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As a follow-up to last week’s discussion on balance, we constructed a more in-depth look at what we’re thinking, especially considering how popular the topic is right now for this community.

First, let’s take a look at what we’re seeing on the ladder. These are what the matchup win percentages look like per league across the three major regions, from the start of the season through today:

Click here for the win percentages

Please keep in mind these are not straight-up win percentages. They’re win percentages with player skill factored out. When we grab win/loss data for balance purposes, we categorize each game with 2 different variables per side: one being player skill and other being race strength. So by factoring the player skill out, we are able to more accurately check how each race is doing at each skill level.

As you can see, Protoss does have an edge in PvT that slightly surpasses the minor advantages existing in other matchups. Nonetheless, the popular belief that Terran almost never wins vs. Protoss can be put to rest. The data does suggest that yes, we probably want to make some minor balance tweaks if this trend continues, but we don’t have a clear indication that major changes are called for.

We absolutely hear your concerns about GM league representation not being evenly distributed. Obviously, we’d like to see even numbers of players at every skill level, but this one in particular presents two issues: it’s a very small sample size, and it doesn’t represent the pro level very well in all three regions. This is not to say that GM representation balance doesn’t matter – it does matter. We simply believe in putting a bigger emphasis on the pro level as well as all of the other league levels.

Speaking of the pro level, we’ve been getting a lot of feedback from pro players that is contrary to what we were hearing from them last season. This seems to be mostly because of the results for Protoss pros this week in Proleague play. It’s the only major tournament going on right now, and it represents a sample size that is too small to draw any broad conclusions from, but Protoss players have lost at a noticeable clip in that tournament. As of this writing, they’ve recorded only 11 wins in 35 non-mirror matchups. As always, we’re closely following everything, and fortunately we have the WCS qualifiers getting underway to look at.

This is a time to continue discussing and reading your feedback on ways to slightly nerf Protoss or slightly buff Terran in the PvT matchup. Our multiplayer team’s focus going forward in the next weeks is definitely on this area. However, if the ladder data changes and/or if the pro level continues to skew, we’re open to changing our direction. We’ve seen plenty of times in the past where meta games change at the pro level, and that translates to changes in balance at other skill levels on the ladder.

Please understand: we’re looking most closely at areas that you, the players believe to be the biggest issues. Please continue providing your constructive feedback. We always want to be as sure as possible when making balance updates to the game.

Thank you very much!


01/09/2014 06:34 PMPosted by JayKay
UHM guys..the win percentages are from 3rd jan to 9th jan 2013... ARE YOU SERIOUS?


^^ In case dayvie tries to edit it out
Thanks for the follow-up, and glad to know you're looking into the issues. Get ready for the flamers :D
Any words on Ladder/League Repairs as mentioned previously by Blizz staffers? ETA?
Thank god. Seeing as how all the complaining going on that "oh protoss imba" I was really worried you were going to do something stupid. The game seems incredibly balanced right now, and the meta is changing all the time, now that the pro's have had some time off to think about things and practice other things, we are seeing the results so far in ProLeague. I think a lot more time is needed to see how things will play out, it's quite interesting though to say the least.
01/09/2014 06:32 PMPosted by Niteshade
Any words on Ladder/League Repairs as mentioned previously by Blizz staffers? ETA?

They already made a post stating this was coming with 2.1.
UHM guys..the win percentages are from 3rd jan to 9th jan 2013... ARE YOU SERIOUS?
SC2 is dying, and your posting bogus stats. please continue to ignore the problem and allowing people to leave this game and move to other avenues of gaming. Well done blizzard; well done. I wonder what the "balance team" will be saying when no one is playing SC2.
Thank you Mr. Kim. Sometimes you really piss me off but only sometimes. Overall you're a good guy man. Keep up the good work.
so 6 days of stats and we will see no balance patch?
And here we go... yes Sopraffatto there is a large conspiracy going on here. They are fooling us all with bogus stats and laughing behind your back. This is so evident!

As well, we never made it to the moon.

There is an area 51 complete with aliens.

And Obama is the anti christ.
Well this is disappointing.
Dayvie your awesome. Please keep up the work and thank you for quelling many a fear.
I feel like balance is so unimportant compared to how the game actually plays.

Ok so PvT is close to 50/50. That's great, but what about the fact that we've been watching the same matchup for the last 3 years now? It's so incredibly stale and you have not touched on this here or ever.

Balance is a luxury we should discuss when we have a more dynamic and interesting game. PvT is stale and needs a massive jump in the arm. How do you plan to address this? I know it's not just about that 50/50 marker for you Dayvie so please communicate on this. It's really important.
You are naïve, and a fool. The game is broken, and people are leaving it by the droves. Teams are disbanding, and leagues are dropping. This game is in distress, and Blizzard doesn't give two craps. the same can be said for every other Blizzard made game. LotV and heroes of the storm will be complete flops. mark my words.
Those stats say january 3rd to january 9 2013. I hope you are kidding.
the biggest issue is swarm host. zerg already has static defence and swarm host too boring to watch, too boring to play against it.

giving free units to zerg is not a good idea to fix pvz.
Well, TvP is a unbalanced matchup that requires much more effort on the Terrans side to win and zerg isn't far off it as well. To put it bluntly the very core mechanics of protoss seem off. With simple clicks of mouse for exmaple forcefield, storm, blink, as Destiny put it it feels 'dirty'.

That isn't going to change so a MSC or better a big phottonoverchage nerf would be nice to punish greedy play. As of now Protoss can fend off early aggression with literally 0 units since MSC is so op. Toss is dominant in late game so let's try to make it a little harder for them to get into the late game.
As for Oracles, it isn't too bad if you scout them, but if you do not get a 100% perfect scout they oracles will own you and gg. Not exactly fair either.

Also give us stats for the entire season 6 or was that completely ignored, I'm sure they would indicate an eve greater dominance of protoss over terran/zerg.

PS: Please add Automated Tournaments in LoTV.
01/09/2014 06:42 PMPosted by Sopraffatto
LotV and heroes of the storm will be complete flops. mark my words.

Can't be too sure on both of those. LotV I can't say but Heroes walks a fine line. if they follow the same formula as Riot and make heroes buy/grind-to-play, then its going to flop. otherwise following say DOTA2 formula and just sell skins and stuff, then they should be fine.

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