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Joeyray's Bar
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Greetings, and welcome to our arrogant abode. This is our local office, which we are going to be using to recruit people from this universe and the surrounding ones. Some important notes are below.

1. Please refrain from bringing any of the following items into the office area:
-Untested weapons prototypes.
-Potentially illegal narcotics.
-Any form of music generating device other than violins.
-Violins, unless you have a certified "can play a violin" certificate.

2. All mercenaries, please see the receptionist. You will be asked to wait in the lobby until a representative is available to brief you.

3. The piano has already been sold.

4. If you're here about the pocket fusion generator, please talk to the receptionist. A representative will be along shortly to offer you your choice of a refund or extensive detoxification session.
Information stored here. Reserved.
You glance around at the rather spacious lobby. It's nice enough. There are several potted plants, one of which looks aggressive, and two of which are faintly bio-luminescent. A fish tank containing some glowing jellyfish and what looks like a small shark is installed in the wall behind you, which can be a little disconcerting.

The chair you're sitting in is quite comfortable, though looks a little out of repair. Several odd looking individuals sit in adjacent chairs. You immediately repent of calling them odd; you're not exactly run-of-the-mill.

The receptionist, with whom you have recently spoken, is texting some unknown person.

The walls are a greenish color. The words Kay-Oh! are engraved on the wall opposite of you.
As I sit in the odd chair waiting for something to happen, I had my tools out fine-tuning my DITE. Before I'd left in the strange roaming bus, I'd discovered a small bug in the Kei flow directer so now I had to work it out. Glancing at the others, I can't help but wonder where exactly I'd been taken to and why I'd even agreed to this. Then I wondered even further if I shouldn't have just stayed in Kiowa.

Mumbling under my breath about misleading information, I continue working, eventually getting a small beeping sound from the tool indicating the repair was finished. "Bout time." Putting the small scanner/tuner combination back in my pocket, I stand up and hold the small sapphire colored rectangle slightly to one side, a smile crossing my lips. "Restoration." The rectangle changes from it's previous form into that of a double-bladed sword, the two blades on either side of the hilt single edged and facing the opposite direction of the other. While the blade pointing to the floor had it's edge down, the one pointing up towards the ceiling faced up.

Taking a deep breath in and slowly letting it out, I direct a small amount of my Kei into the weapon, causing a slight red energy to emanate from the blades. Not feeling any issues with the flow right then and there, I return the sword to it's storage form, the small rectangle, I stick it in it's carrying case, sitting back down.
Yzzrya walks in and takes a seat. Masked by his helmet with no discernable feature to indicate where the eyes would be located at, it gives the impression that the bounty hunter is looking at no where in particular.
The receptionist looks up.

"Mr. Cronus? Please take that door to the meeting room."
Resting his chin in one hand, Seraphim lounges back in his chair taking everything in with an almost bored sense of curiosity; his free hand playing with a small ball of purple and black energy.
Yzzrya takes notice of the other two in the room. Both were humans and both of them demonstrated some sort of otherworldly power. Yet such powers were not a mystery to Yzzrya as there were other races, the Yro among them, who demonstrated such unique powers.

Activating "Masi", Yzzrya begins to tinker with some options.
Standing up with a nod, I approach the designated door and knock before going in, letting it swing close behind me. "Yes?"
Suddenly as if someone had flipped a switch, a feeling of strangeness filled the air. The feeling of something so simplistic yet wrong, the very concept of a four-sided triangle simply washed into the room like some sort of bizarre mental ocean wave. Unlike its liquid likeness, the feeling seemed to hang in the air as a barely perceptible fog, driving those within the room to a slight edge of nervousness.

Something ...off had come near. Something strange. Something-

"Sorry *huff* I'm late. I had a bit of an incident *huff* getting here."

Panting with exhaustion, a odd young man laid between the entrance door's frame. Clad within black clothes and wearing odd black metal gauntlets, he certainly made for quite the estranged appearance. Gingerly entering the room and closing the door behind him, he leaned against the doorway's frame with a pair of shimmering crystalline objects barely hanging just above his shoulders. Closing his eyes and trying his hardest to catch his breath (and no doubt trying to remove the red color from his face), it took a moment for those present to notice something exceptionally strange about him.

He was breathing out steam.
Seraphim slips upright in his seat, his yellow eyes narrowing in surprise. After half a moment, a crooked grin crosses his face;
"Well, well, well... I guess I shouldn't be too surprised to see you here, this is your type of thing after all. It's a long way from Darkova, isn't it Noct?"
Seraphim says with a laugh, standing up.
The Wanderer's eyes snap open at the sound of the familiar voice. Taking a moment to look at the man, anyone present could see the grinding of the gears within the vaults of his mind. After but a short time of regarding his former compatriot, his eyes snap fully wide, a grin of joy taking shape on his face as he recognized him.

"Seraphim Dante! Certainly has been one hell of a time hasn't it!" he responds in kind, closing the distance between the pair. With a stretch of his right arm, the gauntlet covering the limb lets out a little clank and folds up to his shoulder, letting out a little puff of trapped steam. He holds his hand out for a handshake, the skin slightly reddened from some source of searing heat.
Still chuckling, Seraphim firmly shakes Noct's hand;
"I see you still have a habit for trouble. I'm just surprised your brother ins't here as well, harassing you to no end."
"Something always runs into me whenever I decide to hop worlds! Its almost a curse!" he barks out with a laugh, replying with a shake in kind. "Some pyrotastic nasty thought it could have a bit of flame-broiled Wanderer for food. I went and taught it otherwise! Might take a bit for the body temperature to drop below singing though..." He says, releasing Seraphim's now pained hand with a shake of his arms.

"Ah, and on the topic of that blond incubus that happens to love following me around... I left him with something to do before I took off. Hopefully it keeps him preoccupied for a while, or until I can get some things in order." Noct says with a mischievous laugh.


Pulling a nuke-and-pave on my laptop soon. May not reply for a bit...
More or less ignoring the heat, Seraphim shakes his head;
"I see you haven't changed much."
A large mechanical roach sits on the other side of a table, reading from a piece of paper with words scrolling electronically across it.

"Ah, Mr. Cronus. Take a seat, please. This won't take long, just some quick checks."

The receptionist looks up again. "Mr... Guh'neer? Please take the door on the right."
I approach the table but remain on my feet, preferring to stand instead of sitting when it could be helped. "I'll stand thank you. What's this about? You have my credentials and information."
"This is a personal interview. Before I say anything else, please read over this contract and sign it. And again, please sit. I prefer for people to sit down."


Reading the contract over, I set it down and raise an eyebrow at the strange mutated...bug. "Yeah,"I don't sign anything with the words suicide, murder or hydrochloric in it, though the last one is for completely different reasons. And I will remain standing. Makes me feel secure."
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The receptionist looks up again. "Mr... Guh'neer? Please take the door on the right."

Yzzrya, still tinkering around with 'Masi', stands up and takes the door on the right.

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