya i'm going to agree with Zark on this. Immortality is going to conflict with the plot and the overall story a lot so ya sry morph but you gotta change it. Zark also we might have to reduce the amount of stuff on War. He has a multiuse fantasia weapon plus stuff like a stealth cloak which is already going up and over
It's a C&P of his last character. His cloak operates the exact same way as it did in the last iteration. Plus we never said he couldn't have a multifunctional Fantasia weapon. Honestly, I think it's rather clever. However, he still needs a Fantasia weapon ability.
ya but don't you think the amount of stuff he has is a bit excessive? we're talking thief tools, a cloak that can make him go invisible, plus the stuff listed on the actual Character creation sheet. I don't mind the thief tools but the cloak is overdoing it a bit.
Did you read the notes?
i read them but still.... its a cloak that allows you to go invisible when the conditions are met plus the stuff he already has.
You OK'd it last time and he did very well with it. I say we let him use it until he overdoes it. Then, if he overdoes it, we have something happen that makes the enchantment useless period.
hmm ... how many years ago was the end of the first war? and I'd like for Araea to be at least 2 tailed which would mean either 100 or 1000 years of age depending on which bit of lore is used for when Kitsune's gain their tails ... I've seen that Kitsune can live for 1000 years or a little over 9000 years. for the former they gain a tail about every 100 years but are of course born with one and get their last tail at 900 years old. for the latter they gain a tail every 1000 and get the last at 8000. personally I tend to lean more towards the former ...
The answer to that is on D, but I'd say use the one where they get their last tail at 900. Seems kinder in my eyes.
yeah was expecting to need Darkra for that. and I do plan to use the 1000 year life span ... unless Darkra says something to the contrary ...
ya morph sry..... this whole 1000 year life span thing is going to be a real problem story wise and interacting with characters. not only that me and Zark don't even know how to deal with it
He's using Kitsune lore, D. He's got two tails, means he's only lived a hundred years. The way we deal with it? Age requirements for kitsune registrations are different.
ya but still, i have a feeling this whole kitsune lore is going to get icky cause 1.... we don't have kitsune lore...... or at least we haven't planned one..... and 2 we're talking about a group of 18-30 year olds with 1 character with a 1000 year life span. No matter what you say there's gonna be some problems there..... unless you want to take the time and effort to come up with kitsune lore that we can tweak and balance cause i don't really like having the whole custom races open thing up for grabs.
Kitsune: Probably the oldest and the absolute rarest race in the world. Kitsunes have natural connections with elemental and restoration magic. They wonder the forests hiding in plain sight with their natural ability to change into various wildlife or even with a few of the oldest Kitsune taking on the appearance one of the other races. Kitsunes live for around 1000 years and resemble wolf-sized multi-tailed foxes in their natural form all kitsune also have a Bipedal humanoid form that retains a number of the features they have in their normal form. Each tail is a massive repository of magical energy (max of nine) and Kitsunes have been hunted for their tails in the past.

EDIT: if this doesn't work I'll just scrap Araea and simply do a normal char.
If you don't want to include the notes, then don't.
uuh morph i'm going to have to say no to the whole kitsune thing and war yours looks good but maybe trim the amount of items on your character a bit. maybe remove the 2 short swords or the bow since your fantasia weapon already covers the features of those anyways.
D, when I said short swords, I was talking about the ones on his Fantasia weapon...
Zark already told me. I half want to complain but I'm not going to ... but I'm also not really interested in joining anymore.
Whelp, I'd say this is dead unless we get some more people shortly.

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