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Yup, that fixed my issue - Thx
It is indeed the Region setting.

A bit frustrating because I don't recall being made aware that my game progress is tied to the region, can't see why it would be, I guess something to do with where it saves all your data to; no doubt there's a good reason.
I just want to save the game after I have made good progress. Then, if I make a mistake and loose don't have to start all over.
Hey I always flood the cave systems and never the plat form. Is their a special zerg for the ground attack or is it just the flight attack.
I am having the same issue. But changing region don’t solve my problem.

I completed Heart of the swarm in the past and I recently fresh installed windows 10.

I installed Heart of the swarm and when I enter game, I can choose wing of liberty, Heart of the swarm or challenge mission. In wing of liberty, I have the option to continue campaign, new campaign, load or tutorial. But in Heart of the swarm only new campaign, load or master archive are avalable. No continue options.

I can't find anything in my Starcraft backup file related to Heart of the swarm but one backup file which, when I open it, takes me to master archives of Heart of the swarm.

Last one same to do nothing

Is there a way to return on my previous saved campaign?
You sir / ma'am are a genius. I literally just posted about this issue on forums. I go to my Documents file>StarCraft II>Accounts>(Account number)*not posting the number*> *some file* 1-S2-1-.....>Campaign Progress.

I clicked the "Campaign Progress" file and it asked me to find the application to open this file in. I choose the SC2 application from my games folder.

*Que Awesome Theme Music*

IT WORKS! =) Thank you!

FYI, this error occurred when migrating from one HDD to another. GL HF GB all!
07/27/2010 05:39 AMPosted by DarKagial
does my campaign progress save to my account? like if i were to go to a friends house and log in, could i continue from where i left off at home?

if not, what files do i need to bring with me to do so?

and another thought.. if the progress is saved on your PC.. whats to prevent people from hacking their progress to get Achievement points and unlock things?
yes it does...only in one region if you change region it will not appear.

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