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*Characters from previous RPs, regardless of RP type or character aliveness, are preferred.
**Player name, character description, and character abilities.
KO, do I really need to post the person I gave you again?
Sorry, I have extremely limited time at the moment. I am about to log off.
I'll post him again.

Name: Raven Cronus

Dite: Sapphire Dite Double Bladed Sword

Age: 26

Resonant Element: Wind

Abilities: Kei usage (External Ballistic Kei and Internal Augmenting Kei)

Home Regios: Glendan

Description:, 6 foot 3 inches tall

Studying: Dite Engineering, Military Arts

Platoon Number: 13

Position in Platoon: CQC, hand-to-hand, Platoon Leader

Personality: Raven is a very calm, collected, and cheerful young man until his family, friends, or honor is put at risk. When this happens, he becomes a cold, calculating, and efficient fighter. It can also be said that when he isn’t angered, he likes to be a prankster, being infamous for reversing the polarity in a jolt pool and frizzing all the women’s hair.

Backstory: Raven Cronus was born into the well known Cronus family, one of Glendan’s most prominent families, if also one of it’s stranger. The military artists that the Cronus family have raised each have a different and unique style of combat that is nothing like that typically seen, not to mention their other talents. When Raven was a young boy, he began training in using his Kei as a military artist, making great leaps in his training from learning how to bring his Kei into the correct flows to turning it into External Ballistic Kei and Internal Augmenting Kei. As he trained to become a military artist, he also studied to become a top notch dite engineer, absorbing and memorizing each lesson, then improving on it in his spare time.

When he was twelve, he began practicing with staff like dite, trying to find a weapon that fit booth his fighting style and his Resonant Element, which had manifested itself in the form of the wind element. Despite his best efforts, with staves, staffs, swords, knives, gloves, and many other weapons, he couldn’t find it. The closest he ever came was with a dite based on an Asian weapon that was a katana blade fixed to a spear shaft. Going back, he began to study how he could adapt it to better fit his needs, eventually designing a unique double bladed dite. Setting to work, the original was a red dite, more conducive to the fire and he eventually stored it away and set to work building a different one, made from the sapphire dite ore. This one turned out perfect and soon he was making a name for himself, becoming one of the greatest military artists that Glendan had ever seen, becoming a Heaven's Blade by age 16.

However, on the eve of his eighteenth birthday, he packed his belongings and left his family home for reasons known only to himself, leaving behind the Heaven‘s Blade he‘d been wielding at the time. Savalis always considered him weak for leaving, but many of the other Keepers had a good idea to why Raven left. An hour after he left his house, he boarded a roaming bus bound for the city of Kiowa, an academic city. It was in Kiowa that he studied for six years as a dite engineer. During his fourth year, he dual majored into the military arts, but avoided joining a platoon, knowing his skills from Glendan put many of the most experience of Kiowa’s military artists to shame as well as power as a former Keeper of a Heaven’s Blade. As such, he practiced at times when the training halls were the most empty, where fewer people would notice his power and skill, honing his skills for such a time as they‘d be needed.

After a year and a half of remaining out of a platoon, he realized he couldn't keep his secret much longer, as the other late night trainers had taken to watching him practice and whispers had begun of his hidden power. Approaching the city leader, he was given the option to either form or join a platoon. Taking the initiative, he created the 13th platoon.

And thank you for accepting him ahead of time :3
Oh, this is going to be a fun one.
I sure hope Noct see this...


Name: Seraphim Dante

Photo: Aprox 6'; longish silvery white hair; dark purple, almost black skin; cat-like yellow eyes; pointed ears; semi-pointed teeth; lithe and athletic.

Seraphim's clothes are of the modernized medieval sort. Black in color, they're highlighted with deep blues, silver and the occasional spot of yellow. All buttons and clasps are sleek and silvered.
(The outfit is vaguely similar to Kirito's from SAO, namely the trench coat type thing)

Dossier: A relatively well established member of a shadowy guardian organization from a small side AU. From scattered reports around the multiverse, it seems as though Seraphim has been active abroad for some time, though his goals and alignment are currently unknown. As a Twilight Warden, Seraphim has access to the usual array of void/shadow powers; stealth/cloaking, portals and teleportation. Beyond this, everything is speculation and rumor. However, given the abnormality of a light weapon for someone of his type, perhaps there is more to him than what meets the eye.

Qualifications: Monster hunter, Demon slayer & Twilight Warden Rift Knight

- Avenger: An preternatural katana whose blade is made of solid light. The sword has no actual sheath, Seraphim just summons it out of thin air. There is more to this blade than what meets the eye.

- Rift Gauntlets: A pair of lightweight gauntlets made of shadow steel. Seraphim can use them to open rifts as well as charge up and throw blasts of supernal energy.

- Soulfire Revolvers: A pair of 'revolvers' that look strikingly similar to long-barreled colt 45's. (they're basically a pair of energy pistols with good range and accuracy)

- "Satchel": A largish belt pouch with a number of peculiar properties, namely it's impossibly large storage space.

Ready for critique.
You know War, if you're gonna use Avenger, why not retain it's normal form that you introduced it into DH with?
As a bound demon blade? Eh... if you really think I should.
It's a part of Seraphim I've come to know and love.
Alright, it's there. (a bit circuitously, but still there)

And you're right. It's not him without that blade. I think he'll always have a special place with me... After all, he is my first char on the forums.

I'm kinda pissed that the redux of DH died... I was looking forward to really getting into his revamped char...
Indeed. I feel a special place in my heart for Jake and Rave as well.
I'm interested in joining, but with absolutely no information whatsoever and the submitted applicants of two... Interesting characters... I'm not sure even where to begin with whom I should submit with, or where to start drawing the outlines of an original character.
@SP and anyone else joining:
Read the following links in the order posted. As this RP covers the ENTIRE multiverse, any sort of char is accepted. (I think)




post #222:

post #253, 255 & 256:
On the bar posts, I recommend page numbers as well.
My internet is still terrible.

Z&W, your chars are accepted.

Tomorrow night or when we have three apps (whichever comes last), this will begin.
And the power of the elements will smite thee! Har har har!
Name: Yzzrya G'nyyyr

Age: Unknown


Dossier: Formerly, a commando, Yzzrya left his old name and the comforts of home for a mercenary life. Now a famed bounty hunter who has worked on both sides of the law, this along with his military experience makes Yzzrya valuable in the eyes of any employer. Yzzrya is also a skilled pilot and pilots his own fighter ship. Few has truly seen what is the face under the helmet. It is known that Yzzrya is a Yro, a species of mantis-looking humanoids known for their agility and their brutality in combat but more importantly, their eyes are able to see in UV, visible, and polarized light. Yzzrya, for whatever reason is more mellow than his fellow kin. That isn't to say that Yzzrya isn't fond or afraid of violence. Yzzrya is an expert marksman with rifles.

Qualifications: Bounty hunter, Assassin, Fighter Pilot, Former Commando

1. 'Evre"- Yzzrya G'nyyr's rifle. It is capable of using nearly all known types of ammunition thanks to its modular design. With a simple swap of the barrel and the several other parts, "Evre" has the range capacity of a sniper rifle.

2. "Masi"- A device mounted on the right wrist. It is a computer microframe and sensor analysis pack and it is able to manufacture things at a small scale, provided there are ingredients.

3. "Mrrrgg"- A strange organic looking hand gun. It uses a strange type of ammunition that appears alive. Should the projectile land and senses something alive close by, the projectile immediately expands and begins to consume the victim. From the devoured corpse, a living ectoplasm is created. Through some means, Yzzrya is able to control this thing and he himself has found some way to be immune to the projectile himself.

4. J-RA61 Exosuit- Elite commandos of the Yro Confederation utilize these suits which are laced with self healing nanites that repairs damage to the armor over time. It is a sealed system, capable of extravehicular and submersible activity or operations in toxic atmosphere. Yzzrya has created a wrist mounted mini-rocket extension to the suit should the need arise.

5. R31- A plasma activated knife.

6. Radfur-
Shoots lasers and has shielding.
Looks like this starts tomorrow. Fine with me. Should be fun to see how different universes interact.
Eh... I'm not sure if I'll be on at all tomorrow. Going over to a friends house. I'll be back sometime Saturday.

Name: Noctalus Dare

Appearance: Roughly 6'4", black cropped hair with blue eyes. Always seems to dress in ways that would cover almost all of his body, minus his hands and face. By default, he is clad in something resembling a black overcoat, similarly dark articles underneath.

History: Precious little is known of the first Wanderer of the ways, Noct generally has a habit of keeping such information to himself. Though his appearance is that of a youthful soul, what few short-lived articles that have been managed to be re-appropriated from him show carbon dates that are significantly older than what would seem logically possible before decaying beyond any possible analysis. Psychological evaluation too seems to conflict with these values, but a degree of caution and reasoning may be desired when attempting to dig out his history...

Qualifications: Eldromancer, Hunter of the Ways, Survivalist


The Night's Edge: A morphic melee weapon, this strange scythe wrought of an unworldly and pitch-black metal seems to warp and writhe before those who hold it. Scarier yet, its mass seems to be of a variable type, going from paper-light to incredibly hyper-massive within mere moments. Attempts to use raw physical force to destroy the weapon remain unsuccessful, as it seems nothing can even remotely warp whatever substance it was wrought from.

'Shards': Small containers of energy that Noct can seem to summon out of thin air, each of which acts both a buffer of energy of sorts as well as a catalyst for the energy required for his strange spells and abilities. He seems to require a single one simply in order to remain stable and healthy. Small tests reveal each contains a truly incredible amount of energy, but tapping such a source remains nearly impossible to all those but their owner.

???: What appears to be a large pistol based on Terran designs, it has gone under incredible amounts of modification. Its rounds seem to be truly massive, and multiple indicators of damage remain on the weapon's internals and externals. Whatever monstrous forces were contained by its gun chamber remains baffling, as its metal seems to be similar to that of the Night's Edge. The grip seems to have pale white vines grown into it, and gold etching along each of its sides, each reading respectively: "M.D.", and "Against fate we stand."

One Kay-OH! corperate scientist attempted to (unwisely, as it turns out) re-appropriate the weapon for further study beyond what the Wanderer was willing to show. The man disappeared after a brief and vocal argument. After having simply gone missing for the duration of two hours, he was found face-down in a trashcan balancing precariously on the tip of the Corporate HQ tower's spire. When questioned about the events, he claims to have no memory of the preceding events and only neutrally claims: "I did something monumentally stupid."

Qualification Notes: His physical abilities are particularly noteworthy; despite having a slim frame and appearance of those weaker than he, Noct weighs in at an incredible three-hundred and fifty-three pounds yet manages to look like someone a third of that weight. Stranger yet is his disproportionately titanic strength; he seems to be capable of picking up and hurling around siege tanks, according to one ludicrous field report.

The final, and arguably most worrisome aspect of the man is the incredible power throughput of his abilities. When forced beyond what would be considered standard fare, his abilities hold no upwards limit on what he is capable of expending for the sake of remaining alive. One example would be a blind-test with a live nuclear warhead in a civilian city. Nearly within the same moment of detonation, the entirety of the bomb was wrapped in what can only be called a shield and every single joule of energy was met and annihilated by equal amounts of energy, seemingly created within the field from the Wanderer's reserves.

The total expenditure of energy? Quarter of a shard.

TODO: Solaris, Darreus

Just so you all know I'm fielding a trio of characters... I don't have any more time before a damn physics lab...
Fair warning, he hath not been the the Chrome Shelled Regios universe....I know how you like to work XD
Animus and morrjo are in. Just keep in mind your character may be unable to access a great portion of his powers, even the interdimensional ones.


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