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"I agree," the RSC trooper says. "Not that anyone actually listens to my opinion, or even notices I'm here for that matter."

A moment later, three Hamalians round the corner, spears in hand.

Rolling for Initiative...

(d20 + 3(surprise) = 22(critical success: +1 to first action))

You have won Initiative. Choose your actions.
I lunge forward towards the Hamalian most in the lead, my double bladed sword cleaving him in two from head to hip.
Why is this hotheaded fool always charging in at the sight of the first enemy WITHOUT TELLING ANYONE?!

Yzzrya shoots the Hammalian to the left, feeling very annoyed.
It occurs to me that the RSC trooper appeared out of thin air...
Hence, Yzzrya's frustration.
Seraphim nods;
"I'll go with the primary team."

The Mal looks at you for a moment, as if unsure whether or not it likes the idea of letting people volunteer. Its thought processes are interrupted by the male Vampar.

"I will also take the turbo lift down. My skills would be of less use in the stairwell. My sister will come with me," he says, gesturing to the red-furred mercenary.

"Very well," the captain says, obviously not pleased. "Two of my soldiers will accompany you. I will take the rest down the stairs. We will arrive shortly. Ensure that you have accomplished the objective by the time we reach your location."


Rolling the Dice...

Cronus: Sword Charge (d20 + 3(swordsman) + 2(surprise!) + 1(initiative) = 12(marginal success))

G'nyyyr: Open Fire (d20 + 3(marksman) + 1(initiative) = 23(critical success))

RSC Trooper: Open Fire (d20 + 2(surprise!) + 1(initiative) = 11(marginal success))

What Happened.

The Hamalians are very surprised to find themselves face to face with the intruders, particularly when one is actually in their faces right off the bat. Cronus slashes at his target, knocking her back. Her shields flash and absorb most of the shock, but she still suffers a painful cut. At the same time, the Hamalian just to her right takes two bullets to the throat and one to the chest. She collapses, dead. The RSC Trooper doesn't have much of a clear shot at anyone other than the Hamalian Yzzrya just killed, so he fires at the Hamalian Cronus is engaging, hitting her exposed wing and injuring her.

Noct is behind the others and doesn't get a chance to attack.
Following up my first attack, I swing upwards with another slash and a kick to buy me more space.
Rolling the Dice...

Cronus: Slash, kick: (d20 + 3(swordsman) + 1(surprise!) =12(marginal success))vs(d20 - 2(wounded) = 11(marginal success))

What Happened.

This blow doesn't penetrate the Hamalian's shields, but the force of the cut and the kick that immediately follows sends her staggering backwards. The third Hamalian dodges around her and goes for Cronus' throat.

Hamalian 3: New Breathing Hole (d20 + 2(warrior) + 1(opportunity) = 11(marginal success))vs(d20 + 3(swordsman) = 13(moderate success))

Cronus brings his sword up and across, successfully deflecting the attack.
Pivoting away from the attack Hamalian, I lunge towards the wounded one, intending to finish her off.
Yzzrya backs off to a safe distance to reload his weapon.
Just confirming: you're shooting the RSC guy in the leg?

You can explain later IC, I guess, I'm just making sure.
He's on our side...
Post edited.
Wait a minute... the dude Seraphim's there to extract is a Vampar, and there's another pair of Vampar volunteering to head down and capture him... why do I have the feeling this is more than a coincidence?...

As Seraphim, the two Vampar and the pair of Mal soldiers get onto the elevator, Seraphim steps to the back and adresses the Vampar siblings;
"So.. you two work with the guild much?"
He asks carefully.

Rolling the Dice...

Cronus: Coup de Grace (Hamalian 1) ~ (d20 + 3(swordsman) = 12(marginal success))vs(d20 - 2(wounded) - 1(off balance) + 2(warrior) = 7(moderate failure))

G'nyyyr: Reload ~ (free action when not threatened)

RSC Trooper: Open Fire (Hamalian 3) ~ (d20 + 2(soldier) = 14(moderate success))

What Happened.

The RSC Trooper opens fire, hitting the third Hamalian with several energy bolts. She suffers several minor injuries, and her attention is drawn away from Cronus for just long enough for him to deliver a devastating thrust to his target's chest, critically wounding and incapacitating her. Yzzrya pulls back briefly, reloading his weapon (+1 to next attack roll). The final Hamalian, though injured, launches herself at the RSC Trooper (d20 + 2(warrior) - 1(wounded) = 7(moderate failure)). He (d20 = 15(moderate success)) throws himself back out of her weapon reach, avoiding any injury. Seeing an Opportunity for Attack, he Opens Fire again (d20 + 2(soldier) = 4(moderate failure)), but his shots go wide and strike harmlessly against the wall.

Hamalian 3 is now Flanked.

Hamalian 2 is Dead.


One of the Mal activates the lift, and you feel the faintest of movements as it accelerates rapidly downwards.

The male Vampar does not appear interested in answering. The female speaks up. "We've done one or two contracts to the Guild's satisfaction. Otherwise we wouldn't be on this mission."

The male looks askance at her.

"What?" She says. "I'm just talking."

"Suggestion: conserve your energy," one of the Mal says.

"There will likely be a significant concentration of security forces at our destination," the other adds.


WH, rule #1: Never give the DM ideas. He is evil. Always.

EDIT - Nope, just looked it up. It's actually rule zero.

Rule 0 - Don't Give The GM Ideas: Keep your mouth shut. This seems mean to the player, until you run into a situation like this:
GM: You encounter a hooded figure.
Group: Aww... no!
Bill: It's alright guys, as long as it's not the Darkshroud of Darky Darkness, we'll be fine.
(Devilish smile)
Group: (Collective gulp)
More players have been killed by giving ideas to the GM than have been killed by pre-planned traps, encounters, and bad rolls.
04/27/2014 10:09 PMPosted by KnarledOne
WH, rule #1: Never give the DM ideas. He is evil. Always.

Unless of course there's an opportunity that it way benefit you.

Seraphim grins, a slightly maniacal look;
"This should be fun then."

One of the Mal suddenly begins working frantically on the lift console.

"They are attempting to lock down the facility," the other explains. "Bypassing their security should not be difficult."

You don't notice any delay in the lift's movement, so evidently this is no exaggeration.

"Prepare to engage," the Mal says. The lift door slides open, and almost instantly a squad of a dozen soldiers open fire on you. The lift provides some cover, but the defenders also have a bit in the way of rearranged furniture. They had just moments to prepare, but they used them well.
Seraphim reacts with inhuman speed, actually managing to get a few quite a few shots off before he throws himself against the wall, perforation to the point of swiss cheese his only other option.

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