Those Who Watch from the Shadows (PRP/Disc)

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In the year 2501, an unmanned Terran Dominion probe discovered the fringe world of Demon's Fair. Further investigation showed Protoss ruins, notably Tal'darim; the Tal'darim had been mining a gas called Terrazine until they had exhausted it. However, they had let another gas-producing rift alone.

A linguist translated the name from Protoss writings. A scientific officer convinced Arcturus Mengsk to exploit the psi-enhancing gas for military applications. Mengsk created Project Shadowblade, putting it under level nine classification. The project was led by General Horace Warfield.

This program was responsible for the creation of the first Spectres, Ghosts that had been exposed to the Terrazine gas. The gas was tested on animals, some condemned prisoners, and eventually several volunteers, some of who were low-level psychics. The gas increased psychic power, but it was addictive and created hallucinations and violent outbursts, which often resulted in the injury of project staff.

Over time, Arcturus Mengsk grew leery of the project and ordered its termination. After Warfield was recalled, Mengsk sent in marines to eliminate the project members, ensuring that the project wouldn't be carried on. Others argue one of the spectres experienced severe hallucinations and killed the project members himself. Whatever the truth, only three other members besides General Warfield survived and were all three thrown into New Folsom to hide the truth.

In 2503, a second incarnation of Project Shadowblade launched a rebellion with the intent of killing Mengsk. This was thwarted by Ghost agent Nova Terra and the new Project Shadowblade, while damaged, is not destroyed. Gabriel Tosh picks up where he left off the following year during the Second Great War, having discovered that the element Jorium is good for balancing out the addictive and hallucinogenic properties of Terrazine when used in tandem with a Psionic Waveform Indoctrinator. This allowed him to create new Spectres with lower risks.

But in this day and age, the Spectres and Dominion don't play well together and the Spectres have a deep seated hate of all things Arcturus Mengsk. Tosh, along side Raynor's Raiders, wages a war against them, but behind the scenes are the Spectres, fighting their own war with Dominion Ghosts who are hunting them in an effort to destroy Shadowblade. Which side will you pick? The Ghosts, a tried and true psionic warrior who puts fear into the heart of the Dominion's enemies, or the Spectres, the next generation who give nightmares a whole new meaning.

EDIT: Disc in the title is short for Discussion.
This is a discussion thread. Should edit that in...anyways, that's a rough draft of the OP and title. I'm open to new title names and additions to the OP. Show me what you got, guys.
Going for this instead of Purity of Heart I see.

What happened to the other one?
That one fell on it's face and couldn't get up. /shrug It happens.

EDIT: Here's the app format if you want to start applying.

Age: (Must be at least twenty so you have at least two years of experience)
P.I.: (Nothing higher than a 8 if Ghost, 8.5 if Spectre)
Physical Appearance:
Psionic Abilities: (Be general. If you put pyrokinetics, we all know what you mean. Include Cloak. It's gonna be the universal power here.)
Equipment: (Have fun with it. Customize your stuff to suit your character)
Notes: (Generally for specifics on equipment)
Will make a spectre sometime. Most likly work on idea at school.
I suppose this is open for applications, BUT! I'd still like suggestions for fixing the OP and maybe WEETLE bit shorter title. Not that I don't like mine. And before you ask Mark, this is after Tosh begins producing more Spectres, so after the Breakout mission in WoL.
You know me too well xD

SO, considering Ghosts are memory wiped after every mission, how do you expect a solid backstory from a Ghost? Or a Spectre, for that matter? They've been in prison since their origin :P

I sense a lot of generic characters comin' up...

Still, I'll do my best to throw an OC at you. Maybe I can work on personality writing or something.
"The Silent Blade"
"The War Among Ghosts"
"The Hidden Conflict"
"The Rumored War"
"The War of the Damned"

7 and 7.5 I see. Barest minimum of telekinesis, if even that. Teeks start at eight, Zarkun. Anyways, I think I'll make both. Unstable Genocide on one side surely. A Loving, Controllable Mercy on the other.

Maybe I'll do a Protoss Ghost and Zerg Spectre, since race is also an option.
I'll fix the race. And Teeps start at 5. Not 8.

EDIT: For you Mark, the OC doesn't HAVE to start from being in Prison. Even the wiki says MOST, not all, were captured and deactivated. Ghosts...well, if you do a Ghost, I'll trust you'll think of something.
I'd like to point out that Dominion Gen ghosts don't have their entire memories wiped after every mission. They only get certain missions wiped and ONLY the mission. Just look at Nova. She knows who she is and what she is but she doesn't really care.
Nova knows nothing about Tosh, who she had been in a relationship far prior to her final training mission from what I can remember. Just because they know who they are, doesn't mean they remember their history.

I know that Teeps start at five. However, Teeks start at eight. Which means telekinesis, and its spin offs should not be present. But seeing that and the fact that Delta Emblock, the first notable person I can think of for pyrokinesis has a PI of six or five, I see this argument is mute. Even though it seems like pyrokinesis would be a form of telekinesis...
Well, that's what you'd think. But, it's not. The ending of kinesis does not mean it's telekinesis related. And I suppose I can up it to 8 and 8.5 so Teeks are an option. However, SF, you did originally say Teeps, you editing bastard XD
False. I had Teeks from the beginning and edited in that race was an option. Also, I had thought pyrokinesis was a specialized form of telekinesis also because it seemed a bit more complex, as lifting boxes seems a lot more straight forward than setting Zergling on fire.
Nope, each form of kinesis is it's own. They all end the same, but that's really their only shared quality. For example, George can do telekinesis, and is a high level telekinetic, able to use telekinetic blasts of psionic energy. However, even with that ability, he can't set a Zergling on fire. On the flip side, Jeremy, who can set Zerg on fire, can't shoot telekinetic blasts of energy.

It's basically the same when comparing telekinesis to crytokinesis, ice, electrokinesis, lightening to simplify it, umbrakinesis, shadow and so on and so forth. All that's similar is the ending in their names.
Actually SF Nova DOES know who Tosh is and that she'd had a relationship with him at the academy. He tries to use that to get her on his team during the events of the book Starcraft Ghost: Spectres, which corresponds with the second generation of Spectres and Project Shadowblade. That book is, so far as I know, Cannon regarding those two and spectres.
It is canon. Wiki says it is.
Nova could remember limited things about Tosh. For example, she couldn't remember making up with him after they broke up. Getting sprayed with Terrazine caused her to over come her memory block and briefly remember, but that's not normal and is one reason why Project Shadowblade was cancelled.
Oi vey. OK, look, I know there are concerns about a character's ability to be original when Ghosts have memory wipes and Spectres, most of them anyways, were thrown into New Folsom. However, personality and other such traits can be built off of these things. Hell, there are even Ghosts who are immune to mind wipes. The backstories don't need to be completely remembered by the character either in the case of a Ghost. I've actually got some fun twists planned for all of you. However, just...put something up and we'll work with it. Backstories are for my reference, not just a character's.

Name: Artemis Drake

Faction: Spectre

Age: 27

P.I.: 6.5

Physical Appearance:


Psionic Abilities: Cloak, Pyrokinesis & Cryokinesis

- Weapons: Boltshot, Gauss carbine, Psi dirk
- Armor:

Backstory: The older sister of Allen, Artemis was taken in by Raynor's Raiders & run through their spectre program when RR helped her parents escape a colony being overrun by the zerg.

- Boltshot: A cross between a high-powered slingshot and a compound bow. Uses psi arrows.
- Gauss carbine: A SMG/machine pistol gauss weapon with a collapsable stock.
- Armor: No exposed skin & industrial yellow lights.


Name: Allen Drake

Faction: Ghost

Age: 24

P.I.: 8

Physical Appearance:


Psionic Abilities: Cloak, Telekinesis & Electrokinesis

- Weapons: DMR, Host of omni-knives
- Armor:


- DMR: Think like from Halo Reach.
- Host of omni-knives: A large number of 8" combat knives balanced for throwing.
- Armor: The same but with electric blue lights.
Alright, for the sake of fairness, other than telekinesis, IF you want it, you can only have one other type of kinesis. So like your first character, War. I'll allow you to have two of your kinesis (please use the proper terminology for them) and only Telekinesis and, for example, electrokinesis on your second. Just to balance things out.

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