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Getting around to work on it today :) gonna try to add goliaths
This hasn't been uploaded yet, but I will be increasing the gas income rate today, this should make it easier to spread out your upgrades among your units and when your geysers get destroyed it won't be as punishing as you will be able to still get some upgrades out.

Edit: Gas will be mined 33% faster than normal, getting one gas every 10 or so seconds. Another thing I'm considering is giving geysers a basic attack so they arent quite as easy to snipe and harass.
Another change, I think I'm going to add a weak attack to high templar, as they dont have much use beyond sniping big units. This should make them able to add a little DPS to help with clean ups.
Goliath added
High Templar now has a basic attack
Income has been increased
Going to lower the goliaths Concussive missile splash from 1 to 0.25.

Seems to be fine versus larger units, but smaller units it seems too strong against
Increasing base ultra speed to 1.6, so at full upgrades they will move at 2.1 instead of 2

Increasing marauder speed to 2.35, lowering their health to 125, their base damage being lowered to 8(+10 vs armored), and lowering supply cost to 1.25. Trying to see if I can promote more marauder marine medic comps or something along those lines.

Increasing medic movement speed to 2.5
Going to see about adding a new protoss unit tomorrow if time permits, no promises though :P
Wont be able to work on it today, probably next weekend. Sorry for false promises that weren't actually promises but you knoooooow.

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