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does my campaign progress save to my account? like if i were to go to a friends house and log in, could i continue from where i left off at home?

if not, what files do i need to bring with me to do so?

and another thought.. if the progress is saved on your PC.. whats to prevent people from hacking their progress to get Achievement points and unlock things?
I believe your campaign progress is stored on "the cloud"
Try it out, I am sure it will work.
So I just tried this. I installed SC on my laptop, becuase I knew I would be out of town. I'm logged into SC2, and it will only allow me to start a new campaign. Can't load from a previous save from my home PC. It must keep the saves on your local computer.

I think progress/achievments is different than the actual save. If there is a way to save to the "cloud" I'd sure like to know how.

I am having the same issue. I have played my campaign on my laptop but when I log on to my desktop to continue, it only allows me to start a new campaign. Does not allow me to continue my campaign although from every thread and online pages say I should be able to continue on a different computer because data is saved on

Can anyone help with this? Am I doing something wrong?
Guys, the saved files are located in "My Documents" -> "Starcraft2" folder... If you wanna continue your campaign on another computer, you gotta transfer that whole folder to the other computer... Blizzard downloads would only give you the "shell" of the game, but won't give you the manually saved progresses you made.
I'm not looking for the manually saved and auto saved data. I just want to continue my campaign where I left off. I read that this is possible without having ot manually transfer files back and forth between work and home every day.

I quote:
“The new provides a wide array of features, and we want to make sure our StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty players know just how campaign progress storage works. We’ve seen a few questions on our forums about what to do if one wants to play on different computers, say between home and work or school. When logging into after loading up the game, much of your campaign progress is automatically restored from our servers. We want to give our players the necessary tools to easily continue Jim Raynor’s fight from anywhere without having to carry around a USB stick of save files — though saving mid-mission save files to your collector’s edition dog tags can still come in handy!"

I should be able to boot sc2 on my desktop and click continue campaign.
I don't know what is happening for you all. Here is the process that I used:

1) Install SC2 in OSX on my laptop.
2) Start campaign, beat a few levels.
3) Realize that the performance in OSX is horrendous.
4) Install SC2 in Windows (Bootcamp, same laptop).
5) Press "Continue Campaign" button.
6) Continue the campaign after the last mission I beat under OSX.

I also did this the other way after deleting it in OSX and all related files and later wanting to try it out again so I wouldn't have to switch into Windows just to play. Performance is still really bad fyi.

As far as I can tell, in your Saves folder there is a file called "LibertyCampaignSave.SC2Save" which is the save used when you click "Continue Campaign" and this is saved online as it showed up immediately after I logged in for the first time on a new computer. All of my actually campaign saves are in Saves/Campaign. I think all of the above is accurate...
The actual save file is on your computer however Blizzard offers some free service that allows you to upload your save file to your bnet account/their servers. I don't really know the details but it's there if you want to look into it.
Guys, there's a huge button that says "Continue Campaign". Click that and you get to continue your campaign.

Saves != Campaign progress.
Really? Why didn't I think of clicking that button?!
Come on now...I specifically said the "Continue Campaign" button is not there and only "Start New Campaign" is.

I checked the folder for the "LibertyCampaignSave.SC2Save" but it does not exist on the desktop. Maybe if I transfer it from the laptop once it if continually save/load correctly.
I am having a similar issue. I played and beat one full level on a friends computer, under my account. It loaded my progress from perfectly to my friends computer. I beat a level, earned some achievements and the next day loaded the game on my computer. Now I am a level off on my home computer. I tried doing multiple things on mine and my friends computer to update the progress to my account. I tried starting another mission on my friends computer, aborting the mission on both computers, loading my account while the other computer was online with each and none of those simple things worked. I have not yet tried to move the file manually. I will do that next and let you know.
Sorry. I posted twice in a row on accident.
If you play campaign WHILE you are connected to, your campaign progress will be saved on

If you're playing without an internet connection, how it save online? =(

Save games (auto-saves and manual saves) are not stored on
I had to ask a friend since he has a PC and a Mac, with SC2 on both.

As long as you're playing while connected online, it saves to a cloud sever.
the hard drive on my computer had to be replaced.

I had already almost beaten the campaign, and need to know:

If I re-download on the new hard drive and log into, will my progress be there?

I am talking about general progress, not progress within a mission within the campaign.

please help me with this - I will be extremely disappointed if all my hard work is gone forever.

thank you
Your general progress, achieves, and accomplishments will still be there waiting for you.
Any mission specific saves will not. They hang out on your HD.
my campaign progress, along with my ups and achievements, saved.

kudos to blizz for this amazing feature
Can you say....Necro?
There's no such thing O_O
I think I've found the solution to this.

I have SC2 HoTS installed on two of my laptops. When I logged in to my Battlenet account on my new laptop, the campaign progress was 0%, and there was no way for me to continue from where I had left off (which was 7 missions played on my other laptop).

It's to do with the REGION selection. Log out of Battlenet till you get to the login screen on SC2, then on the left hand side you should see a button that says "REGION". You need to select the same region (America/Europe/SouthEast Asia/Korea) as the region selected on SC2 installed in your other computer. Log back in to SC2 using your Battlenet ID and you should see the achievements and progress, and be able to Continue from where you left off (minus the mid-game saved games).

Hope this helps others who've been trying to play on multiple computers only to find the achievements and progress at 0%.

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