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We’re planning to implement StarCraft II Patch 2.1 next week. This patch includes more levels and new rewards, new changes to Clans and Groups, a 100% free Arcade, remastered Classic StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood War music, adjustments to the league distribution percentages on the ladder, Extension Mods, and many other features.

Our plan is to release the patch in each region as quickly as we can over three days:
Tuesday, Jan 21 – Americas, Europe
Wednesday, Jan 22 – Korea and Taiwan, China
Thursday, Jan 23 – Southeast Asia and Oceania

Please note that the release day for Patch 2.1 in Southeast Asia and Oceania is taking place on Thursday rather than Monday (we’ve often released patches in this region on Mondays). This is a one-time adjustment for Patch 2.1. With future releases, we’ll return to patching this region on Mondays as before.

As always, the above dates are subject to change should an issue arise between now and then.

Global Play

We’ve built the game so that it should install the new patch for you when you launch the game, based on the region you last connected to. When you try to connect to a region that is running a newer version of the game than what you are in, you will be asked whether you want to patch so that you can play on that region.

If you agree, the game will restart and install the new version. However, you will then be unable to play on any region that has not yet updated to the latest patch. If you update and then try to play on a region that is not yet updated, you’ll receive an error.

Need Help?

Our Customer Support department is here to help you on patch day. If you need help, please check out:
StarCraft II Patch Troubleshooting (PC) (Mac)
StarCraft II Connection Troubleshooting
StarCraft II Installation Troubleshooting

If you’re still experiencing issues, you can always get in touch with Blizzard Technical Support.
Thanks for the update Kaivax. Best in the business.
Called it:

Great news!

Wow. That's amazing. Well done.
Kaivax please find a way to clone yourself in your current state and replace everybody at Blizzard.
Thanks for the heads up!!! I know everyone has been dieing for this news :D (Including myself) THAT SONG WOULD BE SO GREAT OUT THERE IM SO EXITED !
Why keep updating SEA server? It's completely deserted. That's like updating Wol when nobody is playing.
My apology.. I would think that free arcade would be highlighted. But I quickly realized the highlight was for links. Blizzard you are amazing.

My mistake:OH I called it Blizzard is too scared to make their own multiplayer better so they took the free arcade away so that StarBow would not be the next Dota...
Just wondering, Will maters be affected in anyway? Atm we have a nice low percentage of masters sitting at around 1.8% on NA and 2.3% global (data from I'm hoping that masters wont be affected in anyway (even though i'm not masters myself) and get inflated like it was a while back.The higher leagues are pretty good atm (diamond and plat can stand to take a bit more in ofc) but please don't over inflate the higher leagues. Fingers crossed you guys get it right this time :)
I nerdgasmed, it was messy.
Hell, it's about time.

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