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Friend and I could not for the life of us get the voice chat to work. It showed that our mics were working on our own individual screens, but i did not see the voice bars moving on his portrait and he could not see mine on working on his. We tried many different variations on the voice chat settings and had no success. Anyone with some suggestions?
I had that same problem Datrix!! Wild!
Same problem here. Everything was definitely working on my end, and everything was working on his end. At one point I could hear him, although he never heard me. Our third friend heard me at first, but then only heard him. Very screwy.

There is some bug listed regarding HD Realtek Audio sound cards. I have one of those, so maybe that's it?
BUMP!!!! Need assistance!!!
i'm having the same issue
My friend and I have done everything the sites say and everything we could think of and still we cannot hear each other. We can see our own voice bars moving but we never see the other players move... ever! This has been a huge frustration. Would some moderator or someone please comment on this?!
Same issue.

Do we need forward ports for voice chat to work?
I was never able to get voice chat to work in the beta...haven't tried yet in the release. Just use Vent or Skype, your life will be easier.
Ya I was thinking skype or xfire (No vent server to use). Just seems odd that they put in the in-game voice chat and it is a nightmare to get working. Maybe I am not setting something up properly, but it should not be that difficult. I have tried many different configurations but nothing seems to make a difference. Someone from blizz to get some insight into this matter would be nice!

Edit- I have read on ther forums by others that people are having issues with vent and being able to use it while in SC2 (Something with key bindings I believe).
There is a solution to using vent w/ the keybinding issue... it's the same as other games that create a priority. Run vent as administrator, and your bound key should work in tandem with the game. I used to play WoW like that after I upgraded to Vista/7.

I think that it's a problem in the game, or maybe with the realtek since that's what I have as well. I hope that we hear something official soon... bored of logging into skype.
Hahaha ya man I agree! Blizz where art thou?
I need help with this too! Can't make it work!
I can't make the test work, even after selecting the correct microphone.
I am having the same problem. It's something to do with SC2 because WOW and Vent work just fine. Yeah Vent would be good but if I want to do teams with strangers I want to be able to talk.
Same problem - need assistance.
My friends and I are having the same trouble. I can hear friend 1 and 2, friend 1 and 2 can't hear each other. We have gotten it to flip flop so I could hear friend 1 only and 1 and 2 could hear each other. Odd.
Well, it "magically" worked for me now, I'm not sure how, but I could hear and talk to my friend... It was really random
I am also having issues.
I have tried all the settings, VOX, PTT, FMOD, etc..
Have not found a way it works yet.

Edit: fun with typos.
Can't get it to work. Can't get even the microphone test to work--it shows the bars moving, but doesn't play back the sound like it says it's going to. Tried fiddling with all the options and got nothing different. Tried it with friends and we all can't get it to work. Why are you launching a product with a broken basic feature that has no support or even acknowledgement there's currently an issue? Please tell me what to expect or if there's something else we should be trying here.
Tried every combination of the options possible, and we cannot get this to work at all...can we get an acknowledgment that this IS an issue, or are all the players dumb?

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