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"Oh, yes. But I mostly just talk about martial arts. Its my hobby. There's not really a lot of sports you can get into as a door, though, so it's really my only option. Do you take anything?"
Seraphim just sighs and fails to suppress an eye-roll. Generating a small ball of shadowy purple energy at his fingertip, he flicks it to the page. With a crackling hiss, the energy sinks into the paper and spreads out to form something similar to an old "x" signature, if a couple 100 times more complicated. The mark sizzles and pops like purple fire embers before settling into the page;
Seraphim asks blandly.
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"Got it?"

"Understood. I'll see this Mr. Cronus outside." Yzzrya picks up the device in stores it in a compartment on the suit and leaves the room back to the lobby.

"Is there a Mr. Cronus around?" Yzzrya calls out.
My apologies for the inability to reply. See: The Bar.


Getting up from his seat with a stretch, Noct heads to the second door on the left. Barely nudging the door open before slipping in and closing it with a small spin, he turns around and regards the room.

And its inevitable occupants.
It's actually just me in there XD

IC: As the man walks in, I step out of one of the deeper shadows near the wall, having moved there in order to lean against something other than the table in the room. "Good day to you, Mister Dare. Now, before I'm allowed to brief you, I'm required to ask you to sign this." I slide a paper down to him that reads:



"I'm not allowed to say anything more until you sign it."

"Second door on the left," the receptionist says without looking up. "Right there." She points.


"Ah, good, good. Now, as I was saying, the job."

A hologram of a series of structures appears. Most of them appear to be some sort of habitat dome, but there are a few others, including a large spire that stretches skyward from just inward of the clusters eastern edge. The entire base appears to be sitting in the middle of a massive crater.

"This is the Yngols Project. Centuries ago, Yngols was the capital of the Federation, a government that controlled virtually all civilized space. Actually, they had the arrogance to call Federation territory 'the Civilized Regions.' At any rate, all things come to an end, and Yngols was sacked, and in fact the attackers included the Guild's predecessors. Here is an image of Yngols before the attack..."

A second hologram appears, this one of a planet. It has large, healthy looking oceans, vast swathes of green, lush land, and numerous cities large enough to be viewed from space.

"...and this is Yngols today."

The planet is replaced with a grey, lifeless sphere, devoid of water and greenery. Nothing visible remains of the urban zones.

"Horrific, of course, but it's not what it seems. The Triangle (the attackers I mentioned) bombarded the planet heavily, but most of the destruction they initially caused was inflicted by their invasion force, which consisted of over a billion soldiers. It was the infantry that destroyed the cities. Once the Triangle moved on to wrap up the rest of the Federation, the planet deteriorated until it could no longer support life. You see, Yngols is what is called an Athelan Superworld, and artificial planet. It's actually mostly hollow, and its environment was sustained entirely by Athelan machinery. Before you ask, the Athelan Empire was a power that ruled the entire galaxy before they went extinct. Little is known of them, other than the fact that they were unbelievably advanced. Even the name 'Athelan' is derived from Athelon, the Federation name for the planet where the first Athelan ruins were discovered."

As he speaks, the hologram shows diagrams of massive machines, apparently the ones contained within Yngols.

"The Triangle, without realizing it, caused heavy damage to a critical section of Yngols', well, life support. The planet's temperature became unlivable, then the atmosphere. Survivors of the assault eventually died out entirely, except those few who managed to leave the planet."

The second hologram turns off, and the map of the Yngols Project enlarges.

"A few years ago, an expedition created the Yngols Project, an attempt to recolonize Yngols. The planet is too large and unnatural for conventional terraforming, so instead they've been using biodomes for survival. All very nice, and even more irrelevant, except for one thing: this man."

Now the hologram shows a creature very similar to a human, except with elongated ears, slanted, yellow eyes, and short fangs. He's smiling at the camera (or whatever device took his picture). His nose is large-ish, the greying brown hair on the top of his head is much longer than the short fur that covers his skin, and he is very thin. He's dressed in something akin to a lab coat.

"This is doctor Myyrin Aufkyyn. He is a genius. He has the equivalent of multiple doctorates in advanced computing, archaeology, you name it. Well, archaeology and advanced computers are actually pretty strongly related in this world. He's been studying the Athelan world devices for the entire time he's been there, and awhile before arriving on Yngols, too. And he has made a breakthrough. He's developed new software that allows him to mimic a maintenance program, hacking into the Athelan devices. He plans to use this power to reset the world support, resurrecting Yngols. All very noble. The Guild has other plans. The Yngols Project is ostensibly backed by the Allied Systems, but the Guild Conglomerate is really behind the whole thing. Now that his work is complete, they're preparing to send a team to seize Dr. Aufkyyn and his work. This will give them the power to manipulate Athelan computers, an unprecedented catch."

He smiles.

"You're going to be part of that team. And right when their years of planning are about to pay off, you're going to snatch the good doctor and the program right out from under their antennae."
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"Second door on the left," the receptionist says without looking up. "Right there." She points.

Yzzrya knocks on the door and waits.
I sigh at the knock on the door and walk around the table towards it, stopping by Noctalus. "It really would be in your best interest to sign that if any of us are going to get paid." Opening it, I recognize the strange being from the lobby. "Yes?"
Rolling his eyes at the man's statement, Noct walks up to the desk and plucks up the paper. With a bemused smile, he begins pouring through the contract-

Before stopping abruptly, placing the contract back onto the desk, and rubbing at his eyes a bit. Once more now with a half-serious and half-incredulous expression, he picks the sheet of paper up and reads through it again, stopping and casting it back onto the desk with a sigh.

"Could you get me a sheet of paper please?"
I glance back at Noctalus and frown, pretty sure I knew where this was going. "And why do you need a sheet of paper? That's the only contract this company will take. Secrecy and all."
"Sweeping for land mines. You know what micro-dotting is, right? Because I've heard horrifying stories. Besides, it's awfully rude to go and ink the hell out of someone's legal paper," He says with a role of a wrist, while settling down in the desk's chair; "And if I do this, they can't copy and modify the contract I've written, or I can identify it very easily as a copy."
Yzzrya walks inside.

"Our employer has told me to go over some details with you regarding our...infiltration mission. I was told you have some ideas. You are Cronus?"
I turn back to the being and nod, pulling the DITE out again and spinning it in my palm. "I am, but our discussion will have to wait until after I brief Mister Dare here. Which," I turn back to the oddly dressed man and point at the sheet of paper with the silence contract, "will happen after he signs the same sheet of paper everyone else has to."
"And this contract has the word Suicide on it. And all I'm asking is a spare sheet of paper to copy this... this thing onto, if only for the sake of proofing it against hidden traps!"

His eyes settle on Raven, narrowing slightly.

"What would give you the reason or desire to deny me this?"
"It's fine, let him. We've got nothing to hide."

Gnarled One walks in and sits down.

"By all means, copy it over. As long as you sign the bloody contract."
I turn and look at the man who had walked in while I had my back turned and sigh. "Look, Mister Dare, I'll provide you your sheet of paper AFTER you sign it. That way we can be sure you're not going to ditch us mid mission and then use your copy to escape it, saying you signed after the copy was made."

OOC: There's...logic in there somewhere...
Seraphim nods, thinking for a moment;
"So... my job is take part in a kidnaping op and double-cross them, bringing the target to you? Sounds... interesting. I may just have the perfect way transport him."
He says with sharp grin, one finger tapping his 'satchel'.
"I'll be writing it all down right in front of you, if that's what you're worried about. Even handing it to you right there and then. I'm no traitor, though I understand your distrust towards mercenaries for hire and souls you've never seen before..."

With a roll of his eyes, he rests his elbows on the desk and leans forward, head in his hands.

"But really. The word suicide, on a contract? It only makes me wonder what sort of things are going on here..."
I snort and lean against the wall near the door. "You and me both," I mutter. Returning my attention to the man who'd walked in while I was conversing with Noctalus and the strange being, I frown behind my helmet. "So I take it you're KnarledOne's brother who's supposed to finish the briefing. How many people do we have to talk to?"
Gnarled One -

"Just him and me. My other brother may try to talk to you, but if he does just smile, nod, and slowly back away. He ought to be here shortly. Anyways, I meant the copy. You can sign the copy.'

KnarledOne -

"Precisely. Now, what exactly is this plan of yours?"

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