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Yzzrya G'nyyyr.

You land hard, stand, and take a look around. Numbered vents lead outward from the small 'room' you find yourself in. Each one is sealed with a thick grate.

Vents one through eighteen are upper level. Apart from that, I
don't have a lot of data. I would suggest continuing through vent
twenty or so.

Noct lands next to you a moment later, unharmed.

Noctalus Dare.

You (d20 = 17(strong success)) easily evade the autoturrets' attacks and land next to Yzzrya in a smallish opening, about twenty feet in diameter. Grated vents lead away from the room in all directions and are numbered.

Raven Cronus.

You continue to fall through the pipe (d20 = 16(moderate success)), evading the shots from the remaining turrets. You see a dead end ahead, and can make out G'nyyyr and Dare standing near where you are likely to land.


Guild Station Chya-dak Akr.

The Guild station hung in space over Sar'kah 2, its massive engines laboring to establish its new orbit. The moon's scarce inhabitants wondered at the sight. The structure was so great as to be easily visible from space, another jagged hunk in the sky alongside the torn ruins of Sar'kah itself. Ordinarily they were reminded of the utter power of the Imperium every time they glanced at the night sky. The myriad of jagged wounds the broken world inflicted upon the stars was a harsh reminder of what happened to the Emperor's enemies. Likewise the massive, glowing hulk of the Mal Worldship instilled into them a vague understanding of the wealth and power wielded by the Mercenaries' Guild.

"All I'm here to do is ensure there is no manipulation of data. As you are well aware, my employer does not trust you. Not even slightly. In fact, he trusts you even less than you trust him, if you can believe that. Bearing that in mind, it should be quite understandable that he wishes to verify the outcome of this mission. The Corporation does not like to be cheated of its profits."

"While that is certainly one of the reasons for my irritation at your presence, it is not the only one. I cannot abide the smell of humans," the Mal said, brushing at the edge of his left eye with a chitinous finger. The smoke from the human's cigar was most irritating.

"Well," the man said with mock sympathy, "that is most unfortunate. Rest assured I shall only remain until the conclusion of the operation. I cannot abide the smell of insect."

Rktya-Makeen 14 did not allow his inner rage to show. If he did so, the human would be aware that his constant prattle was beginning to wear his thick mental armor thin. As it was, Makeen was close to seizing that soft, white throat and crushing it. It would be so easy, he thought. Humans were fragile by nature, and Mal were strong. He knew that there was more to this human than met the antennae, but he doubted that his exceptional attributes extended to physical durability. If his employer wasn't so important to us...

"Since I'm here and ready to observe, and your contractors are ready to move, and this station is fully warp-capable, this question keeps running through my mind: why have you not commenced the operation?"

"There is still some preparation to be done. Some of our contractors have not yet arrived."

The humans snorted, blowing a long plume of smoke from his nostrils. "I thought you bugs knew better than to hire sluggards, being a Mercenaries' Guild and all that."

Makeen 'smiled' thinly, clicking his mandibles together. "Perhaps you should better acquaint yourself with the data relevant to the operation before offering advice on it. They are not late. You are early."

"Then contact them and tell them to speed up. I don't want to waste anymore time on this than I have to. Let them know that anyone who doesn't make it in the next ten minutes is out."

"That is impossible -"

"No, that is a new set of parameters. It was not a suggestion."

Gritting his mandibles, Makeen considered. Did he really have to jump at this human's every whim? He was an Administrator of the Mercenaries' Guild! He could not be expected to deal with this sort of impudence. Yet... was it possible that the human could back his petty demands with force?

"I will not -" His terminal beeped and vibrated against his antenna. He felt the flow of information and suppressed a sigh of relief. "I have been informed that a ship has arrived. It contains our last two contractors." Saved by a tmail.

"Finally. I was beginning to get very bored. You wouldn't like me when I'm bored, Mr. Rktya." He mangled the name's pronunciation, probably intentionally, making it sound like 'Rick-TIE-uh' instead of eRk-tyAH.

I don't like you at all, the Mal thought viciously, as though wishing a thought could kill if it was only angry enough.

Seraphim Dante.

The station is immediately visible when you exit warp. Even from several thousand miles away, the massive craft can be seen with the naked eye, and appears quite large. It is miles across, with numerous jagged protrusions thrusting out from its grey, teardrop shaped central structure.

The computer screen lights up:

We're erasing all treacherous data and destroying the
KOTGRD. We can't communicate with you anymore, so
you're on your own now.


The screen darkens.

"We are being hailed, boys, the computer says sweetly. "Shall I open the channel?"

Derek Walters.

You recognize the impressive sight of a Mal Worldship as your craft exits warp. You see that it is orbiting Sar'kah 2, one of the three planetoids that were once moons of Sar'kah. You've never been much of a history buff (except when it comes to ancient weapons), but even you know Sar'kah was the capitol of the Triangle, a trading organization turned government. Kor'Eksakus literally destroyed the planet several centuries ago, ushering in the age of the Imperium.

Your partner's console flashes momentarily, displaying a message. You attempt to read it, but he shifts his body, preventing you from seeing it. A moment later it blinks out.

"We are being hailed, boys, the computer says sweetly. "Shall I open the channel?"
"Please do."
Seraphim replies, lounging back in his seat.
"You got it, boss!"

There is a faint burst of static, then a voice comes through clearly. It takes you a moment to realize it's coming through clearly, though, due to the grating voice of the person speaking. The station comms officer speaks quickly and without ceremony.

{Lower your subshields and prepare for intensive scanning.}
"Hey... Umm, you didn't mention these mother !@#$ers were our contractors... They don't really like me much... I accidentally murdered one of their families when I was out and about destroying everything in sight... I didn't mean to step on the ant hill and blow up the termite infested mound though, I swear!" I whisper into Seraphim's ear, quiet enough so the mic wouldn't pick up my voice, "So... Yeah, there's too many of them here for me to take out by myself..."
"Hmm... that happens to be your fault, not mine."
Seraphim replies blandly, shutting down the ships shields;
{Shields off.}
There is a faint whine as the ship is scanned.

"The ship is being scanned pretty heavily. Hope you aren't smuggling anything this time!"

The whine fades. There is a moment's silence, then the comms officer speaks.

{Everything checks out. Proceed to hangar five-B eleven.}

"Channel closed. Rude son of a !@#$%," the computer notes sourly.
"I'd call them curt, but thats just me."
Seraphim says smoothly, flicking the engines into gear and piloting the ship to the designated hanger.
"We have a couple of seconds so let's decide on what we are going to do. Do we all go together through one or try to split up? My personal opinion is to pick one and stick together." Yzrrya says to the other two mercenaries.
Haven't landed yet.

IC: Timing it just right, the ground a few feet away, a Kei line shoots out, wrapping around a turret barrel and tightening it, arresting my momentum enough to slow me down for a rolling landing. Standing up, I look around. "Well, that was fun."

The three of you hear an explosion from up above, and the faint light coming through the shaft fails. The air quickly gets warmer.


The hangar seems to lunge forward like a huge beast, engulfing the ship. The viewscreen shows the inside as being large enough to park a small battlecruiser in. Light spacecraft of every shape and size are landed in small, circular landing pads or docked with one of the many 'arms' sprouting from the hangar's sides. A feed pops up on your screen, designating one of the landing pads.
Deftly maneuvering the ship into place, Seraphim settles the ship down and lowers the ramp. Spinning the chair around, he slips to his feet, gesturing towards the exit;
"Shall we go?"
"Fiiiiiine." I get up and shove Seraphim to the ground before charging out the door, screaming at the top of my lungs about a murderer on the ship. It was fun. My voice echoed across the hangar, making it sound cooler than it really was. My voice was extremely shrill when I was screaming, more girly-ish than cool. Until you add echo. Then it's creepy cool!
Looking up and frowning at the increase in temperature, I tap a button on my wrist that activates a helmet that would help protect me. "Remind me again why that's a good idea? Most of the security force was already up there."
Gracefully dodging out of the way, Seraphim calmly follows after his estranged partner;
"This is going to be fun."
He murmurs to himself.
Various creatures, mostly dimunitive, insectoid Mal, are moving about the hangar on whatever business it is they engage in. Some of them cast glares at Derek, flattening their antennae against their heads to dampen the noise. There seem to be small speakers mounted everywhere. One of them, just to the left of Seraphim's foot, addresses him:

{Proceed to Access Five and follow the blue lights.}
Noct extracts himself from yet another small landing crater, chiding himself on something involving property damage. He pulls his shirt up over his nose and mouth with the garment swiftly forming into a mask of sorts, detaching from the shirt itself.

"Would you stay anywhere near a toxic waste dump if you didn't have to? They probably won't chance coming down here at all, if the temperature rise remains as it is. Good thing the explosion happened when it did, too. We had quite the party on our tails!"

EDIT: Derp'd. I blame my illness.
He is wearing armor. All black and designed for survival in harsh climates. The home atmosphere of the Earth in the Regios universe isn't skin friendly.

Edit: Looks like this: http://blog.seiha.org/images2/regios17/regios17_10.jpg Not the green jacket thing.
Grunting in acknowledgement, Seraphim strides off after the blue lights;
"Hope I'm not late..."

Derek Walters and Seraphim Dante.

You find yourselves in a room with a large window on one wall, through which you can see a vast field of debris. Looking at it more closely, you realize it's actually a videoscreen. A very good one.

A Mal in a Guild uniform walks along a line of rough-looking individuals, scanning and inspecting each one.
"Well too bad. Because you are. Be ashamed of yourself." Derek scolds Seraphim before charging over to the end of the line, flailing his arm in front of him. "ME! ME! I'M HERE!"

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