Roleplay of the Zerg, take 2

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Broodmother Nyx: Kalazar thinks he can make a fool of us! Lets us destroy them we have the army size to do this!

Ratheradon: For once I agree with this zerg slime. We have the strength to destroy them we should strike now.

Kani: BOTH OF YOU SILENCE!!! You both are young and weak. Nyx I expect more for you have been with my zerg half since the beginning and you Ratheradon you have big shoes to fill you have to take Razdual's place. Now both of you listen we will wait and see what our allies plan we will strike as a unit.

Nyx: Yes master I will obey.

Ratheradon: Do not strike me down I will obey.

Kani: That is better no go to your places.
Undermind: My friends, I have made a grievous mistake. The Argus Stone is now in the clutches of Khalazar and his Mentalope fleet. I will not allow them to use it.

*Undermind warps to char, and faces Khalazar. he stands between the stone and the Voice.*

Undermind: You shall not pass!

Khalazar: Out of my way, foolish zerg!

Undermind: I have made many mistakes in my life, and I now realize that this is what I was born to do. Well, not really. Anyway, The Void shall never prevail, Bane of the Xel'Naga!!

Khalazar: Ha! You have already lost!

Undermind: Go back to the darkness from whence you came!!

*Khalazar prepares to attack the Undermind. The Undermind channels the energies of the Argus Stone through his essence, and then channels the energies of the Swarm Hive-Mind, before ushering forth these dramatic words*

Undermind: YOU, SHALL NOT, PASS!!!!!!
*Undermind releases the energy he has channeled, destroying khalazar, and Splitting khalazars power/essence into 4 pieces, which are then dispersed across the universe. The Mentalopes are then driven from char, and the zerg take the Argus Stone for themselves. But, sadly, The Undermind, by channeling this large amount of energy, has gravely wounded his essence. Dying, and on his last breath, The Undermind makes a sad epitaph.*

Undermind: Father.....Master..... I have failed you.

*and with that, The Undermind dies. Abathur, however, takes his broken remains, and begins to repair the undermind's body, hoping to revive their new leader.*
Swarmlord: Work harder! I want this sector near the Korpulu sector ours NOW!

*Avalanche's bodyguard Matalork whispers the news to swarmlord*

Swarmlord "What!!!!!!!!!!!!! Patricide, In HERE NOW!"

*The tyranid biomass/evolution mater slithers in the room.* "Yesssss?"

Swarmlord: "Go and help Abathur reconstruct the Undermind."

Patricide" I sssshal beeeee rightttt doooooo ittttt immediattttly..."
Patricide said I shallll do it immediattttly forgot to delete beeee rightttt doolo ;)
It should look like: "I shallll dooooo it immediatttttly."
Well if that is the end of Kalazar he went surprisingly easily as the Undermind can be revived and we have seen him take a lot of punishment.
Therefore we need to be prepared for a surprise attack.

Kani: Nyx, Ratheradon come now prepare the defenses for a surprise attack I want our main hive cluster in the realm to be untouchable!

Nyx: Yes master right away.

Ratheradon: They will not be able to set foot within a thousand miles of our hive cluster.

Tired Termagaunt: "Yes sir." *sighs*

Kel'Zanud: "Swarmlord, I want you making sure unauthorized individuals don't come near here."

Swarmlord: "My pleasure."

Avalanche: "I suppose............."

*Massive amounts of Hive fleets warp into the milky way."

Kel'Zanud: "Fleets *turns from Avalanche and whispers to the commanding norn-queen* "Keep a eye on those pitiful things that avalanche calls "allies"."

Norn-queen "YES SIR!"
*on the distant planet Zerus, homeworld of the Zerg, The Undermind has returned to the primal state of being: a swirling form of pure essence in the first spawning pool. Here, dead zerg live on in the form of pure essence. Basically, it is the afterlife of the swarm.*

Undermind: I can feel myself awakening. I guess it is not my time yet. Goodbye, father. Soon, you shall return. Until then.. i will do everything I can to help our race.

*Undermind leaves Zerus, and begins to revive.*

Overmind: "What are Tyranids doing here?"


Overmind: "What in the name of.........."

*Hive ships and anything Tyranid circle a massive crater in circles as Kel'Zanud watches from above. A massive living object rises from the ground.*

Hivemind: "I AM HERE!!!!! BOW TO ME MY SUBJECTS!!!!"

*Avalanche and everyone else bows.*
*Undead Brood Fleet*

Anuzarg: My work here is done. I shall be returning to the Land of the Dead soon.

Kel'thzuad: I had thought that a harsh fight would occur during my service, all I just witnessed was a dramatic end.

Anuzarg: And with that, my service has ended.

Kel'thuzad: I shall ready a transmission, you should tell your allies.

*Transmission is sent to the Terror Swarm and Tyranids.*

Anuzarg: My fellow friends, I am here to tell you my service has ended. The Overmind and Undermind are both dead as I have been ordered to come here to achieve. Though not by my hand. They have valiantly sacrificed themselves to end Khalazar's reign. But, my Lord no longer needs me here. I have been sent back to the realm of the Living to slay the Overmind and Undermind and now that it is over I can return to the Land of the Dead. My Brood and I.

*Undead Brood dissolves into dust, returning to the Land which they came.*

Anuzarg: It pains me to leave you, so before I leave, I shall gift you. The Tyranids, my long term allies, shall receive the aid of Kel'thuzad and the ability to call on the Lord of the Dead should they need more aid. My Lord knows that Khalazar will return and he needs agents here. Agents more ready to serve, unlike I who is tired. The Terror Swarm shall be gifted with a suit of armor that instills fear in all who look upon it. A fitting weapon for Diablo.

*Gifts are delivered to their recipients*

Anuzarg: The Undermind will return, me and my Lord know it. My Lord shall put obstacles in his way so when he returns he shall become the fitting ruler of the Swarm. He will be gifted with righteous strength, strategic thinking, his courage shall increase tenfold along with his power. So now, I shall leave. Goodbye my friends, hopefully I will return to serve in this realm again by my Lord's will. Goodbye.

*Anuzarg dissolves into dust and vanishes*

*Transmission cuts*

@Avalanche: Do you happen to know a game called Warcraft?
Mmmhm yes I do it is a game by Blizzard that I play when mot playing Starcraft, they go great together.
yeah, I play it too. It's a great game.

Anyway, if you haven't noticed, you can now use Kel'thuzad instead of Kel'zanud.
*In the pathway between the essence afterlife of the zerg, The Undermind begins his journey back to life.

Undermind: Okay, time to check my to-do list.

*To do list:

1. return to the living world.
2. use the Argus Stone to revive the Overmind.
3. give the Stone to The Overmind, so that the swarm can evolve beyond all things. Not even death will stand in our way.*

*The Undermind begins his journey, knowing that when the stone is with the Overmind, The Swarm will become truly perfect. They will evolve past their allies, past even the universe itself.*
Hope that makes you the fitting ruler of the Swarm! :)
* Avalanche, saddened by Anuzarg's leave, mourns and meditates ......alone.
Swarmlord: "The zerg seem to be plotting something! They are being quiet, to quiet."
*A fleet a Metalopes warp, and carrying the Voice in Darkness, prepare to gain revenge....*

Avalanche "INCOMING!!!"

Kel'Thuzad: "Just as I predicted, they have returned!"

Kel'Zanud: "Ha! Of course they would, they aren't fools.

Kel'Thuzad: "Shut it, we have a battle to win!"

Avalanche: "Then lets do it!

Kel'Thuzad: "Minions, servants, soldiers of the cold dark, obey the call of Kel'Thuzad!"

*A army of undead rise*

Kel'Thuzad: "Anuzarg, I request your broods aid!!"
You all still doing the roleplay???????

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