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Just a heads up to everyone, there are known issues (According to Valve: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1314406) with OpenGL games underperforming on OS X 10.6.4 on Nvidia graphics cards. Apple hasn't acknowledged or addressed this issue since 10.6.4 was released. Use 10.6.3 or earlier or Leopard instead... or Windows. ;)
This sort of explain the reason why even though the default recommend graphic setting to be on "High", I get a performance issue message from the game itself to turn off all running software (which I did). With all software off, I still noticed in game play hick-up (not responding too well on mouse movement as well as graphic hick-up frame rate I think). I had to turn the graphic option to medium.... though I would like to run it on "High" setting.
I do have the latest Macbook Pro in 2010, which has i7 running at 2.66 Ghz with NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M and 512MB of GDDR3 memory. It also has 8G ram as well.

Does the game automatically uses the NVIDIA Open GL chip instead of the Intel one? I hope so.

Any recommendation on what I need to do to run the game smoothly on graphic option on "High"
I hope apple addresses this soon, because I'm having a huge problem with my geforce 9400m. I have to run it on low just to get it to run smoothly.
The issue isn't purely an Apple OS issue (though I'm in favor of anything Apple can do to improve drivers). I've got an nVidia GTX 285 on my Mac Pro, nVidia themselves released a driver update *after* the release of 10.6.4 and after Steam's open letter. That update fixed pretty much every headache 10.6.4 caused in every program, seems safe to say it was a solid update. Yet I'm experiencing headaches with Starcraft 2, specifically the frame rate goes into the toilet after coming out of a mission, once I've gotten past the first few missions in single player mode.

Restarting the app seems to clear things up, but after another mission it rears its ugly head and I've got to exit/restart again. If this was an Apple driver issue, it seems a restart would be required. My guess at this point is something on Blizzard's end, possibly a memory leak in the way they're making use of VRAM.
I have the same laptop as Wuju and am experiencing the same frame rate issue that everyone else is having. After I start playing the frame rate drops from very smooth to unusably choppy. I get the in game message to close other programs that are running or change my graphics settings. I get this message when playing the game using the default graphics settings and even when turning everything to the lowest settings. Restarting the game does not guarantee that the issue goes away for any length of time. If I restarting my computer then the game starts up smooth and perfect but quickly goes bad.

It's also affecting WoW so I'm assuming it's either an Apple update or a Blizzard update that is needed, or both. As for WoW I've tried the Config.wtf SET apigx "OpenGLL" fix but it doesn't resolve it because the file removes the line that I add when the game's frame rate falls from 113-123 to 13-23. Thats all for WoW. I don't want to start mixing up the thread. Both my games drop to an unplayable level basically. So wonderful that I spend all this money and can't play either game. :( I guess we just need to hope some one fixes things soon.

MacBook Pro 10.6.4
Intel i7 2.66GHz
Nvidia GeForce GT 330M 512MB GDDR3
500GB 7200rpm Hard Drive
This really is a pain in the butt, I want to play SC2 when i'm on the road as i'll be moving shortly but the performance isn't great at all.
09 Mid MBP
2.66/4GB/160GB Intel G1 SSD/9600GT 256
The game defaulted med/low but its super laggy even at @1280x800 windowed.
Maybe if enough people complain this issue will get fixed. I have a brand new MBP i7 like the others above and playing on anything other than the lowest settings makes the game unplayable.

I really don't care *why* this is happening and just can't get past the fact that I waited 12 years and wasted $70 to play a game that runs smooth on a 2 year old PC but can't work on my top of the line Macbook Pro.

Of course, Blizzard is laughing all the way to the bank.

Class action lawsuit, anyone?
Not really Blizzard's fault that Apple and Nvidia have been making horrible OS X drivers for years. Plus, the only thing that has to be set on low is the shadow settings, everything else can be used on high, something which is probably the fault of, again, Apple and Nvidia.

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