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This is the NEW forum where the Roleplay between The Undermind, Anuzarg, Kraven, Kani, and possibly DarkUlrezaj.
Did everyone read the last post of Roleplay of the Zerg 1? If not, tell me so I can recap it for you.
Plz recap.
alright. here is what happened.

*Undermind observes corpse of Unknown*'

Undermind: This thing looks just like the Void Terror! I'd better dig deeper into this.

*Undermind warps to the Unknown fleet, clocked by psionic energy, and spies on a conversation with an Unknown and the VoidTerror.*

Unknown: Have you captured the traitor?

Void Terror: Yes. DarkUlrezaj is ours, and soon he shall be punished appropriately. He remained loyal to the Void, but he rejected the Void's master.

Undermind (to himself): Of coarse. The Voice in The Darkness. The sworn enemy of the Xel'Naga, and the living heart of the void. The Unknown serve it.

Void Terror: For betraying the Void's living heart, and for committing heresy, Dark Ulrezaj shall be brought before The Master in chains, and The Master shall decide his fate.

*Undermind warps back to char, to tell The Overmind of what he heard.*
Actually that's not what happened. The Unknown were discovered to be Mentalopes and serve Khalazar. The four of us united again after Avalanche's explanation, but a group of rogue tyranids led by Dagon Overlord nearly killed Avalanche and are unwilling to aid us in the fight against this new enemy.
Actually they could have happened at around the same time. In different places.
I guess so...
Anuzarg, the recap I wrote was the final comment on the Roleplay of the Zerg forum before it was deleted. At least, it was the last comment I typed. Anyway, I learned that the Unknown (or Metalopes) look exactly like the void terror, and are in service of the Voice in the Darkness, The Living Heart of The Void.
Avalanche: I will attempt to sort things out with the Dagon Overlord Anuzarg go tell the Overmind....
@Undermind: *gasp* Khalazar is the Heart? We are in trouble.

@Avalanche: I wish you luck, don't get yourself killed. If he is unable to see reason, we will confront him in force.
*Dagon Overlord Headquarters*

Hive Tyrant: My lord, the enemy Tyranids have arrived.

Dagon Overlord: Yes, but their numbers are few are they not?

Hive Tyrant: Yes. Despite them having the majority of the Tyranids, they have brought few with them.

Dagon Overlord: *laughs* It is because they think we will talk. But I say we shall leave our blades to do the talking. Avalanche is weak, the Hive Mind is on our side.

Hive Tyrant: By the way, the Red Terror has expressed some concerns over the truth of the Hive Mind's allegiance. He says....

*Dagon Overlord grabs Hive Tyrant and shakes him*

Dagon Overlord: You can tell the Red Terror that the Hive Mind is on our side! Nobody questions it! Our great Hive Mind believes we are the true Tyranids! Avalanche's cause is weak and he shall fall.

*Strangles Hive Tyrant and throws him to the ground*

Dagon Overlord: Any more questions?

*Hive Tyrants scurry away*

*In the corner, a hidden Mentalope maintains his replication of the Tyranid Synaptic Web. The replication makes the Tyranids believe Khalazar, Heart of the Void, is the Hive Mind. The real Hive Mind has been disconnected from these Tyranids.*

*Tyranids prepare for battle against the other Tyranids*
*A one in a million survivor of the flood, working for the majority of the Tyranids, listens to the hidden Mentalope...*
*High Orbit of the Terror Swarm world of Kaldious.*

Overlord: Down there, the Orphaned Zerg fight each other. Without our glorious Overmind, they are feral. Their leader, kani, is no longer their true leader. They fight each other, because each of them are individual beings. Their may be Demons in control, but it is still chaotic down their. Diablo is like a slave owner, and the feral Kani is like a puppet. I pity the feral zerg under Diablo's control. Their terror swarm is isolated and in chaos. Come on, let's get some coffee.

Other Overlord: Okay, dude. Geez, that was pretty deep stuff.

Overlord: Sorry. I just thought their may be a zerg larva down their, longing for the Overmind...

*down on the planet's surface, the view comes to a Terror Swarm Hive*

Larva: I miss char. I miss my daddy. What's his name, The Overmind? Yeah, well, I need to get out of here.

*Larva goes back to crawling in circles.*
Just needed to clarify some things:

01/24/2014 06:21 PMPosted by TheUndermind
Diablo is like a slave owner, and the feral Kani is like a puppet

Kani and Diablo have merged into one ultimate Demon as he keeps reminding me in the past.

01/24/2014 06:21 PMPosted by TheUndermind
They fight each other, because each of them are individual beings.

Do you know the Humans that the Terrans descended from? Those of Old Earth? There were some kings that could control those they ruled to not fight among each other without any sort of Overmind. That's the same way down at Kaldious.

Now on to the story:

*Small Mentalope creeps among the Demon Hatcheries, its body hidden by a camouflage suit*

*It reaches the larvae and imposes its mind upon them*

Mentalope: I am the Overmind. Your true master. You have been birthed with the wrong leader in mind. Your freedom from an overriding will corrupts you. The Overmind is supreme. Come back to Char with me. I will free you from corruption and leave you the rulers of this Universe.

Larva: Our daddy is here! Long live the Overmind!

Mentalope: Yes, I will take over this Hive and your brothers and sisters will join you in the journey back to Char. Now, morph into more brethren. You will need to break free of the Terror Zerg before you can leave.

Larvae: Yes *morphs into eggs*

*The Mentalope moves around the Hive, making everyone think he is the Overmind and getting them ready to break away from Kaldious.*

Queen: But, I cannot see you? Where are you Overmind?

Mentalope: I am on Char, but my mind is here by you, driving you in the right direction to the Zerg Swarm.

All zerg warriors: Long live the Overmind! We return to Char!

*The Mentalope slowly exerts domination over the misdirected zerg. The zerg will soon become mindlessly obedient to Khalazar and no one else.*
*Char. The Undermind has had enough of the Mentalopes*

Undermind: I am going to end this.

Overmind: What do you mean?

Undermind: I am going to face the Heart of The Void. Alone.

Overmind: You can't! The Heart is older than the Xel'Naga! He will crush you!

Undermind:....Not if I have THIS.

*Undermind pulls out the Argus Stone.*


Undermind: Okay, Okay. I don't need the stone. But I'm still going to face him.

Overmind: Please, don't! You are a very powerful Zerg. I made you to help us assimilate the protoss.

Undermind: Yes, and now that the Protoss are assimilated, I can use their power to my advantage. I am going.

Overmind:.....good luck, Undermind. Be safe.

*Undermind Warps to Metalope fleet, and begins to walk towards the Hearts throne chamber. Mentalope Guards see him.*

Undermind: I have come to face your master in single combat. Stand aside, and you will live.

*Mentalope guards laugh, and step aside. Undermind walks into chamber, and faces an endless, dark abyss. The Undermind sees Dark Ulrezaj cowering in the corner, tortured and scared.*

Undermind: It is time to end this......

*Undermind draws Hydralisk blades, and jumps into the Darkness.......*
*Undermind lands in a chamber of darkness and Khalazar awaits him*

Undermind: Face me coward. Stop hiding behind your controlled puppets and fight.

*Khalazar laughs*

Khalazar: I am the Heart of the Void, you are just the Supreme Being. I see you've brought the Argus Stone. Very good, very good.

Undermind: Stop your mockery! *Leaps at Khalazar*

*Psionic energy explodes and slams Undermind to the ground*

Undermind: Fool!

Khalazar: I may face you in one on one combat, but not now. Now, I shall further my plans to make myself the Ruler of the Universe, not your petty Overmind. Perhaps we shall fight as your father's corpse burns.

*As Khalazar is talking, Undermind secretly readies a needle spine.He fires it.*

Khalazar: Gah! *black smoke escapes the wound*

Undermind: I am the Supreme Being. I will not let you or anything destroy the zerg! *slashes Khalazar*

*Khalazar tries to fight back with psionic energy, but Undermind's violent attacks defeat him. He lies on the floor and rasps*

Khalazar: I am the Heart of the Void, the Voice of Darkness, you cannot kill me.

Undermind: But I will.

Khalazar: No, I will soon be the Heart of the Overmind and the Voice of the Swarm.

*Before Undermind can kill him, Khalazar's mind leaps a great distance and possesses the Overmind*

Overmind: No! What is happening...

Khalazar: Amon failed to control you. But I will not fail.

*Khalazar possesses the Overmind and commands the Swarm*

*Mentalope brings a fleet of Demon Ships out of orbit leaving a trail of dead Diablo ships behind.*

*Mentalope finishes complete domination over the rogue force of demon zerg and leads them to Char where the Khalazar-Overmind awaits*

*Tyranid Civil war*

*Dagon Overlord forces Avalanche's army away. The Overlord is now completely in service to the Void.*

*Flood survivor infects the Mentalope, sacrificing himself to kill the agent of darkness. But the deed has been done, Hive Fleet Dagon belongs to Khalazar.*

*Undead Brood*

*Anuzarg doing some work.*

*Alarm suddenly goes off and Overmind Mutalisks swarm the Undead Barges. The Undead take battle positions.*

*A Mentalope slides in and tries to possess Anuzarg. Anuzarg's mind finds a suitable host before it can be destroyed. The host is Abathur.*

*Undead Barge crashes.*

*Anuzarg-Abathur being falls out from the destroyed spacecraft.*


Khalazar: None can stop me! Not Diablo and his demonic powers. Not the Tyranid Empire and their bio-weapons. Not the Armies of the Dead and their numbers. And especially not the Undermind and his arrogance. I am the Ruler of the Universe and none can challenge me!
Khalazar: And as for you, Undermind, you shall watch your swarm burn from afar!

*Khalazar warps the Undermind to a distant planet*

Undermind: Well, this sucks.

*Undermind takes the form of a queen, and spawns some drones to build a hive cluster. Looking around, The Undermind realizes that he is on a ash-filed, lifeless planet.*

Undermind: The Overmind gave me one purpose: to destroy the enemies of The Swarm. Someday, I will return. Someday, I will have my revenge....

*Undermind begins to spawn an army in preparation for his return*
Hivemind: Now that the Dagon Overlord is back on our side, prepare to DESTROY these metalopes,,,,,,
Dagon Overlord's still on their side....

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