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Did someone notice than MMR and ranking make the winrate always tend to 50% in this thread ???

only the race distribution in leagues is relevant to notice if there is a balance problem. So a high race percentage in higher league is a <<TRUE/STRONG>> indicator, even with the adjustment calculation you talked about.
I sincerely hope you got the "Clear" indication on the situation of PvT now that Proleague and GSL progressed this far. A lot of notable top terran players have fallen to code A or code B level protosses and there's an endless amount of Terran tears.
I'll share my view of the problem to add onto those tears.

You got Blink Stalker, Sentry FF combo as one of the biggest threats. This generally hits before stim pack and causes terrans to have to bunker heavily. The addition of the MSC since HoTS has impacted this further by providing high ground vision early on at a relatively cheap price. MSC also gives time warp or recall should the assault go wrong. Should it go wrong, rushing high templar and storm is the general way to recover and will stall the Terran until their ghosts are finished. The counter to this is generally an earlier stim and higher marauder/bunker counts. You can also fake the above, and actually go DTs which then ruins the higher bunker/marauder count. DTs are a straight up ender if you happen to used up your energy for mules.

Don't use Mules then some may say, so while Terran save on mules, chronoboost and multi-drone production is just going to straight up out-economy a terran. This supposedly "advantage" that Terran has, is now a mechanism disadvantage where the Terran has to choose to scan for detection/ scan for information (and high chance of missing) or stay on par for economy. One may argue that this is the same for chronoboost and queen's inject/creep spread - but this is not the case. Chronoboost opens a whole tree of different builds by changing up the timings. While the mechanics of zerg by default allow a much more flexible style of play (army composition switches in the last minute, as well as 300 + 25. hatcheries).

Early game TvP? Once the MSC is out, T has next to zilch chance to trading well against the P. stalkers out range marines, marauders have to kite back against zealots. A pack of unupgraded marine/marauder composition could fight even with a pack of zealot stalkers if micro is applied, but no - thanks to a MSC timewarp, terran will just straight out lose the army. The only viable early game option is cheese here. And by cheese i mean 8/8/8 or double proxy rax. Again T has nothing once that MSC is out, and the time that comes out is insanely fast - thanks chronoboost. In fact, most T sit their marine back at base because one single oracle will take out 8 scv and get away if you're not there.

Say T survives the oracle thanks to awesome starsense because everyone's doing it. Now what? Collosus could be coming out, High Templar could be coming out. Which one are they going? T doesn't know so it's time to do a MMM drop (or waste a lot of mule-energy). You get there, Photon Overcharge, warp in 3 zealots/stalkers and back out you go.

Now we enter the next phase - where Terran finally got their medivacs and upgrades on their way. Protoss are entering their deathball phase. Collosus comes out? Have to match it with 8~12 vikings. High Templar comes out, match it with ghosts. Too many vikings? Float around in the sky and lose to stalkers, or transform and get smashed. Too many ghosts? run around and try kill a stalker to find out the ghost can only get rid of its shields and it'll probably kill the ghost in seconds. What about protoss? Too many Collosus? Oh no worries, you won't have a ground army before they perish. Micro your army back and stalkers take care of your vikings. Yay for blink here. If P happens to be caught out of position, there's recall. If not, one warp prism, or pylon and out comes 12 stalkers for the vikings to save the Collosus. Too many high templars? Transform into archons and you'll have one huge meatshield that does splash aoe damage. Note that ghosts, vikings are by no means cheap. Vikings often requiring you a second reactored starport and potentially weapon upgrades. Ghosts need ghost academy and two more rax with tech labs (potentially cloak too for the ambush advantage).

Why is there such a huge difference between Protoss and Terran in terms of a unit's resourcefulness? The only thing we seem to have are Marines, who eventually becomes 50c monstrosities. But what? They get countered by storms, collo, archons, and every decent P player is on top of those. Marauders are great, but not game changing. Large numbers of marauders will see immortals being added to the composition (if not already). They aren't exactly that great against chargelots neither.

What else can T do? Tanks/Thors - straight out, immortals just run you over or even add phoenix to just lift your tanks into the air. Moment you see 2 factories and a few mech units, you can get ready to go immortals. Hellion harass? Forcefield , stalkers, photon overcharge. Banshee harass is viable, but another huge tech investment. Once a cannon or observer is out though you're wasting time. Not to mention you'll just die to a 2 base blink stalker build right off anyway (cloak costs energy). Ravens, PDDs are nice but watch out for feedback. Heat seeking missiles! Move unit away, and you got minimal losses. That's T's AOE while P has an instant version. BCs, goodluck transitioning into those costly things that don't do much against things other than T. Did I mention tempests also crap on half these things from far away?

Finally we're already starting to see more, but every pro Z and P player should be doing these more often against T. burrowed Baneling mines in pairs (forces scans and raven or jackpots on huge army, can also to ambush from behind). FF storm drops or even just storm drops. trashes out one base and takes ages to rebuild those scvs. If they got mules, it means they haven't been maximising their economy anyway.

Overall - Terran: A dead race with almost no options whatsoever apart from MMM against toss. Mines are an interesting choice but observers ruin the day (and you aren't cleaning observers without a raven). While Protoss, has just about 10 choices to kill you with. Terran better hope they can micro as well as Maru. Even then, you're still playing scissors paper rock, except the opponent has about ten other options which you can't kill them with, and also can fake what they play quite easily.

EDIT: oh wait I'm not done. Nukes never saw it used in proleague/gsl code s last year. Battlecruisers made like 5 appearances outside TvT. Whereas Oracles, oh we want them to be more useful late game, so lets buff them by making them even better early game too. PLEASE get a grip on what balance means and implies, no one wants to play a one trick pony race. Starcraft has gone too far into build order wins and this blind scissors paper rock game.

Yours sincerely in hoping you do the right thing and don't let the game die.

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