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After clicking INSTALL, the process says that you need to have an active internet connection, we we have. After getting around the install process using the key-code provided by the internet, the game installs.

When attempting to play the game, the patch notice pops up. The game doesn't recognize that the computer HAS an active connection to the internet, and won't let us patch the game. Without the patch of course, you can't play the game.

If anyone has any suggestions, please help.

Note: This isn't my issue, but another computer in the house that is having the trouble. We both have a legitimate copy of the game, and computers with active connections.

You'll also need to check that your modem, router, and any firewalls you use aren't blocking the game ports needed.

Starcraft II uses TCP port 1119 to play and UDP port 1119 for in game Voice chat.

The StarCraft II launcher uses TCP port 1119, 1120 to obtain patch information, and 80 to get to the web site for patch notes.

The StarCraft II Downloader uses TCP ports 3724 and 6881 through 6999 for Peer to Peer (The Downloader will use 3724 first and if it’s not available, move to 6881 and on up to 6999.)

Patching the game requires TCP port 80

I have exactly the same issue I had to manually enter the activation code to install the game and now I cannot get the patch. I have two computers on the same network, one was able to install and patch normally, the other cannot. Windows Firewall is off on both computers and my router firewall is disabled.
Same problem here, installed on one computer on the network just fine, other computer is having identical problems to the others listed above. Port forwarding solution above had no effect.
I'm having the exact same problem, can someone please help us!?!?!?!?!?!
If you use a browser such as firefox or chrome try starting up IE and see if it is loading pages or not. If it isn't try forcing it to load a page by typing one in the address bar. If the page successfully loads then install your game. If this works for you then you may have some malware putting you behind a proxy and that's a larger issue.
Thank you Omrakos.

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