This is Their Story (Discussion)

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I like it. I'd like to say 3-5 smoke nades for now, and no grappling hook. Just because it can be a weapon and you already technically have 4 (2 pairs but you can keep both pairs)
alright i'll fix it up :P
Alright, thank you, and accepted.
I sorta want to do another character but I don't really have any characters worth using as ancestors ... Guess I could use Seniver but I'm pretty sure you want to keep to human or protoss in this ...
You can make the character and they'll come in later as somewhat a side character.
Any specifics, are custom races allowed, are Zerg and Protooss allowed, are Hybrids allowed???
Hybrids is questionable as well as Zerg, Protoss yes.
well you did allow a terran zerg hybrid. but meh. and yes mecha I did use Raynor and Kerrigan.

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