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The StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty multiplayer scene continues to evolve as more and more players bring their knowledge and skill sets to Battle.net, and we regularly see new and unique tactics being tested in all the brackets.

But, what about you? Even after annihilating your enemies for months, are you still finding new strategies to employ on the battlefield? If so, how? Are you inspired by pro-player tactics in tournaments, forum discussions with your peers, or perhaps the replays you see online? Let us know!
Are you still finding new multiplayer strategies to try?
Poll ended on Dec 1, 2010
I do what I know will work, I'm not an experimental kind of guy.
I experiment like mad. Even in ladder.

Cheese mixed with expos, nopos, all-iners, standard play.

But what works makes you lose less :)

Actually still trying to find new strategies. A little bit restricted with what I can do as a Terran player due to that supply depot requirement but I find new variations every now and then.
I try new strategies constantly, even if it bumps me down a division.
As a wanna be Zerg macro player, I concern myself more with how to defend and counter against the evolving builds.

I do see a weakness of mine as the lack of experimentation, though. I tend to stick to standard unit compositions even when I want to try something more interesting like the infestor/hydra build against terran bio.

However, I haven't lost a game yet where the answer wasn't just better macro or better decisions, so that's why I intend to stick to that playstyle!
I try some things I haven't tried before against my friends sometimes.
It usually makes me lose :D.
Few new stragies I discover, or find by other players, work for me. Some are great, for people that are able to execute them. Others are terrible, because there is pinhole timing, and one brain fart will throw it all out.

Also, the ones that require APM above 100 I don't even bother with.

The one strat that seems to almost ALWAYS work for me is SCOUTING. In this way I wish I was zerg because I'd never lose :) <3 Overlords
Not worth it to experiment in ladder, in customs games yes but finding a team is a problem on its own. If bnet had a built in team feature that would be very nice
I like to experiment with my builds almost every game. Thats kinda why I like to play random. Just for fun, I was playing terran and tried rushing to thors while going 2 barracks with reactors to get marines for defense until thors came out. Once I had massed enough thors it was gg, the marines also help out in case they have air..
I think there needs to be a random unranked playlist to encourage people to try new builds. I realize custom game playlists pretty much fill this need, but I think it should work like the ladder playlist does now:

Login to the game -> Select either ranked or unranked -> select 1/2/3/4 player playlist -> hit go

I do not like to experiment with builds in ranked games. There's a lot of people on bnet who feel the same way as I do.

Custom games work for 1v1, but anything with more players will inevitably be an arranged team vs a few randoms, which is stupid. Also, the fact that matchmaker pairs up AT vs RT is stupid too, but that's another argument entirely.
I learn a lot of my new strategies from watching sc2 pro commentary on youtube as well as watching GomTV casts of the GSL seasons.

I always learn something new from these places and try and go basck and incorporate into my own style of play.
The one strat that seems to almost ALWAYS work for me is SCOUTING. In this way I wish I was zerg because I'd never lose :) <3 Overlords

They kinda die...
Could we get a blizz page that has strats on it?
Somewhere in the game page?
This is how you 7RR!
This is how you Zeal Sentry! Etc Etc
You've got to try different things different times, becauseyour opponents are totally different so get an startegy ASAPXD
I'm constantly watching replays, commentaries, and live matches whenever I can, and I do get inspired and try new things... although they don't work so well in my newbie hands.

I have yet a long road ahead of me.

Oh, also, please merge the LA and NA regions so I can have a little less lag :)
Definitly agree.
I make all my own strategies. It's a very rewarding process.
I love to try out new strategies but I'm also always worried about screwing my ladder stats, so I'll usually try them out with a friend or something either in a 2v2 in a league I don't care about, or in custom games (which I don't do very often).

Some are really fun to mess around with though. Like Proxy Hatcheries :D haha
Watching the pro scene has really changed the metagame especially on the ladder. It's funny how many terran players will use scvs to attack these days.

With that said, there are many strategies that have been around for awhile that will definitely be here to stay, they are just really solid builds, but people are always coming out with new ingenious builds that are fun to try! Let's go try them and have some fun :)
Nope, as Protoss I am still stuck holding out with FF until I can tech to Colossus.
Trying new strategies gets me killed. I wouldn't mind if new strategies actually worked in certain scenarios, but it's usually too gas heavy to try something and expect to succeed. The only thing I can really fiddle with while playing and still have a hope of winning is the ratios of the units I produce. And by that I mean how many Sentry to Stalkers do I need to hold out until Colossus XD

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