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APPLICANT EMPLOYER**: I dunno. He was irritating and somewhat psycho. You identify him.


PHOTOGRAPH OF THE APPLICANT**: Tall green eyed man with brown hair that has obviously been allowed to do whatever the hell it wanted for the few months. A bulky physique, but by no means a body builder.

APPLICANT PERSONAL HISTORY: Ever since I was born I was a sadist. I popped out the womb and I was laughing my !@# off as my mother screamed in pain from my giant head having been hard to come through. I quickly began killing people. Started with my parents by throwing our television at them, even though I was only about fifty pounds. Got thrown in a foster home and was separated from the other kids. I hit fourteen, killed some kids at school the the can of beer I stole from a convenience store. I got sent to juvie. I punched the $%^- out of some people there. I was moved to an adult prison at sixteen. I got out at like, twenty-three. I immediately went to the weapon's place on a backwater colony. Stole a big *!@ sword that doesn't really belong in our day and age, decapitated some people. I stole a Banshee and flew to the next planet even though it is technically impossible for the fans on a Banshee to allow it to travel through space. Don't ask me how that #$%^ worked. Soon after I discovered the job of a mercenary and got myself hired killing people. It really was my dream job. Now i"m here. Hey, will you guys provide any food?

APPLICANT QUALIFICATIONS**: I've killed a man with a soup cup. I know how to shoot a gun. I know how to operate heavy machinery. And I know how to use a sword with skill that is disproportionate to my actual size. If that doesn't make a person eligible, what does?

APPLICANT PREFERRED EQUIPMENT: Big -*! swords, semi-auto guns, bottles, cups, cans, and armour that provides decent defending capability and pretty good agility.

I decided to go with a messed up comical character, kind of to fit with what I see Kay-Oh representing. Chaos, madness, and humor. I feel like this is probably the sloppiest character I've done since I started RPing.
Lol. He should be perfectly at home. Welcome.
Since this RP is silly I shall make a silly character.

Name: Drussian the Super Russian
Age: 40
History: Drussian comes from an alternate timeline where the Second World War was between democratic nations and the USSR and her allies, wacky technologies abound. Drussian was a loyal conscript who was chosen to be genetically modified to have all sorts of crazy powers and with his help the capitalist pigs were vanquished and now Drussian comes to spread the glories of communism to all.
Appearance: Drussian wears a slim mechanical suit with the Soviet scythe and hammer emblazed on his chest. He has a cape with the scythe and hammer behind the earth. He himself is tall and buff with black hair and a strong jawline.
Abilities and Equipment: Super Strength: Drussian is incredibly strong and can lift things that no ordinary man can lift.
Electricity Powers: With the ability to control electricity and Tesla coils built into his suit Drussian can fry many things.
Scythe and Hammer: Drussian wields a scythe and hammer that can be electrified.
Commieray: Drussian focuses the power of communism to shoot powerful rays from his hands.
Commiefy: Using persuasion and the power of communism Drussian can instantly persuade the weak minded or animals to join the cause of communism. Russian accent included.

Weaknesses: Commienite: The essence of capitalism extracted and made solid Drussian loses all his powers when near it and is heavily weakened. Even being around heavy amounts of capitalism makes him weaker unless their are other sources of communism nearby.

Oath to Communism: If Drussian does anything that is too capitalistic or does not try and spread the joy that is communism his powers weaken.



OK, accepted.

I'll be honest, I expected a few actual StarCraft characters in here.



OK, accepted.

I'll be honest, I expected a few actual StarCraft characters in here.

I will probably add Destron so no fear.

Was that wow good or bad.
Mecha, it could be both...
Are you still waiting job applications, oh, Knarled and Gnarled?
Yeah I may have an applicant.
We're always hiring.

Excellent, excellent.


But yeah, Knarled, I had an . . . interesting character concept which I feel could be used in the Starcraft Universe. I'm going to introduce him/her/it in a Text Adventure first and then bring him/her/it in.
OK. SOunds good.
I think it's interesting anyway.
Oh well, I'll get it up tomorrow.
APPLICANT EMPLOYER: Wasn’t given an actual name, but was told it would pay well.
PHOTOGRAPH OF THE APPLICANT**: 5’ 10”. Teal eyes scar-less skin, pale. He has a moderate build, with neither broad nor narrow shoulders, along with black hair, shaved short. Appears to have a lack of sleep, and keeps an odd smile on his face, outside of armor.
Armor: Ornate sand-colored combat armor. A specialized enhancement suit, similar to a Hostile Environment Suit used by Spectres, is then re-enforced with a smooth metal armor, almost looking as though it was one whole piece save for at the knees and elbows. Helmet appears to lack any type of ocular sensors, with a filter mask attached. Some syringes are attached to his belt and thighs.
APPLICANT PERSONAL HISTORY: Little public information available. Know to take high-risk jobs for the desire to test new prototype weapons and machines. He is somewhat sociopathic, usually works with a Robot or Android.
APPLICANT QUALIFICATIONS**: Psionic combat, CQC, Technology.
APPLICANT PREFERRED EQUIPMENT: Mind, Serrated Combat Knife, and Poison-loaded Syringe.
Note: Droid Companion. Application can be added for it if preferred.
Mr. Drake's talents could be most useful to us. We'll contact him the moment we have an opening.
Do you need me to fill one out for the bot, or just give you a rundown of equipment?
You can introduce the bot in the HQ thread later. If it is appropriate for a mission, it can accompany him on it. Otherwise, it can just sit around and talk to the door.
Alright. Do you want me to make a 'In the lobby' post for Drake, or is it not necessary?
Hmm... should I join this? I really shouldn't because I have schoolwork to do, but I've not done much in the way of RPing for so long and I miss it...
Suggestion: post an application. At the moment we're waiting on the first team to complete their mission. When they finish, you can decide whether or not to participate based on how busy you are at that time.

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